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Complete list of GFs - Final Fantasy VIII

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Complete list of GFs cheat for Final Fantasy VIII


Complete list of GFs

Quezactol: Check your computor in Quistis classroom.
Shiva: same as Quezactol.
Ifrit: Fire Cavern.
Siren:Draw fom Evorlet on the radio tower/Draw from Tri Point in Ultimecias Castle
Brothers: In the Tomb of the Unknown King after you find the student ID, make your way through the maze defeating Sacred, then they team up to fight you.
Diablos: Use the magic lamp Cid gives you to awaken the wrath of Diablos. Beat him in one of the hardest fights to have him as a useful GF.
Carbuncle: Draw from either Iguion in Deling City before the assasination/Draw from Krysta in Ultimecias Castle.
Levithan: Draw from NORG/Draw from Trauma in UC.
Pandemona: Draw from Fujin in either battle of the game/ Draw from Red giant in UC.
Alexander: Draw from Edea in Galbadia Garden/ Draw from Catoplebas in UC.
Cerberus: Defeat Cerberus in G. Garden where the light comes down from the ceiling before figthing Edea/ Draw from Gargantua in UC.
Doomtrain: Go to Tears Point southeast of Esthar and collect 6 remedy+(60 remedys with Med lvl Up [Alexander], 6 Steel Pipes(Wendigo), 6 Malboro Tentacles (obvious). (notice '666'?)
Bahamut: Defeat two Ruby Dragons, and then the Bahamut Deep Sea Reasherch Center aka Battleship Island.
Cactuar: Defeat a Jumbo Cactuar on the island just off Centra desert(deafeat it quick, it can run away)
Tonberry: Defeat 20 Tonberrys in the fountain area of Centra Ruins. After the last one, Master Tonberry will apear in the same battle. Defeat him to get the GF.
Eden:Draw from Ultima Weapon/Draw from Tiamat in UC

Other GFs:
Odin: Defeat within 20 minutes in Centra Ruins
Giglamesh: During the fight with Seifer in Lunatic Pandora, Odin will meet his demise. After the battle Giglamesh will take his place( uses Odins sword and 3 others)
Chocobo: Complete all 6 chocobo forest in a row and go to the Holy Forest. Use Gyshal Greens to summon it.
Pheonix: Use Pheonix Pinion( Tool RF with 3 Mega Pheonixs)

Pocket Station secrets:
Mini Mog: Mog amulet from pocket station.
Moomba: aquire from pocket station.

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