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Unlock Entire Mission TreeAdded 15 Nov 2012, ID #15987
When you complete the game without failling any of the missions you will unlock the entire mission tree and the sixth, secret ending.

UnlockablesAdded 30 Jan 2007, ID #14167
Enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding effect.

Unlock Level Select:

Unlock ALL Missions and Endings:

Unlock Infinite Energy:

Unlock Infinite Secondary Weapons:

Unlock Infinite Shields:

Lasers Don't Overheat

Disable ALL Cheats:
Cheat PasswordsAdded 29 Mar 2006, ID #13506
ID #673

It can get very tiring to load your game off Disc 1, then switch to Disc 2,
etc., but there is a way to get around this. When the screen pops up that
says "Please Insert Disc 2" simply press the Triangle button and you'll
proceed without having to change discs. NOTE: You won't see and FMV's by
playing off of the 1st disc, but you'll still get mission briefings, voices,
and everything else.

All Missions and Endings ="zX7z15EEvLax7Q0N" (avoid changing discs)

Level Select="Commander*Jeffer"

Unlimited Primary Weapons="Tranquillex"

Unlimited Secondary Weapons="Memo*X33RTY"

Unlimited Shields="Hestas*Retort"

Unlimited Shields and Weapons="alexander"

Disable all Cheats="All*cheats*off"


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