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007 Racing Cheats for PlayStation

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007 Racing

007 Racing Cheats for PlayStation

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All cheatsAdded 21 Sep 2006, ID #13957
All cheats- Select Mission Mode and enter your name as MMMQRRQ

Happy gaming =p
Ask.com and get
Ask.com and get
Aston Martin Vantage (2 player only)Added 18 Jun 2006, ID #13756
At title screen press L1,R1,triangle,O,X if you here a sound the code is right
Secret VehicleAdded 22 Mar 2006, ID #13397
At title screen, press L1, R1, Triangle, Circle, X.
SecretAdded 17 Feb 2006, ID #13345
To unlock the secrets in the cheat menu, complete the following tasks. To activate a secret, press x, then down to select Continue. Pre-mission Replay (1P Mode)
Mission 1, Agent difficulty: complete in less than 90 seconds. After activating the secret play mission 1 again for a secret
Secret VehicleAdded 5 Jul 2004, ID #11894
At the title screen,press L1,R1,triangle,O,X

Type it very quickly you should hear a laughing sound after pressing it.

You can now choose the aston marton vintige in 2-player mode.
ID #11

Unlock all missions

If you can finish the "Highway Hazard" mission on the "00 Agent" difficulty you will unlock all missions. Oh by the way - you must do this in "00 Agent" mode and without hitting any traffic!

ID #6

When on the ambush when you get to the forklifts get a forklift to follow you, then hide behind one of the explosion boxes.

The forklift will run in to it an it will blow him up and you have then cleard that part of the stage

ID #1

All Codes Unlocked In Mission Mode, enter the following as your name:


Unlock Aston Martin Vantage (In 2-Player Mode) At the Title Screen (where "Press Start" is flashing), quickly enter the following:

L1, R1, Triangle, Circle, X

A sound effect will confirm correct code entry.

Then select Two-Player Mode from the Main Menu.

At the Car Select, scroll left or right until you see the Aston Martin.


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