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The Game Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Added 2 Sep 2010, ID #15334
The game is very fun. I think all will like it unless you dont like cannons, swords, and the smell of gunpowder. and get
so much potential.... Added 13 Mar 2009, ID #13729
This pirate rpg game has a variety of weapons but it's hard to fire them, tough enemies but poor graphics, and some smart characters but a tiring gameplay. This game has so many good and bad things I have trouble deciding weather to keep playing or throw my computer out the window. The rpg game is beatable in about 6 months and it gets boring after a while to do the same quest objective over and over again. I've also had so much trouble teleporting places because I can't see anything on the map for some unkown reason. I also can't controll the weapons right. I do like the variety of enemies, weapons, and npcs. I give the game a 6.9
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