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Peter Jackson's King Kong is the best game I have played on gamecube in ages I would say this game is amazing and definatly deseves a 10/10!

Graphics: The graphics are good as they show real people like jack black and they actully look like them in the game.The dinosaurs and king kong look really scary and it looks really really scary when a v-rex is coming towards you aswell so the graphics 10/10

Sound: The Sound is amazing with all the noises you would hear in a jungle and the tribes talking and the t-rexs and king kong roaring its just soo cool and when the t-rexs or v-rexs are coming near you the footsteps are really loud so the sound gets a 8.5/10

Lastability: Err well you can just play the game over and over because its soo good but the game is really long anyway lots of chapters but there is one chapter that is really too difficult and could take some time to do but apart from that the game is amazing!

Gameplay: The gameplay is excellent it only takes 10 minutes to learn the controlls and the controlls are really easy.The game itself is normal difficulty but you can get stuck on certain levels which are really hard so I would give this game a 10/10 and thats all I have to say bye!!!!


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