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Really Useful/Beast Pets!

Well on some of the forums people asked "What is the best pet?" Well here are some ideas and why: Sea Dragon and Rain beetle. First of all here is why Sea Dragon is a good pet. It gives at least 1-10 damage/defense/accuracy on all schools. It has pierce spell which gets rid of shield effects. Plus can have these but are not limited to: May cast "Sprite" spell, May cast "Unicorn" spell, and May cast "Balanceblade" spell. Now onto rain beetle. First of all it doesn't even need Balanceblade spell because it give storm beetle spell. 125 Storm Damage on a single target plus 25% Damage to next Damage spell (at adult). Second it has a high pedigree like Sea dragon (Sea Dragon 72 Rain Beetle about same thing). It has all the damage/defense/accuracy rating boost as Sea Dragon. It also has all the "May cast" spells that Sea Dragon has. The Sea Dragon is a Fire School pet but anyone can use it hatch time is 24 hours. The Rain Beetle is a storm beetle Hybrid Storm School pet but anyone can use it and hatch time is 21 hours. (Oh btw the Sea Dragon egg is called Pyromantic egg and Rain Beetle egg is called Stormsquall egg.) Hope this helped you guys in need. To hatch a Rain Beetle which is rare, have a storm beetle or someone else and hatch it with any of your pets. To get Sea Dragon pet buy with 12500 crowns or from the Sun, Moon, and Star bosses drop (Extremely rare to drop). Or from the dragon hoard's pack (Rarity is Ultra-Rare) or have someone with one hatch with your pet (pedigree may be weaker which makes it weaker). Once again Hoped This Helped!

Added 9 Jun 2012, ID #17197, by Guest
Ask.com and get

How to turn invisible!

Invite friends over an then put any piece of furniture you have (Big items work best.)and put it on them teleport to them move the item and you and your friend will be invisable! Thanks for reading

Added 26 Mar 2012, ID #17023, by Guest

Invisible to self and friends in house

1. Step have a house
2. Step have a flat runestone
3. Step have a lit brazzer
4. Step place flat runestone down on ground outside
5. Step place brazzer in center while someone is standing there.
Port to person standing there have a third people or two.
6.remove brazzer walk out you are invisible until you spiral door out, or port to another friend or teleport to commons or common area of the land you went to.

Added 17 Mar 2012, ID #16992, by moejoe3292

Not really a Cheat but a walkthrough of Wizard101 Smith location

Ok here it goes on Wizard101 I have found all the smiths in wizard city (Not in firecat alley,Cyclops Lane,Collosus Bouvelard Or Any other Member-only maps and do remember I havent brought any other locations at all I am just a free player)The First one is for unicorn way Unicorn Smith is All the way at Hedge maze Not in it , it's just to the Left of the Entrance to the hedge maze Triton Avenue is just past the bridge that leads past the kraken arena/battle spot goto the left of the T section and you will see him
The one for Wizard City's main spot is at the Bazaar
Goto the old lady near the entrance on the opposite side next to her in the gap between the buildin and the rock The last non-member smith is at Ravenwood the spot with all the schools and their Teachers go to where the death school Was and you will see Malorn Ashthorn (I think thats his name)GO to the myth school and goto the Right side of it And near the Park Bench and you will see The last Non member Smith

Added 17 Feb 2012, ID #16945, by Guest

Night side

To get in the night side all you have to do is friend someone who just got out.

P.s.be a high level so they'll want to be your friend.

P.s.s.you only have to be level 6+

Added 10 Feb 2012, ID #16930, by Guest

Gratis crowns

1.Inivite Friend www.wizard101.com
2.Check the code
3.Open browser new and www.wizard101.com/friend
4.Enter the code
5.Make a easy account
6.Start up and you have 1250 crowns and a dragon

Added 9 Feb 2012, ID #16928, by Guest

Free crowns and itoms offline

So first type in on your browser klfreegames play a game to win crowns you at least 1000 gold most likelely to get crowns at 2000 gold it works when I got 2000 gold I got 4000 crowns luky right it's random but when I got 4000 crowns I got permenent panther bolt blade and a sea dragon pet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And another time I got a mooshu house

Added 15 Jan 2012, ID #16879, by Guest

Never fizzeleing storm spells

Before read this you shood know that have to be storm if your not don't bother reading this hhmm so no fizzle storm spells first you need all the storm spells that ever existid thats y you need to be storm first you need to use every storm spell in 1 battle (tip battle a tough baddie) use nothing but storm or else it wont work once done that battle somthig stronger with only other spells no storm then battle somthing else and watch what happens your storm spells

Added 8 Jan 2012, ID #16857, by Guest

Ultra strong wolly mamoth

Ok yesterday I was playing right I was in zaferia bateleing some thing I used a wolly momoth and it's supost a do 990 damege right but insted it did like 2000 damege no trapes or blades or star sun moon spells (only with wolly mamoth because on other wizard I used rain of fire and it dident work bounes it works over and over) cool huh

Added 8 Jan 2012, ID #16855, by Guest

Ultra cheat

So who wants to know how to get free crowns simpple first defet all boses in wizard city krotopiea marlybone grizzlehiem (not in nivalder) Wystera and all in mooshu dragon spyre celestiea in this order then go to zaferia buy some thing in boabab market defet a boss (any) tnen look at your crowns

Added 8 Jan 2012, ID #16854, by Guest

More powah to any spell!(not pvp batles)

Shift/ctrl(doesn't matter)+down=less damage to enemys spell.ctrl/Shift(still doesn't matter)+up=more damage to your spell. My name is chase darksword I am mostly in wizard city, anywhere happy holidays!!! (I am level 11)

Added 22 Dec 2011, ID #16813, by Xavier3633


There is a door behind the waterfal in the commons and that is nightside. After telling a bunch of random people about it ask if you can friend them and have them go into it. And if they say yes then have them go in and then teleport after them. Sunken city is off limits to non member. (poo) then just mark it so you can come back later, and have people gift things to you for passage.

Added 10 Sep 2011, ID #16583, by Guest

How 2 go to place that you're lvl can't go to

First choose any place that you want to go (if you have crowns you can go to evryone if you don't then you can only go to a place that cost no crowns)go to the commons and if you have txt chat say (for example)can anyone take me to celestia? Then find someone who says yes and friend them then tell them to go to the place that you want to go and wait for them to tell you to port then go to your friends and click there name the click go to friend and you are in a place that you could not have gone to before!

Added 6 Sep 2011, ID #16570, by Guest

Walk without holding any buttons

Make sure your on computer for this walk normaly than press shift still holding w to walk hold that for about a minute than let go both buttons and you an walk with out pressing anything to stop press s

Added 1 Sep 2011, ID #16543, by Guest

FREE items, gold, crown items, and mounts

All you have to do is go to KIfreegames.com.Play any one of the games.Depending on how many points you get, the better the prize.When you redeem your prizes, if it says you need to login to wizard101, it just means you havent logged into wizard101.Make sure you aren't playing wizard101 at the time otherwise you'll completely have to log out of wizard101.Trust me, I've gotten a blue raptor(gives 3 herochit cards(90 dmg),clockwork golem transformations,skeleton transformation,evil snowman transformation,fire elf transformation,starlight pony mount 7 day,bengal tiger mount 7 day,and moolinda's green thumb pack.

Heres the list of what you can get:

50g + one bonus item
100g + one bonus item
150g + one bonus item
250g + two bonus items
500g + two bonus items
1000g + three bonus items
2000g + three bonus items

Have fun!

-Anthony ShadowBringer

Added 25 Jul 2011, ID #16422, by Awesomeant

How to change a 7 day mount into a perment one

Today I will teach you how to turn any one or seven day mount into a perment one on wizard 101 open up your change date and time thing up change the year to 1980 (make sure it is not the same day in 1980 and don't change the time yet)then log into wizard 101 equip your mount then log out change the date then log back in the it should be like 200000 hours bye

Added 16 Apr 2011, ID #16114, by Guest

How to turn a 7 day mount into a perment one

Ok I will tell you how, get change date and time widows thing and get ready to change the time to,1980(don't change the time yet)log in into wizard 101 and equip your mount minimize, wizard 101 and change the time then log out of wizard 101 then log back in then yourmount will be like two hundred,thouand hours

Added 16 Apr 2011, ID #16113, by Guest

How to turn invisible!

Ok. this is a little hard so read carefully, it may not work the first time but keep trying.
ok Go to your backpack, go to the housing icon, then port to a friend then press "u" and press home.
Remember, it wont work the first time, if it does comment!

Added 21 Sep 2010, ID #15379, by WizardJose001


What you have to do is go to the store with the pig on it.

Buy a dragon in all brown or gold as i call it and itslike 288 gold instead of 1485 for the black dragon.And just go to the color store and change the color for 150 gold more =) Hope i helped!!!

Added 15 Jul 2010, ID #15154, by Guest

Wizard101 cheap dragon for most wizards (400 or less coins)

Do you want a dragon that matches your school??? Well if your school is balance, your in luck!!! Step1:go to your local pet shop in the shopping district or the new pet pavillion place.Step2: click the dragon and make it completely make it white or brown (i think gold)or both and buy it for around 400. Me??? i've done this around level 3 to 10.now look at me.im a level 50 master wizard in the school of balance with everything unlocked!!! Stick around for my Free World cheats that unables you to go to a world you have to buy for free when ever you'd like.that includes missions. P.S. i have more than just them cheats coming out to the public soon.Astala vista baby!!!

Added 14 Jun 2010, ID #15032, by Guest
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