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Puzzle's 1-8 and 12, 13. hint for Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers


Puzzle's 1-8 and 12, 13.

Puzzle-1: Pick up a Devotie and place him on the sick heathen, you will cure him/her and they will join you'are tribe, (you will also get your first pice of the amlet you will nead a child to pick it up).

Puzzle-2: pick up a builder and put him/her on the bambo fence, they will make the food hut, and your tribe wiil be free to move about.

Puzzle-3: Hungry totem pick up a builder and put him on to the totem they will destroy it, (you will nead to destrat the guards place one of your tribe in front of a guard the guard will chase him you may have to do this a few times.

Puzzle-4: Knowing totem as puzzle-3.

Puzzle-5: nead level 2 reserch master in sci + heathen master in sci, put your scientist on the now uncoved blackbords, when they have done this put you scientist and a master builder on the aquidact (hydroponic farm), the builder will repair it, the heathen master farmer will tell you a story and you will get part 2 of the amelt.

Puzzle-6: Mausoleum do Puzzle-7 and then put your builders to work.

Puzzle-8: Hollow totem put ten kids in the hole in the totem and it will brake apart.




Puzzle-12: Rainbow totem you will nead 400 power points (for the fog) a builder more if you have them, the fog will blind the heathens put your builders to work, (you will have to do this a few times).

Puzzle-13: The statue put a builder on the colition point (the big bolder) he will start to build the hand. You will have to this each time you get a new level in spirituality.




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By the way dude you missed out seven, and you only need 6 kids for the hollow totem

Added 4th Jan 2015, ID #495791

By the way dude you missed out seven

Added 4th Jan 2015, ID #495790

To get rid of red and orange heathens, you have to set off earthquakes (god power) underneath them, after a while they will convert

Added 4th Jan 2015, ID #495789

Ok i distracted the orange how do i get rid of the red heathens? They dont seem to chase anyone

Added 1st Nov 2014, ID #466058

Does it matter if u have te full version or can you still beat the game with free

Added 11th May 2014, ID #383318

- for the Rainbow Totem I used dye jars, put one villager on blue then one on yellow and then one on red (if u look at the totem the colors on it are in that order so u have to wait a bit because the blue dye is the furthest from the pools) and they took it to the pools and water became gray and muddy and heathens got out of it so I put my villagers to break the totem.
- for the heathen mommy, I put 3 mothers from my tribe (after I used children to tease orange heathen which is guarding heathen mommy) and then the heathen mommy joined my tribe
- I cleared Mausoleum by distracting heathens with partially dismantling the Blocking Totem (up to 5% because I only had 2 Master Builders and it seems only they are capable of dismantling the Blocking Totem)

Added 18th Mar 2014, ID #365463

How do you get the cracked jar to work?

Added 1st Nov 2013, ID #317310

hi evryone
i need help getting the ut built it takes so long!! anyway i could make it go faster!?

Added 22nd Apr 2013, ID #276529

How do I get rid of the the red and orange heathens

Added 29th Jan 2013, ID #247537

if you have a master builder then put it on the other masked master builder if he walks to wards the totem(or gives a positve reaction)put your master builder on the little structures to build.etc[spoiler][/spoiler]

Added 30th Aug 2012, ID #181471

so number 7 puzzle is the totem standing beside the mausoleum..but how do i get that destroyed .my master builder runs off to check all the huts to see if they need repair ..i get him to check them all before i put him over there with the heathen master builder and as soon as i put the warp on my master builder he goes running so fast i can't see him and when i do get him the heathen got his little task built and my guy is still all warped up and ready to go what will i do

Added 14th Aug 2012, ID #175729

How dose one find the daughter to the Chief so I can win the game? I have everyone but the Chief to recruit.

Added 11th Jun 2012, ID #151402

how do I find and complete hint #7?

Added 20th Mar 2012, ID #124660

For the lake one, just wait until puddles are in the lake and use godly power to fill the lake,you will need to destroy the hollow totem first though

Added 25th Jan 2012, ID #109236

i liked thhe solutins very muchhhh!

Added 21st Jan 2012, ID #107858

For the Rainbow Totem : lure the red masked heathens (use the bee swarm god power)then,put your villagers to rainbow totem so they can dismantle it

Added 3rd Dec 2011, ID #92455

For the Rainbow Totem, you can also get level 2 in science and build the clothing hut. (The clothing hut appears when you get level 2 science) Next to the aquaduct, there should be 3 dye jars. Take three villagers (I recommend builders) and put two of them on the red dye and one on the yellow dye and they will pour it into the hot springs, the heathens will run out of the water because they are afraid of orange, then destroy the Rainbow Totem. Repeat two more times.

Added 13th Nov 2011, ID #87154

what if you destroy the rainbow totem before the clothing hut, no dye jars have appeared yet

Added 15th Aug 2011, ID #67454

The quickest way to solve the Rainbow Totem Puzzle... At some point, after you get enough tech points for your 2nd level in science (if I'm not mistaken), you get 3 dye jars. Just put one person in front of each jar, and they'll pour them into the hot springs. At that point, the heathens will get out of the spring, and you can drop your builders in front of the totem to tear it down.

Added 24th Jul 2011, ID #60597


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