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The Sims: House Party Pack Shot

The Sims: House Party

The Sims: House Party Cheats for PC

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UnlockablesAdded 2 Jun 2006, ID #8683
During gameplay press Ctrl + Shift + C and a prompt will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Enter any of the following cheats below to activate the corresponding code.

Toggle Camera Mode:

Enable Map Editor:
Map_edit on

Disable Map Editor:

Toggle music:

Unlock 1000 Simoleons:

Begin Sim Logging:
Sim_log begin

Create-a-Character Mode:

Show Personality and Interests:

Sim's Path Displayed:
Draw_routes on

Sim's Path Hidden:

Disable Floorable Grid:

Disable Preview Animations:
Preview_anims off

Disable Routing Debug Balloons:

Draw Dots at each Sim's Origin:

Enable Draw ALL Animation Frames'

Enable Floorable Grid:

Invisible Objects:
Genable_objects off

Move any Object
Move_objects on

Force Assert:

Prevent Browser Crashes:

Refresh Character Texture:

Show Tile Information:
Tile_info on

Add Family History Stat to Current Family:

Allow Visitors to be Controlled using the keyboard:

Architecture Tools Automatically Set the Level as Needed:

Enable Review Animations:
Preview_anims on

Disable Draw ALL Animation Frames:

Restore Tutorial:

extra moneyAdded 18 Oct 2003, ID #3519
Push shift ctrl and c and a green box will appear type in rosebud then put in !;!;!; as many times as you want, but make sure the last one is a ! then put three ones.

It will come up saying no such cheat but if you hold down enter your money will keep increasing.

Also if you get $9,999,999 then your money won't go down so keep your finger held down until you get $9,999,999.

Good luck!
ID #2836

Move objects:

Hit shift ctrl and c at the same time and a green rectangle should appear, type in move_objects on then go into buy mode andif your sim is in the shower you can see things that shouldn't be seen....

ID #2831
How to make a floating house:

First, go to building mode and press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C then type in rosebud;!;!;!;!etc. then highlight the ;! part and press Ctrl+C then press Ctrl+V and keep pressing Ctrl+V until you hear a noise on the coumputer like a bump and delete 2 letters at the end and press enter even though it says No such cheat until you get infinate money.

then get the cheat bar again and put Move_objects on and build a 2 story house and put nothing in the 1st floor but a teleporter and a burgler alarm. Then delete all the bottom floor but the part with the burgler alarm on it.

Voila! a floating house!(Note:You don't need to put a burgler alarm on the bottom floor if you don't want to) :o)


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