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How to Reset Your Sim

1. Hold down CTRL + SHIFT + C and type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
2. Shift + Left Click on your glitched Sim
3. Select 'FORCE ERROR'

This option may be under 'More...'

4. When the box appears, click 'Reset'

Enjoy your Sim!!


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Added 30 Nov 2014, ID #18507, by danielroxheaps and get

How to Starve Your Sims to Death

If you don't feed your Sims, they will die of hunger. You can only starve Sims that are teens and over. If you attempt to starve babies, toddlers and/or children, they will be taken away by the social worker.


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Added 15 Nov 2014, ID #18477, by danielroxheaps


1. Get the robot making station located in Electronics > Miscellaneous.
2. Have the Gold Robotics Talent Badge
3. Make sure you have $3000
4. Have your Sims create Servo



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Added 14 Nov 2014, ID #18473, by danielroxheaps

How To Make Your Sim A Werewolf [PETS REQUIRED]

If you are a canine lover (like me), you'll want to make werewolf Sims. This is how to do it.

1. Attract the wolf with glowing eyes. Add lots of trees and have lots of babies/toddlers.
2. Become friends with the wolf
3. When your Sim and the wolf become good enough friends, the wolf will nibble your Sim and he/she will be infected with lycanthropy.
4. Every night, your Sim turns into a werewolf!


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Added 14 Nov 2014, ID #18472, by danielroxheaps

How To Make Your Sim An Alien (IN CAS)

You want to take your game to a whole new level, playing with an Alien! Nice one, this is how you do it

1. Go into neighbourhood view and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
2. Go into CAS
3. Press SHIFT + N so you can turn debugging mode on.
4. Go into 'Custom Skins'

click to reveal

5. The alien skin is a green square.

click to reveal


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Added 14 Nov 2014, ID #18471, by danielroxheaps

How To Change A Vampire Back To A Sim

So you've made your Sim a vampire, but you're sick of them covering their mouths and doing stuff like that, or you accidentally got bitten. Either way, this is how to change back to a Sim.

1. Call the Matchmaker
2. Buy a Vamprocillin-D potion from her
3. Click on your Sim and select 'Drink Vamprocillin-D' to revert to a human.


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Added 14 Nov 2014, ID #18470, by danielroxheaps

How to Make Your Sims A Vampire/ Make a vampire baby

I see people asking how to make their Sims a vampire loads and loads of times. Instead of typing up how to do it, just take a look!

1. In Neighbourhood view, hit CTRL + SHIFT + C and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
2. Enter the household of the Sim(s) you want to become a vampire.
3. SHIFT + CLICK on the Sim you want to become a vampire and go 'More...' and then 'Make Vampire'.

Enjoy your new vampires.

To make a vampire baby

- Just have the Sims try for a baby.


click to reveal


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Added 14 Nov 2014, ID #18469, by danielroxheaps

How to get Struck by Lightning

You really want to have your Sims experience the electrical shock of being electrocuted, or you just want to fulfil that wish/fear. Either way, it's possible .

1. Build a pool or buy a hot tub
2. If you see lightning or a storm, have your Sim go outside
3. Enter your pool or hot tub
4. Relax or swim for a while and you will get struck by lightning.

Enjoy watching the electricity of the sky zap them!


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Added 14 Nov 2014, ID #18466, by danielroxheaps

Make sim happy again

To make sims happy-no matter what their status (other than dead)

Step 1: Push ctrl+shift+c and enter boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true

Step 2: Push ctrl+shift+c and enter moveObjects on

Step 3: Go to build/buy mode and click the sledgehammer tool

Step 4: Delete the sim you want to make happy again

Step 5: Save game and exit to neighbor hood mode

Step 6: Re enter the home of the sim(s) you deleted and you should see them standing outside the house. Check their status and it should be happy.

Step 7: Do what needs to be done in order to KEEP them happy

Good luck! I've done it 3 times. The first time was an accident and then I did it again.

Added 17 Jun 2012, ID #17224, by IndianPrincess88

Sims 2 - Making Life Easier with boolProp

Here's how to have a baby using cheats:
1) Press Ctrl+Shift+C to bring up the cheats box and type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
2) (After pressing enter) you can now unlock more options for a lot of objects including Sims. Hold shift and click on the object for these options.
3) Shift-click on a Sim and select "Spawn" and from that menu select "Tombstone of L and D".
4)If you want your Sim pregnant to a certain someone and they don't live with you invite them over first. Select your Sim and click on the Tombstone. Click "More" and select "Make Pregnant To..." and select the Sim you want.
HINT: The Tombstone can also speed up your pregnancy dramatically. Select the pregnant Sim and click on the Tombstone, then select "More" then "Speed up my Pregnancy".
HINT: You can also simply select "Make me Alien Pregnant" to have and alien baby.
HINT: You will hear a jingle (a lullaby) when a pregnancy is successful.

1)To grow up fast, use the boolProp cheat. Then shift-click your Sim and find "Set Age" and click "Set to Birthday".
2)Click your sim (normal click) and select "Grow Up".
NOTE: For infants you have to make them selectable. Shift-click the infant and select "MAKE SELECTABLE". The infant's picture on the family line will disappear. Simply do it again and the infant will reappear and be selectable.
1)Select your Sim and then shift-click the newspaper outside and select the jobs (depending on how old your Sim is the title will be different). Simply select the job you or your Sim wants.
1) Select your Sim then shift-click the news paper and select "Set Job Level to..." and select your chosen level.
NOTE: Your Sim has to have a job to do this.

Added 5 Jun 2012, ID #17186, by Guest


If you order a pizza by phone don't answer the door. The man or lady will leave the pizza by your door and it will never get rotten.However you still need to pay for it.

Added 27 Nov 2011, ID #16755, by Guest

Force Error

If on accident you delete your sim shift click the trash can and click on the thing that says reset age duration then you'll have your sim back.

Added 3 Jul 2011, ID #16354, by tigpooh

How to make your teen sims live alone

Their are two ways that I have learned.

1.use a adult and click on a newspaper or a computer
Then select "find own place" then select every sim that you want to move out except the teen you want to live alone.

2.(it sounds cruel but it a option)kill all adults.

Added 5 Jun 2011, ID #16277, by Guest

Do not do this!!!!

You know when you have a baby and it dies and the social worker comes, well to save my baby I typed in the (boolprop testingcheatsenabled true) cheat without the () and shift+clicked on the social worker and chose (force error),(delete) BAD IDEA it wouldnt let me save!!!!! Then when I wanted to quit I lost my baby.

Added 18 Feb 2011, ID #15888, by Guest

Get Promoted The Easiest Way

First get the cheat bar up and type: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. (without the full stop). Then press shift and click on the newspaper, you can choose a job for your sim, career rewards and promote yourself. Easy!

Added 17 Dec 2010, ID #15653, by Guest

problems ruuning game on win 7 and vista?

try changing the compatibility visual theme, right clicking on the game short cut on your desk top you want to play and click properties. the click the compatibility tab then choose dis able visual themes and maybe dis able desk top compositions as well and u might want to change your account to make it that you are the computer administrator. hope that helps some one

Added 4 Dec 2010, ID #15609, by crazzy820010

(If sim 2) Free Pizza!!!

How to Get Free Pizza!!!in

1. Buy a pizza. Use the phone(It will say he will come there in 1 hour)
2. When his there.(The delivery man) enter ctrl+shift+c
3. Type moveobjects_on.(without the . )
4. Before he goes go to buy mode. Select the pizza and POOF! you got free pizza.

I always do this especially that my sim always over sleeps and is always so slow! and that means not going to work and that means losing the job and that means no money.
Hope you play all the sim game like me.(actually I'm just downloading sim's 3, The rest are so easy)


Preserving food for when your Sims need it! (Nightlife required)

If you want your sims to keep leftovers for later, you don't have to have the Sims 3. It can be done on the Sims 2 if you have Nightlife! On this expansion pack, your sims have inventories. Just have a sim to serve food and then, go to the rewards menu of a certain sim and open up their inventory (the backpack). Place the large bowl/plate of food in your sim's inventory and it will stay preserved until it's taken out again!

Keeping food in your sims's inventory preserves so you can take it out whenever your sims need to eat! If your sims have no cooking skill, they can order pizza via the phone. With pizza, you can put individual slices or even the whole pizza box in your sim's inventory. I always do this with pizza!

Added 24 Aug 2010, ID #15311, by Guest

Become or Cure a Vampire

To make or cure a vampire, go to the neighborhood screen and type in "boolprop TestingCheatsEnabled true". Then go to your household and shift-click a sim and choose "Make Vampire"/"Cure Vampire". I suggest using the "Raise/Lower Health and Skills" cheat for your vampire as they are hard to satisfy.

Added 28 Jun 2010, ID #15098, by VictoriaBlueSage

Do you want money?

When i was playing on sims 2 i always got annoyed if i did'nt have enough money to buy new stuff. I'd always have to get my sims to go to work and it was really annoying. But then i found a really good cheat to get $50,000 in one word. Just Get the cheat bar up (ctrl, alt, c) and type in motherlode. Another ay is just type in kaching but u get less money -1,000. Sorry for any mis-spellings i hope you find this information usefull!

Added 26 Jun 2010, ID #15086, by Guest
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