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Amazing free new sims 2 double deluxe cheat!

Well, so hi. First of all I am not sure but I think you'd class this as a cheat... Anywho let's get started! Go into a house. Get up the cheat bar. Ctrl shift and c together. Then type in; boolprop testingcheatsenabled true include the spaces. The next thing you wanna do is, hold down shift and click a charcater. There should now be a whole range of options! Thanks for reading, please thumbs up. I will much appreciate any nice comments, have fun and bye for now. -Ella.

Added 23 Mar 2013, ID #17784, by Guest and get


Open up the cheat bar and type in...... Motherlode
To make your sims happy type in.... Maxmotives

Added 23 Nov 2012, ID #17576, by Guest

Cheats for The Sims 2 Double Deluxe | PC

Hey wwhat it do . So here is the cheat code for some one that prenate you can speed it up so here the cheat shift+right click then click thums stone and done your good

Added 7 Nov 2012, ID #17548, by Guest

It's a Sims 2 AWESOME Family Reunion!

O..m..g!! New and wonderful cheats you will LOVE!!!!

First, this is sooo easy to do... Open up the cheat bar!!! (ctrl+shift+c) <---- Just hold in those buttons altogether and...VIOLA!


First, Like you knew that already, BUT open this in the NEIGHBORHOOD!

Second, Familyfunds(FLN, to find out what that means scrool to the bottom :]) 9999999





Speeding up your sims freaking pregnancy, it's like o..m..g.. to HAVE THIS BABY!!!!

Anyways make sure your sim is pregnant... DUH!!!

Open up the cheat bar and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true...

Then hit shift and then right click your mouse and then hit... TOMBSTONE L&D(Life and Death)

Then click the tombstone and click next until you see... SPEED UP MY PREGNANCY!!!!


Anywho, I must go, so bye hope you liked my cheats ;)))))





Added 2 Nov 2012, ID #17535, by liannalia

The Sims 2 : A How To Guide

In The Sims 2, there are many, many cheats available to you. First, I will explain some involving real life, without using the Sim Modder.

Bringing someone back from the dead

First, when a Sim has collapsed on the floor, with the Grim Reaper over it, it means that your Sim has passed. In order to change that, choose a Sim, besides the dying Sim. The other Sim may be crying, so click the icon with the dying Sim's face on it to cancel that action. Then, click on the Grim Reaper and there will be an option, and it'll say "Plead for Loved One." Click on that, and hopefully the Reaper will give the dying Sim a second chance at life!

Pregnant and Expecting!

To get your female Sim pregnant, she must be married to a husband. You can "Woohoo" inside a car, hot tub, or in bed. If you decide the bed or the hot tub, select "Cuddle", then select "Try for Baby". To know if your female Sim is pregnant, there will be a brief lullaby tune. Your Sim will give birth to a baby in about, 3 game days.


To make your Sim(s) a vampire, you first have to delete or sell all of the windows in your house. Then, sell all the bed(s), and buy coffins instead. DO NOT send your vampire Sim during daytime! This will cause them to turn into a pile of ash, and they'll die! To become one, you can go out to a Community Lot and make best friends with a vampire, or use this cheat.

First, this is the code you 'll have to type in for ANY cheat you want to use. You want to type in:

CTRL,SHIFTT,C. (without the commas)
This code will bring up the Cheat Box, where you may type in a cheat. After you have the Cheat Box, type in this cheat exactly so:

Boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true

(EXACTLY like this, with all the caps and the spaces are.)

After you typed in the boolprop cheat in the Cheat Box, press Shift and click on your Sim at the same time. Then, a whole selection of words should come up. Then, click "Spawn." After this, click on Sim Modder, then click on "Vampire." After that, it should say make
"Me, All, or Other." (Here, you can decide to make yourself a vampire, or to make everyone else a vampire, besides you, or to make everyone else in the house a vampire, along with you, too.)
NOTE: the ctrl, shift, c Cheat Code will work for all other cheats. The Cheat Box will come up everytime you type in the code.

How to make a Male Sim pregnant.
Ok, this cheat is kind of crazy, right? Well, my Sim's wife died, while giving birth, so my male Sim never got a chance to see his newborn child, so I cooked up this cheat, and made him pregnant instead! So, type in the ctrl, shift, c cheat and type in the Cheat Box the boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true cheat. (don't type in cheat at the end!) Then, press shift and click at the same time, on your male Sim. Then, click on "Spawn." Then, select the "the Tombstone of L& D" , then, keep clicking on "More" until you get to the last page of selections. Then, click on "Make me pregnant with..." Then, if you have a wife that passed, or even a kid, you can select their name and..Voila! Your male Sim should be pregnant, as you should hear the short lullaby melody.

Thanks for Reading! If you have any questions about The Sims 2, please leave a comment or email me at, You can also Like my page on Facebook!

Thank you, and please check out and Like my Facebook Page!

Added 21 Jul 2012, ID #17307, by Snoopy100

Debug mode in Creat a Sim.

Go to create a Sim.
Now, before typing in anything and creating your Sim, open the cheat box. "Ctrl + Shift + C". Type in EXACTLY "Boolprop testingcheatsEnabled true", without quotation marks of course. Next, exit the cheat box and click "Shift + N". A notification should pop up in the right top corner saying debug mode is activated, or something similar.

Added 10 Jul 2012, ID #17281, by Lizzy dances

The Sims 2 Double Deluxe Cheats

Okay so I have some really helpful cheats and tips on video making or story making for the sims 2. Some of them you may already know but some of them you might not.

Motherlode - 50,000 cash
Kaching - 1,000 cash
Having a nightmare

Type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
Then type in aspirationLevel 4
Then MotiveDecay off
Put all the bars down until it's close to orange
Wait until it's like 8:00 or 11:00 and make your sim go to sleep
She will either wiggle or scream
Okay this one is simple just type in aging off
Other cheats
Maxmotives - makes bars go green
Moveobjects on/off - move anything and delete anything ( even sims )

Other cheats would be useless to me but right now I use these mostly.

Go here to watch a new video of the sims 2

Added 1 Jun 2012, ID #17173, by Guest

How to fill all of your Sims motives and keep them from going do

To fill all of your Sims motives, type control, shift, c, to open the cheat box at the top of the screen. Then type maxmotives and hit enter. Also, type it without caps, and all as one word. Then,(as a separate cheat) to keep your motives from going down, type motivedecay off. For them to go back to normal, type motivedecay on.

Added 29 Apr 2012, ID #17085, by inuinuinu

Move objects and people

Open the cheat bar (ctrl+alt+c) and then type in "moveobjects on". Go to build mode and you can move people and objects anywhere you like. To turn it off open up the cheat bar and type in "moveobjects off".

Added 1 Dec 2011, ID #16762, by Guest


Hold down buttons ctrl, shift, c and type in MaxMotives and your sims will all be happy

Added 24 Jun 2011, ID #16328, by Guest

Realy Realy Cool Things Your Sim Can Do!

Bring up the cheat box.(hold ctrl+shift+c at same time.) a white line at the top should appear. Type in "boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true" (without quotes) shift and click your sim or sims at different times. Hit spawn and then click tombstone of l&d (life and death) a tombstone will appear and click that. If your sim girl is pregnant hit more and at the bottom it should say speed up my preganancy. If it's not there click more again the it might be there. You can also bring up the cheat box and type in "maxmotives".wo quotes) then your sim will be happy and there motives will go up. This is my last cheat so listen carefully. In your town bring up the cheat box and type in "boolprop testingCheatsEnabled" wo quotes) then go into create a family. In the ccreate a family thingy click shift N and then a thing will appear telling you that your in this mode thingy. Then when you go into your person you have more hairstyles and clothing and skins and cool stuff like grimm reapers outfit and the social bunny outfir and you can even have no body!! I hope I gave you cheats you'll enjoy!!!

Added 23 Jun 2011, ID #16324, by ilovecheatsgirl90

To get your Sim Abducted

Its very unlickely to get your sim abducted a 1% chance. So all you have to do to make it more likely type ( ctrl shift C ) without quotation marks. A bar will pop up so in the bar type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. Then click enter. Push shift then click your person. Click spawn the Tombstone of L + B. Click the tombstone and click more and find make me alien pregnant. Men and women can be alien pregnant.when you hear a sound click it again go into more click speed up my pregnancy. When the baby is born have the person stargaze in the most expencive telescope. (looking through wont work.) the baby will give you more of a chance. U still might have to be also might have to type in the bar boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. Then press Shift click the telescope. Click debug.

Added 12 Jun 2011, ID #16290, by Guest


Okay, just follow this simple rule, press Shift+Ctrl+c and a bar appears. In this bar type in: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. Enter it. Then press shift and click your player. Search for: turn into vampire or something like that. Click it. Ta the! Vampire! To return to normal do the same thing but instead of clicking turn into vampire, click chage back from vampire or something like that. Ta the! Again...

Added 1 Apr 2011, ID #16076, by Guest

Keep Motives maxed all the time!!!

This is simple. Pull up the cheat window. Type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. Type maxMotives, then when they are completely filled, type in motiveDecay off.

Added 20 Feb 2011, ID #15892, by SimCheater2

Big money

First press ctrl,shift, and then hold down c at the same time then type in motherlode and then keep doing that until you feel your sim has enough then there you are you have a rich sim

Added 16 Feb 2011, ID #15885, by Guest

Blurry Mirrors

In the Sims 2 Double Deluxe, how do you make the mirrors clear? I read stories on the sims 2 website, and sometimes you can see their sims looking in the mirror, but in the game, it's blurry.Is there a cheat?

Added 6 Dec 2009, ID #14470, by kirsten taylor

All the cool boolprop cheats(and others)

Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true/false: enables debug mode. False turns it off.In debug mode, let's say in CAS Screen, you can press ctrl+n to turn it on. Now you can make different skin colors, like manikin and alien. You also have different hairm like social bunny, different clothes like grim reaper, and more. When playing with your family, you can also select the menu for the cheat using Shift+Click on a sim. Now you can spawn many things, from clothing testers, and death creators, and townie makers. You can also become a vampire, make a neighbor sim selectable, and much,much more.( if you get a error message always press reset) (if you get an option to force error don't(unless you're trying to use the disapearing plumbob) (WARNING: use at your own risk. It may crash your game or computer.)

Boolprop snapobjectstogrid false/true: lets you place objects outside grid with false. True turns it off

Boolprop contrainFloorElevation false/true: lets you move floors up and down with things on it regardless of normal game rules.

And other cheats

Move_objects on: lets you place objects anywhere.

FamilyFunds (family name) (how much money. Goes up to 999999)

Maxmotives: makes all needs max except environment

MotiveDecay off/on: makes motives not decay if it is set to off. On makes them decay

Motherlode: 50,000 simoleons

Kaching: 1,000 simoleons

Help: shows all cheats

Aging off/on: the name explains it.

UnlockCareerReward: The name explains it again.

LockAspiration on/off: on makes the aspiration points not decay.

AspirationPoints (number of aspiration points): Makes you have that number of aspiration points.

IntProp maxNumOfVisitingSims #: Makes you have that number of sims being able to come to a party at your house.

Social_debug:Lets you know what will happen if you are socializing with a sim before it happens

Help -all: lists all of the cheats in the game.

Autopatch on/off: lets you know if there is a patch for your game.

BoolProp enablePostProcessing true/false: turns postprocessing on or off.

MMANN THAT TOOK A LONG TIME. I hope your happy.

Added 29 Mar 2009, ID #13774, by Kirbystar64

get $50,000 Simoleons

Durning game play press an hold the shift,control and c key, at top a white box will appear, type in motherlode.. That will give you $50,000 Simoleon's. Press ESC to exit box. You can do this as many times as you like for a lot of Simoleon's.

Added 23 Feb 2009, ID #13682, by my4kids2002

Pregnancy by Abduction

If you use boolProp testingcheatsenabled true to get abducted by aliens, be catious because guys can get pregnant with an alien baby. I learned the hard way.

Added 16 Dec 2008, ID #13438, by Pokescape94

Get 20,000 bucks

Ok, Make a family. And move them in. Then make another family. Move them in the same house. If done correctly you should have 20,000 more bucks than you did before.

Added 22 Sep 2008, ID #13126, by 11111111111111111sat
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