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Super Cheats!

Speed up Pregnancy/Twins-
Okay so when your in your selected neighbourhood bring up the cheat bar (Ctrl Shift C) and type in- boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
Enter then go to whatever family you want.Once it's loaded select your pregnant sim (to play as!) and hold down shift and click on your sim.Go to more.. And then Spawn and click on Tombstone Of L and D.
A tombstone should appear by your sim, click it go to more and click on
'Speed Up My Pregnancy' or 'Force Twins' after clicking Speed Up My Pregnancy
Hit 3 on your keyboard.After about a sim hour your sim should give birth.

High Job Levels-
So Let's say your sim has just started the long road the the top of it's career and your thinking 'Hang on I'm not doing all that it'll take ages!'
You don't have to anymore.Firstly bring up the cheat box in your neighbourhood
And type in your new friend- boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
Enter then go to your pending household.Select your sim with the new career and
Set the time going.Hold down shift and click on the newspaper when it arrives.
look at all that then it's obvious now isn't it!.so when you've clicked Set
Job Level or Level something you can choose what level you want your sims career

Hope I helped more cheats coming for boolprop testingcheatsenabled true very soon!

Added 18 Mar 2008, ID #12312, by Emo-Liccious and get

Cloning Objects

To clone objects go onto buy mode and grab an object suggestion a table press on the table so you can hold it hold shift and keep holding it and click again when you click you have to keep holding shift and ding! Dong! Your cloning objects!!!

Added 1 Mar 2008, ID #12245, by spunkyman

Freeze age

In the game bring up the cheat menu and type in aging on then your sims age will freeze they can't die or have babies to turn of the cheat do the same but type in aging off Game master 1996

Added 13 Feb 2008, ID #12165, by Game master 1996

Needs to the top

In the game bring up the cheat menu then type in maxmotives then your sim needs will be at the top Game master 1996

Added 13 Feb 2008, ID #12164, by Game master 1996

50,000 Simeoleons

On the game bring up the cheat menu then type in dght after that type in 'motherlode' then enter then keep pressing up and enter then you should have 1,000,000 simeoleons Hope I helped Game master 1996

Added 13 Feb 2008, ID #12163, by Game master 1996

MAXING skills, needs, personality, relationships, interests, etc

CTRL + SHIFT + C (in Neighborhood view)

Type: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true (spaces required)

If you type this cheat in the house view, save your game, return to neighborhood and re-enter the house or it will not work.

SHIFT + LEFT CLICK and drag to max out any of the following:


And there might be more, I just haven't discovered them yet.

Maxing your relationship bars does not automatically create friends but it will allow you to make friends faster. After maxing out a sim's friendship status..the next action with them will make them your best friend.

You can also SHIFT + CLICK on a visiting sim, choose MAKE SELECTABLE, go into their relationship section and max out their friendship status with you. Do this with male and female sim's and they may fall in love right away (after interacting).


Added 31 Dec 2007, ID #11981, by kdresch


Type : boolprop testingcheatsenabled true (i have found capitals or not it works for me)

Have your sims "TRY FOR BABY" will have to wait till her first pregnancy belly appears. When it does:

SHIFT and CLICK on your pregnant sim

Look through each option till you find: DEBUG- FORCE TWINS


You can also try this: type the boolprop code above and after her first pregnancy belly appears hit CTRL + SHIFT + C and type FORCETWINS

(capitalized letters not necessary.


Added 30 Dec 2007, ID #11976, by kdresch

Most cheats

Type control, shift, c, as other people have said, and then type 'help' (without quotation marks). This gets up a list of quite a few cheats. By the way, the forcetwins cheat only works if your sim is pregnant. Enjoy!

Added 22 Dec 2007, ID #11941, by whirlwind.maze


Can anyone help me get twins I have tried the forcetwins, twinzr2cute, and twinsr2cute but they don't work and I don't know how to get the cheesecake can someone please help me!!!

Added 5 Aug 2007, ID #11428, by jacksparrowluver22

Up To $9,999,999 In One Cheat

First of all you need to bring up the cheat box (Ctrl+Shift+c), then type in familyfunds (space) last name of family (space) how much money needed (up to $9,999,999)

DO NOT TYPE IN "LAST NAME OF FAMILY", what I meant was, say my families last name is Smith, I would type in, "familyfunds smith $9,999,999" (no commas)

Added 28 Apr 2007, ID #11112, by CyanideAndHappiness

Quick Baby

Okay so instead of waiting 3 whole days for the baby to come how about this?
Open up cheat box and type in BoolProp testingCheatsEnabled true then hold down shift and click on any sim on you're lot,then a whole list of options will appear choose Tombstone L and D when you do that the tombstone will appear,click on it.
Now remember you have to be already pregnany but not have you're maternity outfit yet basically no sign the you are pregnant.So anyways click on the tombstone and a list of options come up at the top if the list click more... And at the bottom of that list it will say "Speed up my Pregnancy"click that and that ame day you will go through three stages of growing you're belly and having the baby all in one day!

Added 5 Apr 2007, ID #10971, by cheaturlife999

Get 2 highest level in career at the click of the mouse!

Is is taking you forever to reach the top of your career?
Well first to reach the top level you open up the cheat box(CTR-SHIFT-C)

Type in BoolProp testingCheatsEnabled true and then you go to the front yard where the most recent newspaper is and hold down SHIFT and click on it,their it will have a buttong saying all the career levels 1-10 but you have to have a job first!If not you can nust click on the newspaper with the shift and their is an option with all the careers possible even the ones you would normally have to go to college for.

Added 5 Apr 2007, ID #10970, by cheaturlife999

Easy Money

Hold down "ctrl and shift" then hit "C." Then, type in motherlode. Next, hold down "ctrl and shift" again, and repeatidly hit "C" up and enter, over and over. Eventually you'll have $9,999,999.

Added 29 Mar 2007, ID #10910, by weeeeee254

The spelling of BoolProp

I know you must have already heard of the cheat boolprop testingcheatsenabled true/false by now, and well, people are lying to you on the spelling. Even the person who was supposidely trying to tell us the spelling wasn't right. So, since some people don't want to look at the proper supercheats cheat submissions, I've went and copied it so you all can read it:
BoolProp testingCheatsEnabled true

Is the correct spelling, and if you think you'll forget it by the time you open up the game, Copy it by right-clicking on the words after you've highlighted them, and select copy. Then, to make sure you've copied it, Clear the address bar and click Ctrl+ V to paste. If it worked, you now can use the BoolProp testingCheatsEnabled cheat. Have fun!


Added 4 Feb 2007, ID #10690, by addicult

Sim2 Cheats

Press CTRL + SHIFT + C to access the cheat window, then enter the following:

Help -all list cheats
BoolProp simShadows (True/False) Toggle shadows on/off for Sims
Vsync (on/off) increases game performance but lowers graphics
Moveobjects (on/off) moves objects and deletes you couldnt before
Autopatch (on/off) lets you know if theres a patch
Exit closes cheat window
Slowmotion Puts the game in slow motion. Enter any number that 0 through 8 (0=fastest and 8=slowest)
Aging on turn on aging
Aging off turn off aging
Motherlode 50,000 simoleans
Kaching get 1000 cash

Added 8 Jan 2007, ID #10572, by Dromons

How to raise your skills and relationships

First press make the cheat box go up then type Boolprop Testingcheatsenabled true then go to your skills and hold shift and raise your skills to the highest. Then go to your relationships and hold shift and raise the relationship bar underneath them

Added 5 Jan 2007, ID #10559, by Coolguyyo

How to look at a baby's needs


1. Open the cheat box (Ctrl + Shift + C) and type in: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true

2. Hold down shift and click on the baby (you can be any person in the household)

3. Choose make SELECTABLE. The baby's picture on the left side of the screen should disapear.

4. Hold down shift and click on the baby again. Choose make SELECTABLE again

5. Now you should be able to look at the baby's needs, relationships, and personality. (they don't have any wants or fears untill they are toddlers)

Added 1 Jan 2007, ID #10518, by Tiff_sims_lover

More Boolprop Testingcheatsenabled true

First of all, that's the real spelling. But mainly, you can drag almost everything up with the cheat Boolrpop Testingcheatsenabled true. Almost everyone knows you can drag your sims skills up, but that's not all! You can drag their needs, likes, and PERSONALITY up!!!!! Just hold down shift and drag it up. THE COOLEST PART IS THAT YOU CAN DRAG THEIR RELATIONSHIPS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IMPORTANT: To be able to do this with the cheat you have to enter it in the cheat console when your in the neighborhood. Also when dragging you MUST hold down shift.

Happy cheating!!!

Added 18 Dec 2006, ID #10463, by muybonitachica

what works and what doesnt work

Id just like to say that when you are playing the game some cheats some people put on don't work like wariganosh I know this as I have tried it many times but it never works

Added 15 Dec 2006, ID #10454, by smexi_s_06

Skills Maxed Out and lot of Money

At the Neighbourhood screen press ctrl shift and c. Then type in the grey box
BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true (with capitals and spaces) then pick your family. Go to the skills screen hold shift and drag the skill to the max!!
Money, Money, Money
When playing press ctrl shif and c (again) then put in either:
Motherlode= $50,000
Katching= $1,000
Afer entering press, well, enter. If you want to do it faster playing press ctrl shif and c (again) then press down it should come up with the cheat you just entered! It saves time and efort great for lazy people!!!!

Added 28 Jul 2006, ID #9142, by zeldafan92
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