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Best Money Cheat! - The Sims 3 Pets

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Best Money Cheat! cheat for The Sims 3 Pets


Best Money Cheat!

Here's an even better money cheat than mother lode or katching:


Type in "testingcheatsenabled true" and hit enter

Then type in "familyFunds " without these < > or quotations.

Your family will have that much money. You can do it as many times as you want.

Added by: Guest Nov 18th 2012, ID#17560


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Feb 11th 2015 Guest
Put in testingcheatsenabled true. Then a blue box appears at the top. Type in familyfunds then (your family's last name) then (how much you want)!!!! It should work. (Make sure you put a space before the word 'true' and no spaces in between the word 'familyfunds'). Then press enter!!! Hope that helped!!!
ID #514754
Aug 24th 2014 Guest
It doesn't matter if you use CAPS LOCK it still wor[spoiler][/spoiler] ks.... [strike][/strike]
ID #440039
Aug 23rd 2014 Guest
why not just put family finds then u family second name then how mutch you want or motherlode
ID #439700
Jun 28th 2014 Guest

where do I put the code?: hold ctrl+shift and just press c one time and then a blue line at the top appears...

and there you type on motherlode NO CAPS
ID #408030
May 22nd 2014 Guest
What exactly do u hav 2 type in!? 4 example : familyfunds Cronje 999999999 ««is it right????????
ID #386818
Apr 10th 2014 Guest
ID #373504
Feb 2nd 2014 Guest
This is to confusing i use motherlode
ID #350979
Jan 26th 2014 Guest
IT works!!!!!!!!! IM RICH
ID #348449
Jan 5th 2014 hazzywizy

ID #339773
Nov 29th 2013 Guest
I'll try it
ID #323405
Nov 28th 2013 Guest
It won't work!
ID #322948
Nov 4th 2013 Guest
type in ctrl+shift+c to get the cheat box up at the top and type in "familyfunds (family name) (amount of money you want)"
ID #317920
Oct 1st 2013 Guest
if testingcheatsenabled dose not work put testingcheatsenabled on then shift and click on the mail box and it will work but if I may say I would only use make all happy other wise you will get board
ID #312089
Aug 19th 2013 Guest
It's not working for me
ID #305651
Aug 13th 2013 Guest
you press and hold ctrl + shift + c and a blue line appears a the top of the screen, type it into that!!
great cheat but i already knew it.
ID #304487
Aug 6th 2013 Guest
I thank it will work. I don't have sims 3 (yet)
ID #302957
Jul 10th 2013 Guest
I love that cheat. Now how do I get rid of the glitch in my pets?
ID #296537
Jun 13th 2013 Guest
Does not work 4 me:(
ID #290126
Jun 3rd 2013 Guest
where the heck do I put the cheat!!!
ID #287616
May 1st 2013 Guest
it didnt work
ID #279299
Apr 20th 2013 Guest
is there any capitals
it doesnt work
ID #275886
Apr 11th 2013 Guest

Or you can do ctrl shift c and the motherlode
ID #272401
Apr 8th 2013 Guest
It did not work :(
ID #271719
Apr 4th 2013 Guest
I dont like this want i can not verry great english:(
ID #270344
Mar 30th 2013 Guest
it works great!
ID #268928
Mar 19th 2013 Guest
it really works! i typed in 99999999999 and it gave me 99999999999sc! lol
ID #265214
Feb 26th 2013 Guest
where do u type it in
ID #258848
Feb 12th 2013 Guest
Iwill try it in a sec.
ID #253569
Feb 6th 2013 Guest
Where do I type the cheat code in im so confused... meow
ID #251121
Feb 3rd 2013 Guest
It doesnt work :(
ID #249732
Feb 1st 2013 Guest
it works
ID #248827
Jan 6th 2013 Guest
i know another money cheat type down motherlode
and you will get 50.000sc
ID #238398
Jan 3rd 2013 Guest
Where do you type the cheat code in?
ID #236170
Dec 30th 2012 Guest
yay money
ID #231851
Dec 29th 2012 Guest
i love it it is the best cheat ever
ID #231649
Dec 29th 2012 Guest
this doesnt work
ID #230821
Nov 29th 2012 Guest
That works, but make sure you type in your family name first. Or else it doesn't work.
ID #213652