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Making a Free CastleAdded 9 Mar 2011, ID #15956
To make a castle that doesn't cost anything go to the Map Editor and create a map (refer to page 53 in the instruction manual). You will also be able to make an army and siege equipment in the panel with the two swords crossing each other.

Easy MoneyAdded 2 Feb 2011, ID #15823
Acquire 1,000 Gold and enough wood so that you can place a monastery. When the monastery has been placed press P to pause gameplay. Click on the rubber tool in the lower left part of the screen as many times as you want and you will get 1,000 Gold for each time you click it. The monastery will not disappear until you press P again to resume the game.
Money, Stone whatever you needAdded 26 Dec 2006, ID #10488
During game play build something that has what you need i.e. A cathedral if you want gold and stone. Then pause and keep deleting once you unpause your gold and stone will go up if using a cathederal
Money CheatAdded 24 Aug 2006, ID #9360
Ok Here is a cheat you can only do if you have the first version and didnt download the update. When your playing skrimage or campain build a fletchers post then press "p" And that will pause the game then click on The eraser and deleat the post and if you keep doing that you will get lots of money and wood, so after you think you got alot of money make a market so that way you can buy all your stuff and wont have to worry about the food going down or you don't have stone or there is rats or poop all those things that piss you off Have fun!!

.P.S. Dont spend your money all in one place
Ultimate CheatAdded 27 Jun 2006, ID #8907
This cheat is very simple, but very,very and very powerful. All you got to do is pause the game(p) then anything that costs money, stone or wood deleate it you get half but it wont dissaper until you push p so you can get alot of money stone and wood lazilly. the Master
Star Wars GreetingAdded 22 Jun 2006, ID #8856
When you start a new game enter your Lords name as 'Lord Vader' (without the quotes) and instead of the usual greeting you will hear 'Greetings Lord Vader, Obi Won has taught you well, but you are not a Jedi yet'.

There are currently no known codes for this game but hints and tips can be got by going to the Q&A section and the Stronghold 2 forum on SuperCheats.
Star Wars Easter EggAdded 17 Sep 2005, ID #7271
If you put your lords name as Lord Vader when you start the game it will say "greetings Lord Vader Obi Wan has taught you well...but you are not a jedi yet".

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