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How to get a boyfriend! hint for Small Worlds


How to get a boyfriend!

Easy peasy all you have to do is go to queen of hearts dating club there will be lots of people there! If you like a boy... Go up to him.. And say hi wanna hang out if he says no ot nty then just find a new one and if that one says yes say add me and he'll add you and say go to my house then he'll follow you there! And hangout and chat and say well uh I was wondering if you wanted to go out! He might say yes enjoy!

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wheyey I'm sam love expert for 3 years on SW add me on it for tips Sam Mansion the 31st (been on SW for 5 years!, i just left on 2011!)

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Girls. It's not as easy as you think. You've got to know the person before you go out with them. You can't just walk up to them like a noob and say "You're cute. Want to go out?". If they say yes, Ii bet you they will cheat on you in about 7 days tops. You have to date someone you really know, someone who's your friend. First, hover on the friend stage and hang out with him for a while, for about 10 minutes or longer. The longest I hung out with a guy was 5 hours!

Then go a little higher and start visiting him more often and try complementing him, but don't do all those girly girly stuff like using lipstick all he time ad flipping hair. It's best to be natural.

Go a little higher. If you or he asks you or you ask him on a date and you sat yes or he says yes, that's the start of your relationship. It's normal for people to break up early, so don't be too devastated if you leaves you or another girl or you break up early. There are other loves in life.

Alice Summers the 6th c:

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I have a boyfriend named Jayjay Hickson and I had to hang around him for about a week we have been dating for a year that's how nice he is<3

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1 tip, DO NOT be all like, -Flips hair- that's an obvious sign of showing off. Firstly before you ask anyone out, you need to look professional, sometimes Harlem high School is a good spot. :][color=red][size=12][/size] [/color]

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im sorry your talking about boys as tho they are a gadget fgs you cant just get a bf like click your fingers -.- get out there make friends and omg i hope you suceed, maybe get him to stay round yours or buy him a pressie, sorry girls they arent a toy -.-

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Lol Well. i got a gf Mia Watanabe the second :D

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Im a guy on smallworlds and that doesn't work guys in general like girls who get to know the guy first and have a real good friendship before going out. Going out with someone u met in the last 5 mins doesnt help ur relantionship, just my opinion doesnt work with some guys some r different its just in general

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In my opinion, I must say it's better to actually get to know someone rather than ask a cute person out. He/she may look attractive but that doesn't mean you have anything In common. So here is my step by step guide for a guaranteed win!!
1. If you see a person you like, walk up and say hi ( this works better if he/she is alone). This show a sign of confidence an tells them your not shy. If you are shy, come on, it's virtual.
2. If they say the following: Erm.. Hi, hi? .. Then it's not a good sign, it's better if he/she says: oh hey or hi then your on the right track!!
3. Get to know them. Break the tension by starting the conversation that way you can tell what he likes, if you have nothing I'n common,he/she is not for you. I would say after about a day or so ask him/her out, once again this shows confidence. If you get shot down, don't worry he/she wasn't for you
4. Here is my last piece of advice DON'T BESOMEONE YOUR NOT!! it ruins relationships, be yourself at all times!!
If you want more advice, mail me on smallworlds at NICOLE CLARK THE 15th!! I will be happy to help out!!

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i tryed it dont work

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