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Quake 4 Cheats for PC

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Quake 4 Cheats for PC

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UnlockablesAdded 30 Jun 2006, ID #8936
During game play press '~' (tilde) key, Ctrl and Alt to bring up the game console to be able to enter the following codes to activate the corresponding effect.

Toggle GOD Mode:

Get ALL Weapons:
Give all weapons

Get Ammo:
Give ammo

Get Max Armor:
Give armor

Get Max Health:
Give health

ALL Weapons with Full Ammo, Health and Armor:
Give all

Get a Dark Matter Gun plus some Ammo:
Give weapon_dmg

Get a Grenade Launcher plus some ammo:
Give weapon_grenadelauncher

Get a Hyperblaster plus some Ammo:
Give weapon_hyperblaster

Get a Lightning Gun plus some Ammo:
Give weapon_lightninggun

Get a Machine Gun plus some Ammo:
Give weapon_machinegun

Get a Nailgun plus some Ammo:
Give weapon_nailgun

Get a Railgun plus some Aammo:
Give weapon_railgun

Get a Rocket Launcher plus some Ammo:
Give weapon_rocketlauncher

Get a Shotgun plus some Ammo:
Give weapon_shotgun

Get ALL weapons without any Ammo:
Give weapons

How Fast you move in No Clip Mode:
Pm_noclipspeed #

How Fast you move when Crouched:
Pm_crouchspeed #

How Fast you move when Running:
Pm_speed #

How High you can Jump:
Pm_jumpheight #

+100 Health up to 200:
Give item_health_mega

Shows Shadow:
G_showplayershadow # (1 Shows and 0 removes it)

Show Frame Rate on Screen Constantly:
Com_showfps # (1 to show and 0 to turn it off)

Third-Person Mode:
Pm_thirdperson # (1 to shows and 0 to turn off)

Allows console opening and closing with just '~' (tilde key):
Com_allowconsole 1

Close the Game and open the Map Editor:

Creates a New Light Source where you point:

Game Benchmark:

Graphics Card Information:

Immediately Exit from Game:

Spawns a Mmarine who'll help Fight:
Spawn char_marine

Spawns a Medic who can Heal you:
Spawn char_marine_medic

Remove ALL Monsters and NPCs from current Level:

Spawns a Tech who helps fight and can restore your Armor:
Spawn char_marine_tech_armed

Toggle Invisibility:

Commit Suicide:

Cheats....Cheats....Cheats....Added 21 Oct 2005, ID #7433
To get the Quake 4 Cheats,download the AutoExce file right here:


(Put it in C/Program Files/id software/Quake4/q4base)

Then, open Quake 4 and play single player and then press ` to open the game console and then type in these cheats:

God - God mode
Noclip - No clip
Notarget - Invisibility
Freeze - Freeze everything
Give all - All weapons and ammo
Give ammo - Full ammo
Map [map name] - Load a map (see the list below)
Benchmark - Game benchmark
Com_drawfps 1 - Show FPS
AviDemo - Saves a demo of your playing to an AVI movie file
Gfxinfo - Graphics card infomation
R_gamma [0-3] - Set gamma level
R_brightness [number] - Set brightness level
S_volume_db [number] - Set sound volume (default is 0)
S_showlevelmeter 1 - Toggle sound level display (use 0 to disable this code)
G_showprojectilepct 1 - Toggle hit % to HUD (use 0 to disable this code)
Killmonsters - Kill all monsters
Kill - Suicide
Quit - Quit game
Ask.com and get
Ask.com and get

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