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All moshi codes

Moshi Monster Codes
Big bad bill 31= top thing
Black Pearl: jkydpd7xctdr
The Haunted Crown: 33r3hdhd8t6y
Sneezy Flute of Pepper Geyser: 9g4k3p9mltfp lillyrose667
Shimmery Snaggletooth Sapphire: x4d8u834e3xf
Sword of Awsomeness: 9mt4gmc4nm4y
18 Karat Shiny Parrot: n8ad6679t7c
Bag of Eggs: 6gw7areyh49us
Goblet of Goosebump Gulch: r7ckafnjdpgu
Animated Disco Floor: puzzlepalace
Mr. Juggles: moshifunpark
18 Karat Shiny Parrot: n8ad6679t7c
Hamsterball: Moshlingzoo1
Fossil: dailygrowl74
Moshling Poster: ALLMOSHLINGS
Dustbin Beaver Poster:GIFTISLAND23
Map of MonstroCity: monstrocity1
Amphisbaenae = Top Trumps
The Haunted Crown: 33r3hdhd8t6yIf you want the ultra rare roxy when signing in type HOBBIDIDANCE and go to garden, you will have a flower get two other random ones and wait about 9 hours. You will have Roxy! Come see mine! (ladyblingbunny6)Here is most of the combinations for moshlings.-=COMMON=-
001 - it's type is unknown (unless you get it)- Plant 3 peppers. Hope it works for you!
002 - Chop Chop (monkey) >> 3 Dragons.
003 - Gingersnap (beat up cat) >> Magic + Love + Pepper.
008 - Squidge (a fluffy flying thing) >> Star + Pepper + Dragon.
010 - Snookums (Dinosaur) >> 3 Star.
013 - Dj Quack (duck) >> Dragon + Moon + Star.
018 - Stanley (seahorse) >> 2 Love Berries + 1 Dragon Fruit.
020 - Purdy (pink fluffy cat) >> Dragon + Moon + Dragon.
023 - Humphrey (hippo) >> Daisy + Magic + Pepper
024 - Angel (unicorn/pegasus) >> Magic + Pepper + Pepper

027 - Kissy (baby ghost) >> Purple Star + Yellow Star + Black Magic.
030 - Lady Meowford (white cat) >> Blue Moon + Pink Moon + Purple Star.
034 - Dipsy (cloud) >> Red/Pink Moon + Yellow Moon + Yellow Love.
039 - Shelby (turtle) >> Blue Dragon + Black Dragon + Blue Magic.
040 - Doris (Rhinosaurus) >> 3 Moons.
043 - Blurp (blowfish) >> Purple Moon + Pink Love + Black Love/Blue Moon.
047 - Sooki-Yaki (Ninja Cat) >> Purple Pepper + Red Magic + Yellow Magic.
048 - Priscilla (horse with tiara) >> Yellow apple + Red moon + Blue moon

050 - Pooky (Dinosaur) >> Red moon + Purple Magic + Red magic.
052 - Coolio (Ice-cream) >> Pink apple + yellow Star + Black love
053 - Fumble (starfish) >> Red Star + Yellow Love + Red Star/ Magic.
054 - Flumpy (pluff) >> Black Moon + Red Magic + Red Star.
056 - Mr. Snoodle (Elephant) >> Red Pepper + Purple Magic + Blue Pepper.
057 - Honey (rabbit) >> Red/Blue Magic + Yellow Love + Blue Apple
059 - Hansel (gingerbread) >> Blue/Purple Dragon + Black Magic + Black Moon.
060 - Ecto (ghost) >> Red Love + Black Love + Pink/Yellow Pepper.
065 - Tiki (toucan) >> Red/Purple Star + Pink Love + Red Love.
071 - Peppy Penguin (penguin) >> Blue/Red/Black Moon + Purple Moon + Yellow Magic.
072 - Cali (mermaid) >> Blue Moon + Pink Magic + Yellow Moon.
073 - Jeepers (tiger) >> Pink Love + Red Daisy +Blue Apple
074 - Prof. Purplex (owl) >> Red/Blue Dragon + Pink Love + Yellow moon.

077 - Waldo (nerdy Squirrel) >> Pink Love + Purple/Black Dragon + Red Star.
078 - Burnie (dragon) >> Red apple + Red apple + Blue daisy
079 - Gigi (unicorn) >> Blue Pepper + Red Moon + Yellow Pepper.
081 - Bonkers (squirrel carrying an acorn) = Black Daisy + Pink Moon + Black Dragon
082 - General Fuzukie (warrior) >> Yellow Love + Purple Star + Red Pepper.
083 - Gurgle (dragon) >> Red Dragon + Yellow Magic + Purple Love.
087 - ShiShi (panda) >> Black daisy + Yellow pepper + Red dragon.
088 - Oddie (doughnut) >> Yellow Star + Black Star + Purple Star.
089 - Big Bad Bill (VooDoo guy) >> Yellow Love + Black Star + Blue Star.
091 - Cutie Pie (cup cake) >> Pink star + Purple Daisy + Blue Dragon
100 - IGGY (floating purple loading guy) >> Two purple Daisies and a Black Moon.Rocky (the baby blockhead) any hot silly peppers + any love berries + pink crazy daisy.Cleo (the pretty Pyramid) yellow snap apple + blue crazy daisy + pink crazy daisy.Mini Ben (the Teeny TickTock) 3 snap apples.Liberty (the happy Statue) black love berries + red love berries + any love berries.

Lady Goo Goo: do a member mission called Missing Moshling Egg

Roxy: type in HOBIDIDANCE in the secret code area before you logon then go to your moshling garden, click on the seed pouch and plant the Radient Roxy Rose plant with 2 other random plants. Then you're Roxy will come

Wurley: do a member mission called Voyage Under Potion Ocean

Plinky: do a member mission called Strangeglove From Above

Blingo: type in H6FJNA9D8Y9W in the secret code are before you logon, then go to your moshling garden and plant the Hip Hop Hibiscus flower with 2 other plants and then the Blingo will come

Cherry bomb: do a member mission called Candy Catastrophe

BY THE WAY secret 4 is dustbin beaver AND Bonkers IS just a rumor

Added by: moshim Jun 11th 2011, ID#16285 and get
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lots of wrong moshling info bonkers is not a moshling general fuzuki is spelt wrong
waldo is not a squirrel he is a cat why else would he be in the kitties? >:[

Added 12th Aug 2014, ID #435262

i am irockatetime9 and plarue1188 and bluefreak9090

Added 19th Nov 2013, ID #320416

Also add my friend: bree090704

Added 21st Sep 2013, ID #310577

hi im Thomia11 i have uncle scallops and roxy you get roxy by puting in HOBBIDANCE and you get a seed then get to random others and wait to the next day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And to get uncle scallops just play the secret treaser of poition ocean and play part three even peaple whith or whithout a member ship can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 21st May 2013, ID #284316

Hey guys does anyone know how to get White Fang or Tiki for non memebers????

Added 11th May 2013, ID #281827

is there any new codes for valentines day?!?!!?

Added 22nd Feb 2013, ID #257282

i love all the codes cause i love them i used them all thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! add me im zackiu11

Added 25th Jan 2013, ID #246314

hi im matina274 add me onmoshi monsters

Added 12th Jan 2013, ID #241849

Hi add me on moshi monsters im jasmine08786

Added 5th Jan 2013, ID #237455

i have got some code but some don't work



my name is: moshi2004123456789
one of my other one is: juney2004123456789

Added 22nd Dec 2012, ID #226206

hi i am cutiecat262026 add me i an relly kind on moshi monster

Added 22nd Dec 2012, ID #226136

Hi,i know lots of codes,I'm level 14,im monstar L,I have 45 moshlings,and if you dont belive me you can add me.

PS:I like Pokemon,Wii,DS,Legend of Zelda,Tamagotchi,Nintendo,and Moshi Monsters!

Please add me!!!
I have lots of fourums!

Added 21st Dec 2012, ID #225886

i have blingo. the code worked for me and i have a rubbish laptop.

Added 16th Dec 2012, ID #222632

i wont dustbin beber

Added 13th Dec 2012, ID #220620

Waldo is NOT a squirrel. He's a CAT.

Added 6th Dec 2012, ID #215708

the code for blingo is 3 hot silly peppers because his co has expired

Added 9th Nov 2012, ID #206798

i did this it worked at me im kali0922 members im a rabbit

Added 20th Oct 2012, ID #199031

i think you do not have all codes

Added 14th Oct 2012, ID #196135

if you are a memder frend me im kali0922

Added 13th Oct 2012, ID #195808

everyone add me im cherrypond3

Added 30th Sep 2012, ID #190225

mosh monsters

Added 29th Sep 2012, ID #189949

hay i am a memder on mosh monsters because i have spoted the godon tiket in the bech on mosh monsts

Added 29th Sep 2012, ID #189947

could u add me USERNAME:thomasmoore2166

Added 25th Sep 2012, ID #188947

hello everyone!
my add me! my username is im-a-nice-girl.
love u all! xx

Added 23rd Sep 2012, ID #188426

add me xxcute5957xx

Added 23rd Sep 2012, ID #188398

Add me as a friend I am nottynay789

Added 1st Sep 2012, ID #182334

hey add me i'm moshi9la on moshi monsters vist me and i'm moshimo1 on club peguin PLEASE add me thanks guys


Added 30th Aug 2012, ID #181590

good tip for the moshi members out there! if you have around 25 moshlings or more, log on to your PC and the log off again. you will see that a moshling or 2 or 3 etc. will need washing. wash the moshling(s) and then log off again. log on again and you will see that some of you moshlin(s)will need washing, when you wash your moshling(s) you get rox. so keep on repeating! log on wash moshling(s), log off. log on wash moshling(s) log off. do that and you'll soon see rox rolling in!

Added 19th Aug 2012, ID #177792

does anyone know how to get free membership??? even for a day??? if u read this and you know please let me can add me I'm minniemouse4242

Added 14th Aug 2012, ID #175826

hey if u whant the new moshling boomer add me brittany4651 and ill tell u the code just say "hi im ______ and i saw u on the website i whant the code". and ill tell u the code

thanks BRITTANY4651

Added 13th Aug 2012, ID #175394


Added 24th Jul 2012, ID #168121

I will tell you emergent tea code. First make me a member 6 months or 12 months.

Added 12th Jul 2012, ID #163165

hi i have a moshling collecter guide but i dont know where it is.... um it says i have a rare one and i think it might be mr snoodle?? it says : a rAre moshling sniffed the pink dragon but ran off when it saw the color it really liked the blue pepper too it also took a fancy to the purple pepper
btw add me and please tell me what u think : i_love_channing

Added 10th Jul 2012, ID #162593

it says U giv all codes but U hevent given dutbins!
i am hades1744
i know wat is honesty N this is not!

Added 6th Jul 2012, ID #160853


Added 30th Jun 2012, ID #158716

please add me i am poppyollem8

Added 19th Jun 2012, ID #154312

white fang is red moon red magic and any diasy

Added 7th Jun 2012, ID #149785

For Dustbin beaver you have to subscribe to Moshi Magazine for 6 months and code is emailed to you once subscription is active .
For free Blingo try this code DJDUDE456(I have 2 Blingos). Good luck,

Added 4th Jun 2012, ID #148886


Added 27th May 2012, ID #145868

who want blingo and roxy just give me 6 month membership my username:urdaone4rme

Added 26th May 2012, ID #145784

how do you get dustbin beaver

Added 22nd May 2012, ID #144373

the blingo code is djdude456

Added 20th May 2012, ID #143765

18 Karat Shiny Parrot: N8AD6679T7CY
200 free rox:READERBONUS6 (expired?)
50 free rox: WHSMITH (expired?)
Animated Dance Floor: PUZZLEPALACE
Balloon Launcher: MTVTJHBEWH24
Black Pearl of Potion Ocean: JKYDPD7XCTDR
Blobert: moshimoshi11

Cheeky Gargoyle: RASPBERRY
Confetti Rocket: profpurplex6
Dustbin Beaver Poster: giftisland23
Fizzbang Poster: DEMONSTA
Flaming Sword of Awesomeness: 9mt4gmc4nm4y
Fossil: dailygrowl74
Fun Flowers: fangtastic
GB Eye Monster Poster: DJQUACK2
Glumpcake Wallpaper: ADVENTURE
Goblet of Goosebump Gulch: r7ckafnjdpgu
Hamsterball: moshlingzoo1
Haunted Diamond Tiara: 33r3hdhd8t6y

I.G.G.Y Champ Poster: RANCH
Lavaflow Floor: sludgestreet
Liberty Poster: ONEWORLD
Lost Marbles of Eggleton: 6gw7areyh49u
Monstro City Map: monstrocity1
Moshling Collector Chart (Poster): allmoshlings
Mr Juggles: moshifunpark
R2 Trashcan: gingersnap11
Rainbow Maker: googenhime22 (It is spelt with 'hime' and not 'heim')
Shakesfear Bust: BARDBRAIN
Shimmery Snaggletooth Sapphire: x4d8u834e3xf
Snail Fossil:DAILYGROWL74
Sneezy Flute of Pepper Geyser: 9g4k3p9mltfp
Squishy Stool: monsters
Switchy Tyre Ring: NAY76767
Telegroan Booth: RINGRING
Top Trumps Poster: amphisbaenae
Turbo Top Toy: bigbadbill31
Wiggly Wallpaper: port

Added 17th May 2012, ID #142991

BTW: Add me my name is Angelart11!!

Added 17th May 2012, ID #142845

THE CODE TO GET 100 ROX IS moshdosh392 THE CODE TO GET BLINGO IS djdude456 the code for roxy is HOBBIDIDANCE and add me waggon99 have two moshlings bligo and roxy how do you get dusbin bever come on go mw3 !!!!

Added 17th May 2012, ID #142818

to get blingo the code is djdude456 add me blingo1324576890

Added 13th May 2012, ID #141636

To get the secret moshling ROXY you need to put the code HOBBIDIDANCE (all in upper case) and you will get the seed for the plant called the Radiant Roxy Rose. Plant this and 2 other random plants and you will get Roxy.

Added 5th May 2012, ID #139448

hi everyone please add me my user name is shannon8231 by the way DJDUDE456 is the code to get Blingo

Added 5th May 2012, ID #139395

how do you get dostin bevar??? ;(

Added 4th May 2012, ID #139251

thanks for the codes really helped

Added 1st May 2012, ID #138548

hi! thank you for the codes, please add me if u have time. ginger1495

Added 28th Apr 2012, ID #137675

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