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Kingpin: Life of Crime Cheats for PC

Kingpin: Life of Crime Pack Shot

Kingpin: Life of Crime

Kingpin: Life of Crime Cheats for PC

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Unlock Level SelectAdded 31 Oct 2006, ID #9957
Enable the console by creating a shortcut: c:\kingpin\kingpin.exe +developer 1. Then run the game from this shortcut. During gameplay press '~' (tilde) key to access the console to enter the following codes to unlock their corresponding effect.

Unlock Skidrow - map sr1

Unlock Sewers - map sewer

Unlock Super - map sr2

Unlock Jax - map bar_sr

Unlock Mean Streets - map sr3

Unlock The Jesus - map sr4

Unlock Bike - map bike

Unlock Poisonville - map pv_h

Unlock Club Swank - map bar_rv

Unlock Louie's Errand - map pv_1

Unlock Blanco Industries - map pv_b

Unlock Nikki Blanco - map pv_boss

Unlock Lizzie's Problem - map sy_h

Unlock Salty Dog - map bar_sy

Unlock Pier Pressure - map sy1

Unlock Das Boot - map sy2

Unlock Steeltown - map steel1

Unlock Boiler Room - map bar_st

Unlock Steel Mill - map steel2

Unlock Steel Processing - map steel3

Unlock Moker Shipping - map steel4

Unlock Consequences - map kpcut3

Unlock Derailed - map ty1

Unlock Dark Passage - map ty2

Unlock Trainyards - map ty3

Unlock Depot - map ty4

Unlock The Picnic - map kpcut4

Unlock Radio City Station - map rc1

Unlock Enter the Dragons - map rc2

Unlock Streets of Fire - map rc3

Unlock Skytram Station - map rc4

Unlock Typhoon - map bar_rc

Unlock Central Towers - map rc5

Unlock Crystal Palace East - map rcboss1

Unlock Crystal Palace West - map rcboss2

Unlock Outro - map kpcut7

UnlockablesAdded 27 Oct 2006, ID #9911
Using a text editor edit the file AUTOEXEC.CFG which is found in Kingpin's 'Main' directory and add the following line.

Set developer 1

Then during gameplay press the single quote '`' key to access the console window to be able to type the following codes to unlock the corresponding effect.

Unlock ALL Weapons:
Give weapons

Unlock ALL Weapons, Ammo and Health:
Give all

Unlock weapon:
Give (weapon)

Unlock Full Armour:
Give armor

Full Health:
Give health

Unlock Special item:
Give (item)

Get $100 Dollars:
Give cash


Walk through Walls:
Ask.com and get
Ask.com and get
ID #1469

To get all weapons, create shortcut on desk top if you already havent.

Right click , go to properties go to short cut tab, write in after where kinpin.exe finishs type (/toconsole.dev.popey)


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