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Driver Cheats for PC

Driver Pack Shot


Driver Cheats for PC

We have 3 cheats on PC
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Code UnlockablesAdded 20 Jun 2006, ID #8832
Go to 'Driving Games' and get a high score then enter the following codes as your name to unlock the corresoponding effect.

Open Cheat Menu:

Unlock Fast Cars:

Take A Ride Car Select:



No Police:

Start as Wanted Person:

Unlock Overhead View:

Skip Interview:

Unlock Credits:

ID #1063

Hackers Code

Go into the folder where you play the driver game from then choose the folder name scripts then choose missions.

Then you will see alot of files named mission1,10,110,110..... you can open the files with WordPad. After that you will see it says the word INITIALISATION put Mission End on the bottom of that and then if you play the game when you go undercover you don't have to even play the mission.

After this you can change the sceond mission too but you have to find it first.

Change your time

Countdown 80

Where it says countdown 80 change to some other numer like 120 it will give you 2 minutes in stead of 1:20

You can even change your car to other different cars.

Replace the "0" (zero) in "PlayerCarType 0" to one

of the following numbers:

0 - Original Car

1 - Crew Cab Pickup

2 - "Luxury"/Pimp Coupe

3 - Sports Coupe

4 - Camaro? (Fast)

5 - Toronado

6 - Nova?

7 - Cadillac Sedan

8 - Bonneville?

9 - Chevelle?

10 - L.A.P.D. Caprice Cruiser (Horn activates

lights and siren)

11 - Cadillac? Coupe

12 - Firebird/Camaro Z28

13 - Taxi

14 - Cadillac Sedan

15 - Error - Do not use

16 - Jaguar (CrazyFast: 170+)

17 - '55 Thunderbird (CrazyFast)

Unlimited damage:

Take out the following lines:


MaxPlayerDamage 24576 file://( 0 ->4096*6 is range)

That was all from the best

Ask.com and get
Ask.com and get
ID #1058
To type in the cheats NJW280172, and RUS3L, Get a high score and hold caps to enter all capital letters.

After you finish the game, get the '55 T-Bird (lightblue old car thar is first to the right), go to miami and find a very long straight away and floor it, after you hit 100, hold cruise control and you will get up to 400mph.

P.S.-Same for the next car to the right(Old Ferrari)


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