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Hidden 'Resistance Salute' Emote

If you say the following speedchat phrase in the indicated shop you will get the hidden Emote.

Unlock Emotion 'Resistance Salute':
Say 'Would you like some help?' in shop 'Talking in Your Sleep Voice Lessons' in DDL.

Added 5 Aug 2011, ID #16449, by Sanzano
Ask.com and get

Hidden Toon Modifier

To get the Toon Modifier entitled Toon Modifier: Large + No Color, simply use speedchat to say 'Howdy!' in the shop 'Hibernation Vacations' in The Brrrgh.

Added 2 Aug 2011, ID #16442, by MongooseGeneral

Hidden Emote

To unlock a hidden emotion, entitled Resistance Salute, use speedchat to say "Would you like some help" in the shop 'Talking in Your Sleep Voice Lessons' in DDL.

Added 2 Aug 2011, ID #16441, by MongooseGeneral

Unlock Free T-Shirt

In the sticker book enter the case sensitive code 'GETCONNECTED' (without the quotes) to receive this free item.

Added 22 Jun 2010, ID #15067, by Sanzano

Unlock Free Sillymeter T-Shirt

In the sticker book enter the case sensitive code 'SILLYMETER' (without the quotes) to receive this free item.

Added 18 Jun 2010, ID #15046, by Sanzano

Polar Toon

If you go to a store called 'Hibernation Vacations' which is located in Polar Place in Brrrrrgh and using the Speedchat phrase say 'Howdy!' to the clerk serving there your toon will change and become large and colourless. Your toon will stay in this form all the time you are in Brrrrrgh or until you sign out.

Added 5 Nov 2007, ID #11758, by Sanzano

How to make friends with a Cog

First open up your friend list. Click on the hand thingy. Then click on a cog. Usually the cog will say no, sometimes he says yes. Hope this helps!

Added 27 Jun 2013, ID #17950, by Guest

Jumping Friend Glitch

When you are jumping have a friend come and visit you. Keep jumping. When you see your friend they will see you are stuck in the middle of the air!

Added 25 Nov 2012, ID #17578, by Guest

Get a Free Shirt

Open your book and click options and codes and enter the non case sensitive word 'spooky' without quotes. A few minutes later you should receive a shirt.

Added 22 Oct 2012, ID #17512, by Guest

Flying in you're estate

Easy all you have to do is jump and move stuff button at same time press the button again then you are flying!

Added 24 Sep 2012, ID #17448, by Guest

Walk through the closet and into ANOTHER WORLD

First, go to your house, and move the closet facing a window. Slowly move it closer and closer to the window, until it is against it. It may take some practice. Use your closet and exit out. You will be in another world! Walk through the flowers. You can go as far as you want! Jump to become stuck in the jump position.
You will not see walls, but you will be able to see the inside of your house. Run into your house to go through the wall and back to normal

Added 9 Sep 2012, ID #17411, by Guest

Be invisiable but pay the price

Sorry if someone did this,but
1:go to your home and go in
2:click on move furniture at the same time you go out side
Wala!!! You are invisiable!BUT!!

1:You can only go in tunnels NOT PLACES LIKE HQ OR SOMETHING!
2:YOU can't GO ON TROLLY:(
3:once you log out you have to do the same thing all over aging!!!

Added 3 Sep 2012, ID #17402, by Guest

Be invisible!!!!!!!!!

Ok, first you go home, then you go in. Then, click move furniture and run out the door at the same time. Then, when you out, you will be invisible until you log out!!!

Added 15 Aug 2012, ID #17355, by Guest

Polar toon

To be a polar toon o go to (hibernation vacarions) in the (brrrgh)on (polar place)then you use the speed chat so you say howdy!!

Added 8 Jul 2012, ID #17271, by teddybear2002

Your Doodle Jumping In Water

Go in the water at your estate. Call your doodle. (Must be in the middle of the water) With you and your doodle in the water press page up to look up. Go to Speedchat to tricks and press jump. It will jump in the water!

Toon Name:Zachy

Added 21 Jun 2012, ID #17232, by zachy123

How to go threw the wall in your estiat

First you go to the button in the left right corner
After that you move you your phone next to the wall in your bed room
Then you use your phone and hang up
After that there will be all green or purple you can see you hole house
Go to you garden and you can float off the ground

Added 7 Apr 2012, ID #17039, by Guest

Dead toon glitch

First do fishing rod glitch go in water and then get on dock and press escape at same time than do this..... Jump in water why you do toons of the world unite emote and whala your toon is dead

Added 14 Dec 2011, ID #16797, by Guest

Toontown Geyser Glitch

Go to Chip and Dale's Acorn Acres (You must be there with a friend) And then tell your friend to go to the Geyser (If not yet popping up) And when the Geyser pops up with your friend quickly go to him/her and Viola! You are are doing the Geyser Glitch!!

Added 16 Sep 2011, ID #16599, by Guest

Fly in air without water

This is a glitch to fly in the air without the need of water.
1. Go to any playground, and go to their party booth
2. Open your book, and click ignore to A FRIEND. As you click ignore, press escape on your keyboard. DO NOT PRESS OKAY!
3. Now, walk up to the party booth, WITH THE MESSAGE ON YOUR SCREEN. You should see the ignore message over the party list.
4. Press "okay" on the ignore message. DO NOT EXIT THE PARTY LIST
4. Go to something that slopes up and you can walk on
Ex: stairs
Go onto it 1/4 of the way.
5. Exit out of party list and press escape at the same time.
6. Go to " exit toontown" and press okay and run forward at the same time. When you are about to teleport out Of toontown, press controll on your keyboard. Now you can run around in the air
( if your toon starts to go in teleportation hole, then press escape on your keyboard )

Added 8 Mar 2011, ID #15938, by Guest

Toon up or Sound For Free

I'm sorry if someone has previously posted this, but at the end of your gag training you will find you cannot go into the hq to finish. Well go to the post office (any street) and go up to the owner of the shop. Accept his task, do it ( It doesn't take TOO long) and B[b][/b] [size=12][/size] BLAMMO! you got your track!

Added 27 Nov 2010, ID #15594, by Guest
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