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Deer Hunter 4 Pack Shot

Deer Hunter 4

Deer Hunter 4 Cheats for PC

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Deer Hunter 4 CheatsAdded 29 Mar 2005, ID #6175
Cheat Codes

During game-play press F2 enter the cheat then press F2 again to activate it

Animals not afraid: dh4nofear

Attract animals: dh4beacon

Bullet view: dh4leadeye

Clear weather: dh4dry

Display debug info: dh4breakdown

Enable all codes: dh4super

Flight mode: dh4skyhook

Gun sighted in: dh4sightin

Large deer: dh4monster

Loose leaves: dh4leaves

Lightning: dh4zeus

More gore: dh4f13

Never tire: dh4homegym

No animals: dh4plague

No clipping mode: dh4truck

No noise: dh4damper

Rain: dh4water

Set time as noon: dh4noon

Snow: dh4ice

Slope no effect: dh4climber

Thunder: dh4thor

Travel to nearest animal: dh4find

Travel to next deer: dh4findnext

View bullet paths: dh4tracers

View deer on map: dh4showme

View info on active models: dh4vmwatch

View info on nearest deer: dh4deerwatch

Demon deer (Hunter vs. Deer mode): dh4playthedemon

ID #909

First hit F2, then enter the cheats i am giving you.

dh4nofear- deer are not scared of hunter

dh4find- takes you to the closest deer

dh4showme- on the map show where the bucks and does are

dh4monster- makes the bucks grow one rack size


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