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Regenerating Ore and unlimited AircraftAdded 1 Nov 2006, ID #9962
Regenerate Ore
If you are playing a Single player game and are running out of ore save the game and then reload it and the ore will be replenished.

Unlimited Aircraft:
Begin building the airfield and aircraft but then cancel the airfield but continue building aircraft.

ID #788


First the men:

Be a soviet team (I prefer Libya) and allie with a mate who is GDI tell him to build and allied mcv, and deploy it in your base.

Make sure you have no men or defences near it

then stand an engineer right next to it,

quickly declare war on them and take the allied construction yard with your engineer.

Then allie with them again, now build spys and send them to 1:an allied enemy power plant, and 2:an allied enemy battle lab.

Then send a spy to a Soviet enemy service depot

now you should have chrono ivans and chrono commandos.

they work just like normal Ivans and commandos but they can warp to places...

Now the Boat:

Do all the above and then build both types of naval shipyards (allied and soviet).

Now send spys to an enemies allied shipyard, and a soviet one, then sell your 2 shipyards and you should have chrono deystroyers.

They will come out of your war factory and can go on land and sea (like transports)

ID #783

(this is only for soviet)

If you want more damage tha usual with the terrorists the sstrap a crazy ivan bomb to one of them.

Then QUICKLEY run into the enemy base and BOOM crazy ivan bomb and c4 explsives together what a mess and you could even do this with demolition trucks or strap an crazy ivan bomb to a tank and use the iron curtian.


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