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silver wand

Click on the stereo in the costume catolog keep clicking till you find it
And you can buy it for 100 coins?

Added 8 Aug 2009, ID #14207, by caleb27 and get

a couple of cheats

To go into the boxes just click on them.

To get the secret(oooh)stone igloo go to the floor removal (catolog in igloo)
And click on the upper right corner beside!the x

Added 8 Aug 2009, ID #14206, by caleb27

blurry pictures

To make the pictures blurry go to town then press =

Hope this helps

Added 8 Aug 2009, ID #14205, by caleb27

Secret candy igloo

First you go to your house. Go to the catalog the one with the igloos go to candy igloos click on the 4 candy then.. WASHAM
Thank you this was my first cheat.
I rock111

Added 6 Jun 2009, ID #14016, by I rock 111

How to get infinite coins(this cheat still works)

OK,first go to the night club and go to the mix music game when your almost there click the home icon,then when your home it will ask you if you want to play mix music press yes(you should be in your house when it asks you ).just play how you want and press exit when you're wont exit ,but you will get coins,keep doing it and you can have unlimited money

Added 18 May 2009, ID #13966, by saamirt

get lots of mulla [aka coins]fast

You must first walk up to a game[aqua grabbers the best]and before you play the game click on your igloo icon.Get as many coins as you want and every time you click on the x I get as many coins as you got.Note:you can only get a million coins.

Added 8 May 2009, ID #13937, by homie kizzer

Machine gun like snowballs!

Press and hold t and click where you want to throw the snowball,it will send the snow ball as fast as a machine gun!

Added 20 Feb 2009, ID #13675, by luis912


Press t to get your snowball aiming system!!:D ^_^ lol =o

Added 7 Feb 2009, ID #13648, by eartyfooo

Cloning Your Penguin At The Login Page! :D :D :D

Click start and click log in as a Different Penguin. Type that same penguin's Username a Password in the boxes but put an ' somewhere in the name. Example: Pen'guin not Penguin. Click remember me and sign in on a non chat server. Then log off and go back to the log in page and your penguin will be remembered twice. (THIS CHEAT CAN BE DONE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT BUT ONLY UP TO 6) To do it more than 2 put an ' somewhere else in the name at the Log In As A Different Penguin page. Example: Pengui'n not Pen'guin.

Added 12 Jan 2009, ID #13545, by Ako97

How to talk with The Newspaper

Open up your newspaper and go to the Aunt Arctic page and click submit question. Close it and click TAB then type in what you want to say and press ENTER.

Added 6 Jan 2009, ID #13528, by Ako97

Some Cheats

Map Name Glitch

Go to any where around the island and open the Map. Click on a location that a name pops up but don't let go and drag your mouse up to the X in the corner then let go of the mouse click. Close your map and wala the name you clicked on will still be there

Cloning Items For Your Igloo

Put down the items you want to clone then click Save. Open up the igloo editor again and put away all the items you want to clone but don't shut it. Click your player card and go to awards and click the Spy Phone. Click visit HQ and go back to your igloo. WALA! You have cloned the items you wanted.

A Lot Of Clone Items Glitch

Do the Igloo Item Clone Glitch then put down the items you cloned. Click Save then log off then on and you can put down as many as you want of the cloned items. (NOTE: IF YOU CHANGE YOUR IGLOO DESIGN YOU WILL LOSE YOUR CLONED ITEMS AND WILL HAVE ONLY HOW MANY YOU HAD BEFORE CLONING. BUT YOU CAN JUST CLONE THEM AGAIN)

Nubbing Cheat (Walk under chat bar)

First click next to the chat bar where the edge of the Club Penguin page is. Then click the other side of the chat bar like you did the first time. Keep doing untill you are underneath the chat bar.

Play a game of Find Four in your igloo

First go to the Ski Lodge and waddle up to a Find Four table and click the Home Icon just before you reach the table. It will ask if you want to play Find Four. Click yes and wait untill someone joins.

Added 6 Jan 2009, ID #13527, by Ako97

My club penguin is Cheeky Weeks. Heres some secrets!
Clothing Catalog:
-click on the paint bucket to get a blue cape
-click on the face of the wrist watch to get a Viking helmet
-click on the top hat to get a black cowboy hat
-click on the pizza to make a fish appear on top of it

Furniture Catalog:
-click on the fish's eye to get a sunset painting
-click on the stump to get a fireplace
-click on the clock face to make the pendulum swing
-click on the top speaker to get a big-screen TV

Ice Rink
-click on the bottom left lamp a few times to make a puffle jump up on the bottom of the rink

Secret Places
-the dojo is on the purplish mountain
-the iceberg is the floating ice in the water
-the lighthouse brings you to the beach
-the mining shack is the snow drift to the right of the forts
-the sewer in the plaza brings you to the ice caves
-the upper right speaker in the dance club brings you to the boiler room

Boiler Room
-clicking on the top left cabinet lets you read the past eight newspapers

Emotes(always click at the same time)
-ET shows a music note and makes a noise
-EI shows an igloo
-EP shows a blue puffle
-ES shows a skull
-ED shows a sun(the D stands for day)
-EF shows a flower
-EG shows a game controller
-EH shows a red heart
-EL shows a four-leaf clover(the L stands for lucky)
-EZ shows a slice of pizza(the Z stands for the z's in pizza)
-EC shows a cup of coffee
-EN shows a moon and stars(the N stands for night)
-EM shows a coin(the M stands for money)
-E1 shows a laughing face
-E2 shows a smiley face
-E3 shows a straight face
-E4 shows a frowning face
-E5 shows a surprised face
-E6 shows a face sticking out tongue
-E7 shows a winking face
-E8 shows a green sickly face
-E9 shows a red angry face
-E0 shows a red angry face
-Shift! Shows a large !
-Shift? Shows a large ?

Different Dances
-wear the coffee apron to pour coffee
-wear the chef's hat to make pizza
-wear water wings and/or the inflatable duck to swim
-wear a Hawaiian lei and/or a grass skirt to hula
-wear a hard hat or a mining hat to drill using a jackhammer

Become a Secret Agent
-click the M with the badge in the top right corner of the screen. Then click on the M again and answer the questions. Wait for about ten minutes and the log off and on and see if you have a spy phone. You have to be 30 days or older though.

Spy Quiz Answers
2.being mean or rude them
4.saying their address
5.I want to keep club penguin safe
6.I want to help other penguins

Spy Phone
-the red light is flashing something in Morse code
-click on the red light to make a comb, scissors, and a wrench appear

Type Commands
-type D to dance
-type W to wave(or wear a whistle to whistle)
-type S to sit
-type T to throw a snowball
-type J to tell a joke
-type Y to say yes
-type O to say ok
-type H to say hello
-type B to say good-bye
-type N to say no

Astro Barriear
-on the 11th level wait for about 25 seconds for a blue ship to appear. Shoot it(or click it???) and then the secret levels will be available.
-on level 7, when it tells you about the blue dots, hit it. Youíll gain an extra life.
-on level 11, shoot the orange switch and the other things to get extra points.

Ice Fishing
-before the big red fish comes, grab a yellow fish, but DONíT put it away. Keep it until the big one comes. Then use it for bait. It give you 50 extra coins!!!

-sometimes clicking on the jokes, riddles, or poems at the top with allow you to read bonus ones.

Puffles Special Trick
-make sure they are well fed and rested then play with them
-green puffle: uses propeller cap
-blue puffle: bounces ball on it's head
-black puffle: catches fire(donít panic) and fly around the room
-pink puffle: uses the trampoline

Some others are:
OK here we go!

Clothing catalog:
Click on the headband, get a red t-shirt
Click wear on wild west wear, get a black cowboy hat
Click on the blue bikini to get overalls
Click on the bunny slippers to get a red viking helmet
Click twice on the bunny slippers to get a blue viking helmet

Furniture catalog:
Click on the coat rack, get a big screen TV
That's all I found in that one

Igloo catalog
Click on the light in the gym, get the secret stone igloo!!!!!!!!!

Added 1 Sep 2008, ID #13050, by mugen star

pizzatron 3000

Go to the pizza parlor play pizzatron 3000 before you do anything click on the lever to the bottom right switch it to dessert pizzas now you are making dessert pizzas with double the award {5 coins regularly now 10 coins per pizza}

Please rate milleraus10

Added 17 Jul 2008, ID #12857, by milleraus10

floating pin

1:go to safe chat
2:find a pin
3:press tab untill there is a yellow box around the home symbol
4:press enter and it will be there and every where

Plzz rate B)

Added 8 Jul 2008, ID #12827, by BIG BG THE BALLER

how to become a secret agent

1. Honest

2.being mean or rude them

4.saying adress

5.i want to keep club penguin safe

6.i want to help other penguins

Added 23 Jun 2008, ID #12735, by milleraus10


Awesome cheat but looks weird.
1. Wear anything
2. Take it all off and put on Tour Guide hat
Your penguin should be doing some crazy mixed-up dance.

Enjoy :D

Added 19 Jan 2008, ID #12060, by Izinator

Crying puffle

1.go onto club penguin and log on
2.go low definition (press = with out chat box on)
3.then do the puffle emote (by clicking p+e)

This is my first cheat please rate it

Added 18 Dec 2007, ID #11934, by 88888127
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