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Walk On Water

Go to the map, if you know were the iceburg is click it click on the game press no and click next to it

Added 2 Oct 2013, ID #18085, by Guest and get

Walking on walls

(YOU HAVE TO BE A MEMBER). FIRST GO TO your igloo. Second go to the edge of your igloo. And last but not least change igloooosss!!!!!!
If this does not work get closer to the edge and do it again

Added 15 May 2013, ID #17872, by Guest

How To Have Your Friends In Your Iggy If They're Not Online Or I

Club Penguin: Mascot, Friend Igloo Glitch: (It has to be your friend!) Mascots have to be your friend!
First go to your igloo pull up your friends list click a friend they will appear then just add a new igloo click a new friend(or mascot) and they will appear in your igloo! Just keep on changing and add penguins until you want to stop! If you want to add me my name is Lulu1283

-Lulu1283 (Penguin Name XD)

Added 6 May 2013, ID #17859, by Guest

Unlock Codes Online

HAPPYCNY: Dragon Costume
SUPRISE: Tree Topper Hat
UNPIRATA: Pirate Coat
PRESENTE: Balloons
SOMBRERO: Pirate Hat
CHILLING: Ghost Costume
FANTASMA: Ghost Costume
DSKYRIDE: Blue Tracksuit
DJUBILEE: Royal King's Crown (Hat)

Added 8 Mar 2013, ID #17769, by Fortaan939er

Sad puffles

You can make your puffles sad with this (just for a few seconds).
1. Click on any puffle
2. Pull something out of the top bar
3. If, your puffle doesn't jump up and down excitedly, put it back because it won't work
4. If your puffle does jump up and down excitedly, he/she will be very sad if you put it back

Added 17 Feb 2013, ID #17730, by Guest

Clubpenguin Codes

Here are some codes
1. MMCODE11 = 500 coins
2. MMCODE12 = a gutiar top
3. MMCODE13 = 2500 coins
4. FreeHood = a Purple Hoody
5. PUMPKIN1 = a Pumpkin Hat
6. DRILLOFF = 500 coins
7. D23EXP11 = a green and yellow hoody
8. HPHONES1 = Puffles Headphones
9. UFOANZUG = a alien costume
10.UFOMASKE = a alien mask
11.EPFAGENT = a EPF Head Visor
12.DECNLR10 = 500 coins
13.JUNNLR11 = 500 coins
14.TOGETHER = 500 coins
15.BIGWHITE = 500 coins
16.SHRIMP64 = 500 coins
17.J6YELLOW = 500 coins
18.HADDOCK7 = 500 coins
19.ARCTIC20 = 500 coins
20.EPFRULES = 500 coins
21.REDBEARS = 500 coins
22.3CARAMEL = 500 coins
23.LOVESNOW = 500 coins
24.JAZZJAKE – 500 coins
hope this helps

Added 13 May 2012, ID #17121, by Guest

Puffle Traning

Click your penguin and walk to the Dojo.(You have to be a EPF agent!!) Click on the 3rd pannle and click your penguin.Put up a puffle pin re-click your penguin. You will see all your puffle's. Click your chosen puffle and you can train it!

Green:can destroy high objects.
Red: can blast crates.
Yellow:can play high, glass shattering tunes.
Purple: can blow strong lifting bubbles.
Pink: can lasso moving objects.
Blue: can throw snowballs.

Added 20 Mar 2012, ID #17003, by Guest

How to be rich on club penguin

Is your penguin short of money need some now well ok tipe in club penguin money maker download and click on it at the bottom click on then it will ether say mac download or windows download click on it type in your penguin name then your password for your penguin wait twentey nine mins and there your penguin is rich

Added 20 Jul 2011, ID #16404, by Guest

Catch the Red Mullet

In ice fishing, whenever the big red fish comes, use a smaller fish as bait to catch it.

Added 24 Jun 2011, ID #16327, by AwesomeKnight963

Play Candy Mode in Pizzatron 3000

While in the Pizza Parlor, join Pizzatron 3000. When it loads, before you press start click the lever. After it's pointed to the candy symbol, click start. You'll be playing in candy mode

Added 24 Jun 2011, ID #16326, by AwesomeKnight963

the snowball stamp

to throw lots of snowballs at the same time press t then click keep doing it and your earn the stamp

Added 5 Aug 2010, ID #15246, by william3435

you x2

you need two computers to do this.

1. on one computer, log in. then, on another computer go on the same account.

choose one
2. put them on different servers. you now are in two places at once. ( helps for card jitsu and getting coins)

2. put on same server(on first computer, log in but dont enter a server)and meet yourself.
(second #2 was not tested)

Added 18 Jul 2010, ID #15162, by Guest

pizzatron challenge mode

yes it works on other games.

to get to challenge mode, open the EPF spy phone in the pizza parlor. then go to pizzatron and it will still be there. you cant see the pizza on the menu so it gets harder to make. you have entered challenge mode.

Added 18 Jul 2010, ID #15161, by Guest

pizzatron challenge mode

to do this you must have the EPF spy phone. then go to the pizza parlor and open the spy phone. then play pizzatron.on the menu you cant see the pizza because of the spy phone.

Added 18 Jul 2010, ID #15160, by Guest

hidden items

In page one of the furniture book (in igloo) click the "cusion" to get a portal box. Click the middle segment of the base to get an hd tv. On page two click the cross thing on the skiis.

Added 11 Feb 2010, ID #14659, by darklight679

club penguin

If you click w makesure you click it fast.then click Eh then a picture will cum up

Added 6 Feb 2010, ID #14648, by shakir

stand in path ways

So click the path then quickly click your mail wait for a few sec then x of your mail then youll be standing in a path

Added 16 Jan 2010, ID #14605, by CheatKing556

Catalog cheats

Clothing Catalog:

(1)Click on the black bucket of the coins for change to get the stocking cap

(2)There are two trees on the first one click the bit of snow on the top to get the long johns

(3)On the other tree click on all the musical instrements to get them

(4)On the penguins at work page click the word work to get the black super hero mask

(5)Click on the white puffle to get the dizzy

(6)Click on the dojo in the distance to get the red viking helmet and to get the blue viking helmet just click it three times

(7)Click on the mushroom to get the black cape
Please rate

Added 16 Dec 2009, ID #14490, by micromicboy

stand in the paths

To do this you need to walk to a path then while you are walking clike your mail the wate a while then exit the mail and you should be stand in the path

Added 27 Oct 2009, ID #14396, by cheatsmaster2000

Change other penguins clothes!

Ok, first you have your penguin, get HIM/HER to have atleast 1 item the same as the person you want to change. Then, you click on your card, and then the other penguin's card back and foruth rapidly. After that you should be able to remove the clothes (But only the ones you have the same clothes)

Added 11 Aug 2009, ID #14218, by Pokemonhacker68
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