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Debug Mode and CodesAdded 4 Apr 2006, ID #8284
During game play type in 'DEBUGON', if entered correctly a message in yellow in the top left corner saying 'Debug Mode On' will confirm this. When this mode is switched on you cannot drown, Lava can't hurt you and Dinos won't eat you unless you shoot them. You can also go on trees by jumping (pressing CTRL-Space). To turn Debug mode of type 'DEBUGON' again.

Display Frame Rate:
Ctrl + T

Full Map

Fast Running:

Jump Longer:
Ctrl + N

Space Bar (before you enter water)

Slow Motion:
Ctrl + S

ID #450
Debug Mode

Type 'debugon'while playing to enable debug mode.In this mode dinosaurs will ignore you until you shoot at them.also in debug mode you have unlimited ammo and lava doesnt kill you

in debug mode:

ctrl-super fast running

shift+s-on/off slow mode

shift+t-on/off timer indicating polygons per frame and time used to render this frame(in milliseconds)

tab-reveal map

ctrl+spacebar-super longer jump

ID #444
When you shoot a T-rex and miss and you have Debugon on run up on top of a high mountain where they can't reach you the get your sniper rifle and shoot them.


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