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Cabela's Big Game Hunter Cheats for PC

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Easy killsAdded 14 Apr 2010, ID #14856
The easiest way to get kills is to remain idle until your hunting partner says something similar to 'Did you hear something in the bushes?' If you then wait another five minutes the crosshairs should appear and you will be able to shoot the animal that you are hunting. Another way to make easy kills is to go to your hunting location and use the correct animal call a few of times until you hear a strange sound. Use the animal call again and look around and see if the crosshairs appear. Keep repeating this process until you kill an animal.

Cheat CodesAdded 14 Apr 2010, ID #14855
At the start of gameplay switch to the wilderness tracking view and press Ctrl + 'Enter'. When you now press Ctrl + 'Enter' a second time a message will appear confirming correct code entry. The remaining codes are activated by pressing Ctrl + 'Enter' during gameplay and typing the codes at the indicated screen (without the quotes) followed by 'Enter'.

Additional $1,000 (any screen):
Type 'coupon'

Advance to indicated stand (any screen):
Type 'stand (number)'

Advance to next stand (any screen):
Type 'nextstand'

Display Animal as green map dot (any screen):
Type 'thereitis'

Display Hunter Position on Map (map screen):
Type 'hereiam'

Display Kill Spots (video screen):
Type 'bullseye'

Display Offset Setting (sighting screen):
Type 'offset'

Full Health (any screen):
Type 'tonic'

Remove selected Animal (any screen):
Type 'destroy'

Successful kill (video screen):
Type 'mytrophy'

Teleport to Map Location (map screen):
Type 'getthere'

Teleport to Practice Range (any screen):
Type 'popup'

Toggle Rain Intensity (any screen):
Type 'sprinkle'

Toggle Snow (any screen):
Type 'flurries'

Toggle Time (any screen):
Type 'cuckoo'
Animal CallsAdded 13 Apr 2010, ID #14851
If you use the same animal call 3 times in a row the animal you called will appear somewhere in the hunting area.
UnlockablesAdded 11 Oct 2006, ID #9756
Switch to 'Wilderness Tracking View' and press 'Ctrl' + 'Enter', 'Ctrl' + 'Enter'. If you have input the code correctly a message will appear and you will then be able to input the following codes to unlock the corresponding effect.

Get $1,000:

Display Coordinates:

See Animals on Map:

Remove Animal:

One Hit Kills:

Show Kill Spots:

Unlock Rain Mode:

Unlock Snow Mode:

Refill Health:

Show Offset Setting:

Toggle Time:

Teleport to New Location on Map:

Teleport to the Next Stand:

Teleport to Practice Range:

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