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Good exp and gold farming areas (mostly for 75+ levels) hint for Adventure Quest


Good exp and gold farming areas (mostly for 75+ levels)

1). Go to fairwind spring on the travel map and keep clicking the well and keep on battling. If you see the 3 pixies, don't go on the quest. The monsters there don't have good exp or gold. If you get to battle the 3 legendary warriors, ALWAYS accept the offer. They each give about 4200 exp and around 1000 gold. You can click the water to heal. Good exp, not so good gold.

2). Go to the devourer saga and go to part 3: Mount thrall and click skip cutscene. Then click falcons fall. When you're done with the dialogue, click "what are you building in here?" then click "what is your favorite thing to work on?" accept the quest and keep battling and repeating the quest. They give around 2000-6000 exp, and around 2000 gold (I think). VERY good exp and gold, but it can get boring.

3). Go to the devourer saga and go to the very, VERY last page and do the restoration quest. Skip the cutscene, open the portal and do the high level challenge. The monsters there can be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT if you don't have good armors, shields or weapons. Have a good light weapon since most of them are darkness monsters. You full heal after each battle so there's no need to hold back. The monsters give around 1000-4000 exp and around 1000 gold. VERY good exp.

4). And now my personal favorite, go to darkovia and go to dracopyre legacy. Click on nightbane's fortress and enter the fortress. You can choose to take the guardian/adventurer nightclaw or to take vampire slayer E, or none. Then keep on fighting. At some point it'll ask you if you want to keep on fighting or to retreat. If you retreat, you don't quit the quest. You just skip the fighting. Then you'll end up being able to choose different places to go. If you want to continue training, keep on going to dracon bridge. If you want to finish the quest you go to Felrood Abbey. If you go to Felrood abbey you will fight nightbane. Don't worry, he isn't that difficult since he isn't the real nightbane. When you beat him and get through the dialogue you can buy the nightbane form. I think it's weak but it's your choice. Monsters give 1000-2000 exp and gold.

Hope this helps!

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defeat nightbane for exp. dont use fire armour, only use dracopyre lvl 10 but change shield from fire to dark defence.

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Nightbane in the beginning of the end gives much more exp and gold.

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Here's a great tip!
Recommended Lvl: 80+
Make sure you've got a good Fire-armor, Fire-shield and a powerful Ice-weapon you can use. Healing spell and Nerfkitten are good to use as well.
(I recommend the Reign-set Armor + shield, Harvenger (Ice-weapon you get from Ballyhoo after gaining a reward. 50% chance that it'll appear) and Heal wounds.
That should get you through the fight quite easily.
Location: BattleOn! (Start-page) > AQ's Epic 10th Anniversary Event > Drakonnan > Broilspoil (The Broilinator) lvl 110.
Each fight gets you: 29434 xp and 29434 gold! You can repeat this as many times as you want! If you don't wish to waste your time battling drakonnan when you're done, just challenge any random general and choose "Flee".

Added 24th May 2013, ID #284935

or if you are lvl 105 and have the moglord armor wear it and go to plasma dragons with a powerful ice wepon pet and guest. u can beat arkiloth just get a healing spell from the paladin shop in the in to help. oh and a good fire shield i would recomend kings epick

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farming is the void dragons, go to dragonspine and the void dragons. Gives around2000000 for me lv 102

Added 2nd Oct 2012, ID #191020

Go to zorbaks hideout and do twilly vs zorbak. (lvl 70+ reccomendation) ship until u have to do a save roll if u win say i didnt win and fight drakrath lvl 100 gives INSANELY high gond and exp and is quite easy to beat if u have evenings concealment and emblem.

i went from lvl 70 to lvl 82 in 2 hours

Added 22nd Aug 2012, ID #178887

go to zorbaks hideout and go to zorbaks evil mistake battle until u see zorbak and then the weapons will hurt u and then u battle soul banisher he is level 130 but has extremly low luck and hp is sometimes 24 25 and 26 repeat this ten times and u get 6000 gold!

Added 5th Jun 2012, ID #148960

go on cheatmasters or ign they have good sheat codes and walk throus

Added 2nd Apr 2012, ID #128725

Here's the a way to farm masses of gold (level 95 or more required, no guardianship required)

You need to have a mage stat build, a dynomancer robe and a trusty energy spell. Now, all you need to do is to take the shapeshifter quest: Gogg form. Look for a creature called "Phlox", this creature has a 25% chance of popping up, and can only be harmed by spells. But if you are able to defeat it you will be rewarded with 4500 gold and 8600 exp. Don't be afraid about killing the Gogg in the end, the quest is repeatable.:D

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