Battling Red by mastablasta1023
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How to beat red at Mt. Silver.
Hi. I'm MastaBlasta1023.  Im gonna tell you how to beat Red at Mt. Silver.  First of all, I for got how to get
there, but ican tell you the pokemon you need to beat him.  First his pokemon are Pikachu Lv.88, Charizard Lv.85,
Venusaur Lv.84, Blastoise Lv.84, And Snorlax (it's level is somwhere in the 80's).  So pretty much all of his
pokemon are in the 80's.  Bring a strong Fire, Water, Ground, Grass, and Fighting type pokemon with you in your
party.  You will get 16,000 pokedollars if you win.  Hope I helped.