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Pokemon Elite Four

by pokemonmaster21


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               Table of contents:
               1:recommended pokemon
               6:Champion cynthia

               |Recommended pokemon|
               an electric (Luxray-Pikachu)
               for the flying pokemon
               A flying type (staraptor)
               for ground type pokemon
               A water type(Empoleon-gastrodon)
               for fire types 
               a fighting type (Lucario-machamp-machoke)
               for the phychic
               A fire type (rapidash-Infernape)
               For the bug types and phychic
               a grass type for the water types

              hes a bug maniac heres what he has

             Dustox:this is where staraptor or infernape comes in 
             Beautifly:rock types will kill him in one hit
             Vespiquen:use one hit kills like rock or so all attacks will lose 2 pp once used so use wisly
             Heracross:use a flying type to kill him or he will KO lots of pokemon
             Drapion:use a powerfull pokemon or he will probaly Kill all your pokemon

            Crazy old woman shes all of ground types some rock 

            Quagsire:Kill him quick or he'll use sand storm and keep using defence maneuvers
            Sudowoodo:use a water type and he'll die one hit death
            Golem:just like sudowoodo water type will kill it easy
            whiscash:hard and easy he has a one hit KO attack so kill before your in trouble
            Hippowdon hes good but use a water type and hes doomed but dont be fooled he carries a stirus berry

           water eletric and  fighting should take out this Fire Wire

          Rapidash:hes a fire type but he uses sunny day then solarbeam so it takes one turn
          Steelix:if sun is shining use a fire type
          Drifblim:eletric eletric eletric ELECTRIC!!!!!!!
          Lopunny:Fighting should take it out easily
          Infernape:use a water type if sun is not shining


         Mysterius phychic lover 

         Mr.mime:mr.mime will set his teams defence like Light screen
         Girafarig:use a dark type for he uses dark attacks so hesa good defender
         Medicham:no dark types needed just get a flying or ghost type or Drifblim
         Alakazam:hes anoyying by using recover so use ko attacks quickly
         Bronzong has levitate so leaves only fire type to kill it

         |champion Cynthia|    
         Here she is the daughter of the elder turns out she the Champion who knew?

        Spiritomb:hes tricky hes weak to nothing at all and normal Fighting psychic do not effect at all
        Roserade:unlike any of pokemon she has this is weak to fire ice posion flying bug ghost and dark!
        Gastrodon:hes easy but electric wont work half ground type so leaves grass but sludge bomb is a biggy
        Lucario:Fire Ground fighting so use infernae if you can
        Milotic:You may think Oh easy grass type well no she has ice beam but shes not ground type so use Eletric
        Garchomp:hes weak to ice and dragon dragon is very effective to you to so focus on a ice type

       Thats my guide may not be the best but hey its something