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Follow the dark path or use the light
Mario Hoops 3 on 3 Pack Shot

Mario Hoops 3 on 3



by xftrx

                                                       `       -`     `/
                                                       :s.     -y-     oy.
                                                       `ds-     ys+    `ds:
                                                        +so:    //y`    o+y.
                                                        -h.s    .+o:    -s/+
                                                        `h.o-    o-o     s.y`
                                                         o-/+    +`y`    +.o:
                                                         /:-s    /`+:    :-/s
                                                         -:`d`   :.:s    .:-y
                                                         .:`y.   /..h`   `+-h

                `-/oss+:.++o++sssyssyyyyyoyyssssooooooo/:.-/+//:-` `
        dyhddddhhhhy/.ssso+hooyyyssyyyyyyysyyyyyysyso++o//.-://+  `-++.
        yydddddddddyyosssss+dosyyysyyyyyyyyssyyy` :hsys/o-.--:://   `-+-
        -hhdNNdhhdmmdmhssssohsosyyoyyyyyyyyyssyo   o:`/yo``..---/:     ..
         -ddydy+shhhhNhyssssysooossyyyyyyyyyysy+   // `h. ``..--://`
       `/+yyhy++yys/sysyssssyy+osssosydyo+++os:   .s` `h` ``...--:/+/:-:://
      /do++:/o::Nms`+/sshsssys/yo::/y+`          -:   :h``...----:/++++ooo+
     +NNo++/--/:dh//----ohssysdyo-  ``          `   `+yy...-----:+:``./ooo:
     .mmmys++sso++oys-shddyyso+ooyo               .-//s:..-::::///     :oo-
      -ymmmmmmmmmmNm+/mhssssssssssd-      -yh-    `:o+-.-://///++-     -os.
       oNsohddhhho::ydhyssssssssssd+  `.```.-`.../hh::::://+++++o-     /+o.
       yymh++/:/+-/ddddhsssssssssym:  +/:/ydh+++o+:::://///////++-    `o+o/::/+
     `+hddddy+:/oymddhssso/ooo+/yo/`-++::++::/++/::::////:::::/+o-    ///+++/+o
  `/+dhhyhhhhmmhdmddysso+os:     .::. ./+-     .o/////+++:::::/+o-   -+/::///+`
  o/odysssssdhyhddhsso+os:             `++.     /++o/:-.-:+/:://+.     `o/:/+`
  yhddssssyhsyhdsyso+so.                /++:    /++:-+.   -+////o`      :///`
  ydhyhhyhd++:ddsss+/h                  +/+/    `//:::-   -++///+       +/-
  myhhhhyymsosddsss+y+`       ./`      :o/-       ````  `:++++++:      :-`
 `Nhddddhyhdddhyhhhy+od`     /oo/`     ``     `-..`..-:+++++/++o
  omdddddhhhyyyyyyhyyod/ `--/sooooo:`       `-oooo++oo++++++++o.
  .mdmmdddddddddddhhyyhy/yyhhhsssso+++oo++++oooooooooo++++++o+    :-
  sdddddmddddhdddddhyysyyyyyydyssyyyo++++//+++++++ooooo++++o+`  .+o
  ddddddhhdooydhddddhhyyyyyhyhdyysssdo+++++++++++oooooooooo+`  .oo+
  hmddhhhh+  `+hdhdddhyyyyhdhmhhhyyyy+/+++++oooooo/...-:/+/`   +so+
  .ydhhys-     .+hddhhyyhhhshhhhhhyyd. `/oooooooo-             .://`
    .-.`        .+yhhhhhhs:.`/yyhhhy:    .ooooo+`
               `+oo+++//+.     `..```     .soo/`
                   `.-/::.      .::://     /s:
                   ``.:/:/:::- `-.:+o/     .-
              ``-:/++/::::-..      s/
            -/+/:-.``             `:

            __  __            _         _    _
           |  \/  |          (_)       | |  | |
           | \  / | __ _ _ __ _  ___   | |__| | ___   ___  _ __  ___
           | |\/| |/ _` | '__| |/ _ \  |  __  |/ _ \ / _ \| '_ \/ __|
           | |  | | (_| | |  | | (_) | | |  | | (_) | (_) | |_) \__ \
           |_|  |_|\__,_|_|  |_|\___/  |_|  |_|\___/ \___/| .__/|___/
                                                          | |

                 .d8888b.                             .d8888b.
                d88P  Y88b                           d88P  Y88b
                     .d88P                                .d88P
                    8888"       .d88b.  88888b.          8888"
                     "Y8b.     d88""88b 888 "88b          "Y8b.
                888    888     888  888 888  888     888    888
                Y88b  d88P     Y88..88P 888  888     Y88b  d88P
                 "Y8888P"       "Y88P"  888  888      "Y8888P"

                  Written and compiled by xfollowthereaperx

        Newest versions of my guides are always found at GameFAQs.com

*                                                                            *
*                               C O N T E N T S                              *
*                                                                            *

	|                                                            |
	|  1. Introduction..................................[01.00]  |
	|  2. Verisons......................................[02.00]  |
	|  3. Game modes....................................[03.00]  |
	|      - Rules of Mario Hoops.......................[03.01]  |
	|      - Tourney....................................[03.02]  |
	|      - Challenges: Practice.......................[03.03]  |
	|      - Challenges: Dribble Race...................[03.04]  |
	|      - Coin Hunters...............................[03.05]  |
	|  4. Characters....................................[04.00]  |
	|  5. Courts........................................[05.00]  |
	|  6. Unlockables...................................[06.00]  |
	|  7. Items.........................................[07.00]  |
	|  8. F.A.Q.........................................[08.00]  |
	|  9. Credits.......................................[09.00]  |
	|  10. Contact Info.................................[10.00]  |
	|  11. Copyright....................................[11.00]  |
	|  12. Closing......................................[12.00]  |
	|                                                            |

*                                                                            *
*                           I N T R O D U C T I O N                          *
*                                                                            *

Wecome to my FAQ, This is my third FAQ. You probably have seen my Animal
 Crossing: Wild world FAQ and you probably haven't seen my Game & Watch
 Gallery 2 FAQ but that doesn't matter. All that matters is that your here.

In the beginning, it was meant to be an original intellectual property, but
 Square Enix felt that it would work well if it were a part of the Mario
 franchise, and contacted Nintendo asking permission to use the franchise,
 who then allowed them to use the Mario label. [citation needed] This game
 also is the first in which Mario and Final Fantasy characters appear
 together as playable characters, and the second Mario game developed by
 Square, the first one being Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

If you find the game confusing at first, I suggest you finish all of the
 practice games. After that, the game should be a lot easier for you.

                    |          Points of Interest          |
                    |                                      |
                    | Table of Contents............[00,00] |
                    | Verison History..............[02,00] |
                    | Challenges: Practice.........[03,03] |
                    | Contact Info.................[10,00] |

*                                                                            *
*                        V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y                       *
*                                                                            *

1.8 New E-mail address and fixed errors.

1.7 Finally updated! Coin Hunters and corrected some information. 

1.6 Gira Gira desert is now named correctly. Woops.

1.5 Huge update, sorted out all the information a little better, added more
 individual sections (Courts, Characters, Rules of Mario Hoops). Added how to
 delete saved data as well (In the FAQ section).

1.4 Fixed mistakes, organized a little bit better. Corrected lots of
 information. "Glare Desert" now has the correct information.

1.3 Added Challeges

1.2 Took out extra clutter from the guide. Added much more information, Public

1.0 Just started, prepared the guide even before the game came out just so I
 can get ahead of everyone else. Made the ASCII drawings and the table of
 contents. Not much is done, just wanted to get some of the guide out there
 so people can start sending me some information.

*                                                                            *
*                               C O N T R O L S                              *
*                                                                            *

 A: Not used
 B: Not used
 X: Not used
 Y: Not used
 L: Pass
 R: Not used
 Directional Pad: Move your current character

For more Touch Screen controls, visit the point of interest at the end of this

                    |             Non-touchscreen          |

While Mario Hoops 3-on-3 is mainly controlled on the Touch Screen during
matches, if you turn on Help Button in the Options or pause menu screens, you
can also control the game with the buttons.

Offensive Controls (When you have the ball)
 A: Pass right
 B: Dribble
 X: Shoot
 Y: Pass left
 B + X: Charge shot (hold down X + B)
 X + Run: Dunk shoot
 Directional Pad: Move your current player

Deffensive Controls (When you don't have the ball)
 A: Sidestep right
 B: Steal/Throw/Block
 X: Jump
 Y: Sidestep left
 Hold down B: Jump-steal
 X, X: Steal-up
 Directional Pad: Move your current player

The above controls are for right handed players (select Right from Hand
selection under Options). If you set the game to left-handed controls, A B X Y
controls cahnge to: right down, up, left and L control switches to R. 

                    |          Points of Interest          |
                    |                                      |
                    | Challenges: Practice.........[03,03] |

*                                                                            *
*                             G A M E   M O D E S                            *
*                                                                            *

                    |          Points of Interest          |
                    |                                      |
		    | Rules of Mario Hoops.........[03,01] |
		    | Tourney......................[03,02] |
                    | Challenges: Practice.........[03,03] |
		    | Challenges: Dribble Race.....[03,04] |
		    | Coin Hunters.................[03,05] |

*                                                                            *
*                   R U L E S   O F   M A R I O   H O O P S                  *
*                                                                            *

Each game is five minutes long, 2:30 minutes per half

Scoring - Based off of 140 points maximum per shot, scoring is split into
two parts, shots and coins. You can only make 40 points from shots alone, 
and you can only make 100 points from coins alone.

 |Shots (40 points maximum)						    |
 | Shots & Slam dunks		20					    |
 | Ranged Shots			30					    |
 | Super5 shots (Specials)	40					    |
 |									    |
 |Coins (100 points maximum)						    |
 | Yellow coin			 1 each					    |
 | Red coin			10 each					    |

*                                                                            *
*                               T O U R N E Y                                *
*                                                                            *

Tourney is the main part of this game, the way you unlock any extras.

                               __|__       __|__
                             _|_   _|_   _|_   _|_
                            |   | |   | |   | |   |
                            *   * *   * *   * *   *

                    |                Stages                |

Be sure to check out the Courts section,

Mushroom Tourney
 Mario Stadium
 Koopa Beach
 Peach Field

Flower Tourney
 DK Cruiser
 Luigi Mansion
 Daisy Garden		Shoot only when plants are alseep

Star Tourney
 Wario Factory
 Jr. Street
 Bowser Castle

Rainbow Tourney
 Sherbet Land		Slide
 Bloocheep Sea		Slowed down
 Pirate Ship
 Rainbow Ship

 Bronze		Win each game (Any score less then 100 points)
 Silver		Win each game (Any score 100 points through 199 points)
 Gold		Win each game (Any score with more then 200 points)

                    |          Points of Interest          |
                    |                                      |
                    | Challenges: Practice.........[03,03] |

*                                                                            *
*                   C H A L L E N G E S :   P R A C T I C E                  *
*                                                                            *

 01 Dribble		Tap the touch screen wherever you like. Dribble over
			 the "?" panel to quickly collect coins!
 02 Gaurd the ball	Press and hold the touch screen to pick up the ball
			 and charge it! The longer you charge it, the easier
			 it will be to make the shot!
 03 Shoot the ball	If an oppenent's steal atempt touches the ball, you
			 lose it! Control where you dribble to protect the
 04 Do a charge shot	Press and hold the touch screen to pick up the ball
			 and charge it! The longer you charge it, the easier
			 it will be to make the shot!
 05 Pass		Stroke sideways to pass the ball to the teammate in
			 the direct you stroked.
 06 Run and dribble	Use the control pad to move! Quikly dribble in the
			 direction you run to pick up speed! Chase the "?"
			 panel with quick dribbles to collect coins!
 07 Quick-dash		Use quick dash to make a sudden turn! To make a sudden
			 turn, to  make a quick dash, dribble the ball in the
			 directon you want to move.
 08 Dunk the ball	Shoot the ball while running towards the basket to
			 dunk. The green zone is the area from where you can
			 make dunks.

Offense 2
 09 Do a fake		Slide while getting ready to shoot a charge shot to
			 do fakes at will. Use fakes to charge down the court
			 while fending off steals, then make a charge shot!
 10 Rebound-dunk	Catch the ball as it bounces off the basket rim to
			 dunk it! Stroke up while runnning toward the basket
			 to make a rebound dunk. 
 11 Charge dunk		Stoke up repeatedly while running toward the hoop
			 to perform a charge dunk. Rub the touch screen
			 while in midair to get more coins. Stroke down to
			 do a quick dunk.
 12 Do a trick		Stroke in the direction of your choice after you
			 stroke down to perform a trick move. Use a trick
			 move to fend off the defense!
 13 Direct-pass		Pass the ball while holding down "L" to pass it in
			 the direction you stroke. Use a direct pass to
			 pass the ball up and down.

 01 Steak the ball	You play defense whenever you lose the ball. Protect
			 the basket and get the ball back! Stroke down to
			 steal the ball.
 02 Jump		Stroke up to jump! Jump up and block shots!
 03 Jump-steal		Use a jump steal to fend off dunks and rebound
			 balls! Stroke up repeatedly to perform a jump
			 steal. Protect the basket!
 04 Items		Stroke the stylus towards the direction of your
			 choice and throw the item you picked up! Get an
			 item from the "?" panel! Stroke towards the
			 opponent and hit him with the shell!
 05 Swap Characters	Briefly press "L" to switch to a teammate close to
			 the ball. Stroke sideways while holding down "L"
			 to switch to a teammate in the stroke's direction.

Defense 2
 06 Block'em		Move while holding the stylus down to block! Move
			 the control pad while blocking! Deny opponent's
			 dribbles and shots with blocks!
 07 Charge-steal	If you keep blocking, the block color turns red
			 and you can do a charge steal. While the block
			 color turns red, stroke down to do a charge steal!
 08 Drop-steal		Stroke down while jumping to make your doe drop
			 the ball!
 09 Sidestep		Stroke sideways to side step. Use side steps to
			 sneak around to the opponent's side and steal
			 the ball!
 10 Rebound		Jump and catch the ball as it bounces around the
			 basket! Match the timing of your jump to the
			 bouncing ball.

*                                                                            *
*               C H A L L E N G E S :   D R I B B L E   R A C E              *
*                                                                            *

Dribble race is a simple mini-game that will help you unlock a few extras,
collect 100 coins and pass the finish line before the time runs out! If you
dribble in the direction you travel, you will run faster.

Times to beat
 Peach's Castle		0:45:00
 Sunshine Road		0:55:00
 Rainbow Road		1:00:00

*                                                                            *
*                           C O I N   H U N T E R S                          *
*                                                                            *

Coin Hunters is a multiplayer game played with up to 4 players. First all the
players select a character, and then the host chooses a course. All four 
players start off with 50 coins and there is 3 minutes and 20 seconds in the 
game. The object of the game is to use items from item boxes to attack other 
players for their coins. If a player losses all of their coins they will lose, 
but they’re not out of the game. Players who have lost all their coins will 
be able to take revenge on other players by walking around normally and using 
items like usual. The last person standing or the player with the most coins 
wins. (If the host wins 5 times in a row they will unlock new courses to play)

Courses for Coin Hunters:

Classic 1-1 – A simple course with no obstacles

Classic 8-6 – A course with spinning flame lines and a possibility of Thwomp 
appearing when you walk over an item box

Classic 2-2 – An underwater course with Bloopers floating everywhere 

Mysterious Forest –A forest course with tall grass and other places to hide 

*                                                                            *
*                             C H A R A C T E R S                            *
*                                                                            *

Let's meet the players! Maybe you'll unlock other players if you keep winning
tourney games... 

Character types
 All-around		Well-balanced
 Speedy			Quick on the courts
 Technical		Good at shooting
 Powerful		Great at stealing
 Tricky			Full of trick moves

Special shots
Each character has his or her own command. When you enter the same command
twice (and if it's successfull), you will shoot a special shot. Select
challanges then Special Shot and check the commands and their effects. Below
in the list of players, to the left of Baller Name, there is a letter, thats
the command you'll need to draw to activate each players Special Shot. The "T"
is the upsidedown Triangle.

Here are all the characters avaliable, if you would like to see a picture of
them, you can visit the underneath URL.


Player name    Player type     Special move	     S Baller Name
 Mario 		All-around 	Fire Shot 	      M	The Jumpman
 Luigi 		All-around 	Green Fire Shot       L	Mushroom Dynamite
 Peach 		Technical 	Heart Shot 	      T	3-Point Royalty
 Daisy 		Technical 	Flower Shot 	      T	Cash Money Coin
 Yoshi 		All-around 	Flutter Dunk 	      M	Piranha Playa Hater
 Wario 		Powerful 	Move-It Dunk 	      W	Sir Stomp
 Waluigi 	Technical 	Twist Dunk 	      W	The Question
 Donkey Kong 	Powerful 	Konga Dunk 	      M	Dunky Monkey
 Diddy Kong 	Speedy 		Jet Shot 	      M	Diddy? No he didn't!
 Bowser Jr. 	Speedy 		Grafiti Shot 	      B	Masked Man
 Bowser 	Powerful 	Bomber Dunk 	      B	The Big Shell
 Birdo 		All-around 	Broken Egg Shot 	Diamond Dino
 Dixie Kong	Speedy		Cannon Shot           T
 Paratroopa 	Tricky		Wing Shot	      N
 Fly Guy	Tricky		Thunder Shot	      S
 Boo		Tricky		Thriller Dunk	      B
 Ninja 		All-around 	Leaf Veil 	      N Mr. Invincible
 White Mage 	Technical 	Holy Shot 	      * The Light
 Black Mage 	Tricky 		Meteor Shot 	      * Abracadabra Kid
 Moogle 	Tricky 		Moogle Dance 	      M Game & Watch Me
 Cactuar 	Speedy 		1000 Needles Shot     S Stick & Sting

*                                                                            *
*                                 C O U R T S                                *
*                                                                            *

Mario Stadium
 A very basic court, no obsticles to get in your way.

Koopa Beach
 A beach court, with a ship in the backgound that will fire cannonballs across
 the court on occasion.

Peach Field
 Lakitu holds up the basket for this court. Cheep Cheeps also bounce around
 atop the grassy court.

Sunset Beach
 The same as Koopa Beach, only the sun is setting.

DK Cruiser
 A raft flowing down a river in the jungle. Bananas will be thrown across the
 court, and sometime barrels will roll around.

Luigi Mansion
 A court with ghosts flying around. If a ghost catches the ball, you will have
 to steal it back from them.

Daisy Garden
 This court is set in a beautiful garden, with flowers everywhere. In this
 stage, Petey Piranha is the basket. If you try to dunk while he is awake, he
 will bite you, preventing you from scoring. You can only dunk when Petey
 Piranha is asleep (every 40 seconds). 

Malboro Garden
 This court is a Final Fantasy court with Malboros near the baskets. If you
 get too close they'll attack you. It has no effect on posionous mushrooms.

Wario Factory
 Inside a gold factory setting is this court. The court moves up and down, 
 stopping occasionally to allow Bob-ombs to walk around the court, which can be
 picked up and thrown at your opponents.

Jr. Street
 This courts in a large city, it has a slot machine behind the baskets. If
 you make a basket after collecting atleast one slot coin. The slot machine
 will add coins to your score. You can get 800 points or loose 1,000 if you
 line up three Bowser Jrs.

Bowser's Castle
 This court is inside of Bowser's Castle. Thowps, fireballs, and bombs from 
 Final Fantasy all lurk on this court, watch out for all of them.

Glare Desert
 A desert court with a tornado moving around the court. Coming in contact with
 it will toss you in the air and make you drop coins.

Sherbet Land
 A slippery, icy court, making it hard to get your ball down the court, also
 Mr. Freezies lurk this court, if you strike an opponent with them, they'll be
 turned into an icicle. Be sure to use them to your advantage!

Bloocheep Sea
 Set underneath the ocean, this court is very basic. There are 8-bit bloopers
 swimming around, which will deflect the ball if they are hit by it. Everything
 also moves quite slowly in this court.

Pirate Ship
 A court on a pirate ship, with very stormy seas and heavy rain. Cannonballs
 roll around the court and explode, so watch out!

Rainbow Ship
 An ornate airship floating amongst the clouds, no obsticles to get in your way.

*                                                                            *
*                            U N L O C K A B L E S                           *
*                                                                            *

  Unlockable basket balls						 
   All Silver Ball	Complete Dribbling Challenges			 
   Blue and Silver Ball	Complete Training Mode				 
   Cheep-Cheep Ball	Get Gold in Hard Mushroom Cup			 
   Dice Ball		Get Gold in Hard Flower Cup			 
   Gold Ball		Collect 5000 points in profile			 
   Goomba Ball		Get Gold in Hard Star Cup			 
   Soccer Ball		Get Silver In Hard Mushroom Cup			 
   Star Ball		Get Gold in Star Cup				 
   Watermelon		Get Gold in Flower Cup				 
   Yoshi Egg		Get Gold in Mushroom cup			 
  Unlock extra costumes*						 
   Daisy		Flower Cup (silver prize)			 
   Yoshi		Finish Hard Flower Cup (silver prize)		 
   Flyguy		Hard Star Cup (silver prize)			 
   Peach		Mushroom Cup (silver prize)			 
   Black Mage		Hard Rainbow Cup (bronze prize)			 
   Ninja		Hard Rainbow Cup (silver prize)			 
   White Mage		Hard Rainbow Cup (gold prize)			 
  Unlockable Characters							 
   Birdo		Hard Mushroom Cup (bronze prize)		 
   Black Mage		Rainbow Cup (Gold prize)			 
   Boo			Hard Flower Cup (bronze prize)			 
   Bowser		Complete the Star Cup.				 
   Dixie Kong		Flower Cup (bronze prize)			 
   Flyguy		Hard Star Cup (bronze prize)			 
   Moogle		Star Cup (Silver prize)				 
   Ninja		Beat Rainbow Cup				 
   Paratroopa		Mushroom Cup (bronze prize)			 
   White Mage		Rainbow Cup (Silver prize)			 
   Cactuar		In exhibition mode, you need to go to "Glare
			 Desert" (Which you first have to unlock). Here,
			 Cactuar will be in the same, you have to stand
			 above him and when he jumps out of the sand,
			 you need to run away. After the game, if you
			 win, You will unlock him.		 

  Unlockable stages							 
   Mario Arena		Always						 
   Koopa Beach		Beat the second challenge of Mushroom Cup	 
   Princess Peach's  	Beat the third challange of Mushroom Cup	
   DK Cruiser 		Beat the first challenge of Flower Cup		 
   Luigi Mansion 	Beat the second challenge of Flower Cup		 
   Daisy Garden 	Beat the third challenge of Flower Cup		 
   Wario Factory 	Beat the first challenge of Star Cup		 
   Jr. Street 		Beat the second challenge of Star Cup		 
   Bowser Castle 	Beat the third challenge of Star Cup		 
   Sherbet Land 	Beat the first challenge of Rainbow Cup		 
   Bloocheep Sea 	Beat the second challenge of Rainbow Cup	 
   Pirate Ship 		Beat the third challenge of Rainbow Cup		 
   Rainbow Ship 	Beat the extra challenge of Rainbow Cup 	 
   Sunset Beach 	Play an exhibition match on Cheep Cheep Beach	 
  			 between the hours of 4 and 6 P.M.		 
   Glare Desert 	Collect over 800 points (in atleast one game) in the
			 Star Cup. The easiest way to do that is get 100 coins
			 and on jr. street and 4 roulette coins (so you have
			 a better chance at getting abonus) and hope you get
			 three Mario heads to triple your points so the you
			 have 360 points. Do that twice and make a couple
			 baskets and there's 800 points.
   Malboro Garden	Dunk 3 times in Daisy Garden then run over the   
   			 panel that appears to get a blue seed		 
  Unlockable cups	 						 
   Flower Cup		Complete the Mushroom Cup			 
   Rainbow Cup		Complete the Star Cup				 
   Star Cup		Complete the Flower Cup				 
  Other Unlockables							 
   Hard Mode		Complete the Rainbow Cup in the Normal		 
   Pro Difficulty	Complete the Rainbow Cup in Hard Tournament to	 
			 unlock Pro Difficulty under exhibition mode. It's
			 the number "6", under the COM level. 
   Third Dribble Race	Beat the two existing records in dribble race:	 
  			 Peach Castle (45sec) & Sunshine Road (55sec),	 
  			 to unlock the 3rd dribble race: Rainbow Road	 

*To use these, hold a direction of the control pad while you drag the player
 into the basketball ring.

*                                                                            *
*                                  I T E M S                                 *
*                                                                            *

Let's check out the items that you use during the matches. There are items
that commonly appear on any court and there are some that only show up on
certian courts. Change your game strategy depending on what court you play on.
When you throw an offensive item at other characters, they fall down and drop
the ball, coins, or the item they have.

 Single Coin 		Score goes up by a point when a shot is made	
 10 Coins 		Score goes up by 10 points when a shot is made
 Mushroom 		Boosts your speed for a while			
 Poison Mushroom 	Slows you down for a while			
 Star 			Makes you in invincible for a while and boosts	
 Lightning 		Causes everyone else to fall		
 Fake "?" Panel 	Flies in the direction you stroke to trip	
 			 anyone who steps on it				
 Banana 		Flies in the direction you stroke to trip
 			 anyone who steps on it				
 Bomb 			Flies in the direction you stroke and trips	
 			 everyone around it when it blows up		
 Green Shell 		Flies straight in the direction you stroke,	
 			 tripping anyone who touches it			
 Red shell 		Automatically goes after the ball when you	
 			 stroke to throw it				
 Spiny Shell 		A more powerful version of the Red Shell. It	
 			 even chases the ball in the air		
 Slot Coin (Jr. Street) If you make a shot after getting a slot coin,	
   			 the slot will start spinning. You get bonus	
 			 points or lose points depending on how the	
 			 pictures line up				
 Mimic (Bloocheep Sea)	Stroke to activate it. It goes after the ball or
   	 		 might even cough up coins			
 Freezy (Sherbert Land)	Throw in the direction of an opposing player and
			 freeze him or her for a while

*                                                                            *
*                                F . A . Q . S                               *
*                                                                            *

Q. Is this game Wi-fi?
A. No. But you can link it up to another Nintendo DS to play a friend.

Q. How do I erase/delete my game save?
A. When you turn on your game, hold down 'A + B + X + Y + L + R' at the same
 time. You can not retreive your saved data once you delete it.

Q. How many game saves does this game have?
A. Only one, no more.

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 1. Text-Image.com		The program that helped me make the graphic at
				 the very top of this FAQ.
 2. http://www.network-		The ASCII Letters (Only the Letters).
 3. Gamefaqs.com		Unlockables section.
 4. Wikipedia			Some of the Introduction
 5. BS				Informed me of mistakes
 6. FellWolve			Cannon Shot
 7. The Instruction Booklet	It has a lot of information, used a lot.
 8. Joshua 			Coin Hunters Information
 9. Matthew Savelli		Fixed medal information. 

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