Desert Maze Solutions by Darren Beswick
Dragon Ball: Origins on
Dragonball Origins

Desert Maze Solutions

Yamcha the Desert Bandit

Desert Solution Part 1

Up Left Left Up Up

Desert Solution Part 2

Left Left Up Right Up Left Up

Lost Again

Desert Oasis Area 1

Up Left Down Left Up Left

This takes you to a little oasis with a 
Treasure chest and quite a few tough enemies
So be cautious.

Desert Oasis Area 2

Up Right Right Up Right

This takes you to another little area with some 
Tough enemies.

Desert Exit Maze Solution

Up Left Down Left Left Up Right Up

After all of your hard work you finally make
It through the desert Maze now you can relax
Until later,

If you Cant be bothered to go to these little area locations
Just do the directions as followed…

Straight to the Exit Solution

Up left down left up up right right up
Up left down left left up right up

Do this in the order as above then you will wiz straight through the
Level hopefully earning you the S rank/grade, good luck and have fun.

If you have any questions on this game you can email me at
I hope to be hearing from you so have fun gamers.

Please ask permission if you want to use this on any other site please.
Darren Beswick