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Transformers: Autobots

Transformers: Autobots Cheats for Nintendo DS

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Unlock ALL VehiclesAdded 21 Oct 2014, ID #18162
If you press Up, Down, Right, Right at the 'Cheats' menu ALL the vehicles in the game will become available.

How to get the swat vanAdded 8 Apr 2012, ID #16803
Go to tranquilty and go to the base ball field then from there go to the police dept and scan it
UnlockablesAdded 24 Jan 2011, ID #15158
The following features become available when you complete the indicated task.

Unlock Armageddon Mode:
Complete the game. In this mode everything that is destroyed explodes.

Unlock Funky Bus:
Connect to the Allspark Wars server.

Unlock Transport:
Get 1,500 WiFi tokens.

Unlock Maintenance:
Complete the game.

Unlock Super Jump:
Get 2,000 WiFi tokens.

Unlock Skydive:
Get 2,500 WiFi tokens. Alternately, use the Nintendo DS Download Station at a Target store.

Unlock Top-Down View:
Get 3,000 WiFi tokens.

Play as any Autobot in Overworld:
Complete the game. When you then choose an Overworld at the 'Title' screen a 'Character Selection' screen will appear.
Become level 20Added 11 Jul 2009, ID #11956
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Unlock Autobots in Free Play ModeAdded 7 Apr 2009, ID #10839
Complete the story and Optimus Prime, Jazz, Wratchet, Bumblebee and Ironhide become playable options in Free play mode.
UnlockablesAdded 10 Jul 2007, ID #3774
Unlock Infinite Energy:
Get 100% Completion

Unlock Armageddon:
Successfully beat Story mode once to unlock this feature once which enables anything to explode.

Unlock Health Regeneration:
When your custom Transformer has reached Level 20 Health Regeneration will become unlocked and your health will slowly replenish as you play.
UnlockablesAdded 3 Jul 2007, ID #3635
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding effect.

Unlock Longhorn:
Receive 250 WiFi Tokens.

Unlock Psycho Cars:
Receive 500 WiFi Tokens.

Unlock Stunt:
Receive 750 WiFi Tokens.

Unlock Gunner:
Receive 750 WiFi Tokens.

Unlock Infinite Energy:
Receive 1000 WiFi Tokens.

Unlock Armageddon Mode:
Beat the game.
UnlockablesAdded 26 Jun 2007, ID #3444
Unlock 'Target Exclusive' Character:
To get the character Skydive go to any Target with a DS Download Station and download the Transformers DS trailer.

Free Wanted Level and Full Health:
In Free play press 'Start' and go to 'Vehicle Form' and select 'confirm'. When you now exit you will have full health and your wanted level will be zero again.

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