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Super Princess Peach Cheats for Nintendo DS

Super Princess Peach Pack Shot

Super Princess Peach

Super Princess Peach Cheats for Nintendo DS

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Easy HealthAdded 24 Jan 2011, ID #15137
At the shop buy the 'Natural Power' item and then when you need to refill the yellow bar below your heart look for a safe place to stand still that has no enemies nearby that can harm you. If you then allow Peach then to remain idle by not using the touch screen or controls the umbrella will cover Peach's head and the bar will refill.

Defeating Dry BonesAdded 24 Jan 2011, ID #15136
These skeletal versions of Koopa Troopas will keep re-building themselves no matter how many times you jump off their head. To get rid of them permanently you have to throw something at it or stand next to it and use Joy or Rage.
Ask.com and get
Ask.com and get
Unlock Unlimited Vibe PowerAdded 15 Oct 2007, ID #5159
When you have managed to collect everything in the game the Unlimited Vibe Power option will become available at Toad's shop.
Hammer Bros, Bowser's VillaAdded 11 Oct 2007, ID #5127
When you are attacking the hammer bros, use fire. It kills them a lot faster and you take hardly any damage. Absorb some if you don't have enough gauge. For the general, wait till he's above or next to you before using fire.
Endless FeverAdded 28 Sep 2007, ID #4996
This item enables your Emotion gauge to always remain full so it's worth trying to get. To make this item available at the shop at no cost you have to first complete these tasks.

1) Complete ALL the the levels twice

2) Complete ALL the mini-games once

3) Clear the Music History and Puzzles
Hidden toadsAdded 24 Nov 2006, ID #1615
On hoo's wood there are two pipes that are in the ground to access them go down the pipe at the end of the level and cry on a blue water wheel with a face on it.it will then say a loud noise came from somewhere then go back through the other pipe and get those toads.
UnlockablesAdded 24 Jul 2006, ID #1080
Unlock Level 8-6:
Collect ALL the Toads available in each area.

Unlock Toad Mini Game:
At the 'Press Start' screen hold R and press 'Start'.
Easy moneyAdded 1 Apr 2006, ID #680
First beat big boo.
Then go back and do the mini gane.
Now get as much coins as you can then leave and do it again until you have the amount you need.
Unlock Dash Attack KassaAdded 1 Mar 2006, ID #588
To be able to do this move you first have to beat the game once. This move will allow you to attack while Peach is Dashing. To do the move press 'B' or 'Y' when you are moving.

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