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Luigi's rabbit

Go into boos garden and when you're still at the door run to the fountain then triple jump in the direction of the door you just came out of if you are luigi there will be a small room with a rabbit in it!

Added 21 Apr 2008, ID #7330, by Supertroop161 and get

mini-monkey-me and flying monkey and dino

First mini-monkey-me.(does not work 4 yoshi) Have the moon jump action replay cheat, go 2 tall tall mountain where the monkey is, press A on him, he'll take you're hat, then catch him, press B when he says "'" then wait 30 seconds, then press A on the next line, and then the monkey and the person you chose, will have the same cap.

Next flying with monkey and dino. Have moon jump cheat, get yoshi, go 2 tall tall mountain, press A in front of the monkey and yoshi will have himin his mouth, as soon as you do that, press B and moon jump and glide around with the monkey

(P.S. It is funny when the monkey falls into water, or off the edge of the cliff

Added 18 Apr 2008, ID #7285, by Articuno is cool21

how to get on castle with out 150 stars

Ok this will tell you how to get on top of castle with mario wario lugi and yoshie
Mario-you need to go on the right side of the castle and there is a corner you need to wall jump back and fourth(this takes pratice.)
Wario- you need to go to right side of castle and jump three times on the hill quickly repeat R1 and A and it will get you on castle(takes tons of pratice hardest one.)
Yoshie- go to left side of castle and get close to the waterfall (you have to be out side of the fence)charge your run and it will let you go across the waterfall youll be on a small place next to the castle then you can trie and climb up or do your jump in air backward up to the castle.
Lugi- go to the left side and go outside of the fence and do a backflip towrl to the small place next to the castle then do the same as yoshie (lugi is a lot easier then yoshie). Well I hope this helps -recktor dawg

Added 4 Apr 2008, ID #7143, by recktor dawg

white room

Before you go to wario's picture, you will see a door.Go to the door in the mirror.You will go into a white room and there will be a star.

Added 1 Apr 2008, ID #7114, by J-Master X

easy psyche out (card guessing mini-game)

Most of the time (sometimes you wont) you can see through the card! It's a good way to complete that game.

P.s. : I got 90 stars on the card game thanks to this cheat I posted

P.s.s. :i got 500 stars on the lost in a crowd

Added 16 Feb 2008, ID #6534, by sp0909

Spiderman Trick

In some stages there are hills. If you go there, you can press R to crouch then
You can climb up or down the hill; without falling! There's also something amazing with this trick. You know in Cool Cool Mountain the huge blue hill?
With this trick, YOU CAN CLIMB IT UP!!! Incredible, huh?

Added 29 Dec 2007, ID #5892, by Mario Bros Revived

walk up a hill

You don't need a action replay to walk up a hill with out falling I used yoshi I don't no if it works with everyone go to the bomb world to where you first walk in the bars to fight king bomb you should see a hill go right next to the orange wll not the green one and just walk up it (use this to beat koopa in the race

Added 29 Dec 2007, ID #5889, by brencheat1

No hat mario

Go 2 Tiny-Huge Island. Go to where all the small goombas are the go along where the iron balls come down the hill and go untill you see a eagle bird thing. Then let it swoop at you and he will take your hat.

Added 27 Dec 2007, ID #5870, by domenico

Top Of The World

When you have wings with mario and have a actionreplay with moon jump and slow fall on hold down y+b while your flying and you should fly upward to the top of the world I would recommend using infinate flower power time so you don't fall and die.

Added 1 Sep 2007, ID #4688, by jeremiah808

How to get all charecters

Mario-As Yoshi get 8 Stars.then go to the princess' room the 1 with the door in the back.youll see a painting of mario.go in it and beat gomboss by hitting him with his own goombas.then open the red"M"door and get Mario(youll need him 4 Luigi & the 1st Bowser battle)

Luigi-1st unlock the red"!"boxes as mario by looking up when there is light on the sun panel in the main hall.(this is crucial)then keep getting stars until a boo with a cage inside it appears,it is in the backyard accessable by the long hallway on either of the wooden doors in the main hall. Kill the boo as mario and go in.then beat the giant boo,but don't get the star.go upstairs to the door on the very right and get the power flower.float up and go into the room above.youll see a luigi painting,jump in and get 2 king boo.the real door is indacated by the one that has no music.(luigi is needed 4 the mission caaled Eye to eye in the secret room on the same level & 4 Wario

Wario-go into the mirror room as luigi and get the power flower.go through the mirror and go though the door and get the power star go back and jump into the wario painting it's luigi on the other side get to the X and go in beat the giant bully the same way as the others push them inti lava or freezeing water

Yoshi-go into the door that is the same charechter as the 1 youre playing

Whtite door tips comming soon

Hope this helps!

Added 20 Aug 2007, ID #4515, by Sonicshadow22

Ground pound signs

Go behind a sign outside the castle, or anywhere with a sign and jump ontop of it then do a ground pound on it. The sign will make a bing sound it will return to normal eventually.

Added 23 Jul 2007, ID #3971, by ryan9983

Klepto's Version detector Glitch or trick or whatever that is...

Which version of the game do YOU have?
This Glitch is not done with Action Replay.This glitch tells you if you have V1
Or V2.

First, go to Shifting Sand Land(the desert area in the basement).
Grab the cap of another character.
Then, go where Klepto(the bird) is.
After That, get the box(not the bouncing one, the boring one).
Then position yourself somewhere where Klepto can steal your cap.
And wait for him.
When Klepto the Condor will dive, it will steal your hat.

In Version 1, the game will freeze because the game will not be able to do too
Many actions actions at one time(drop the box, remove the cap, knock you back,
Animate background, Klepto flying away,ect).

In version 2, however, this does not happen, as the game is able to compensate for more happening at one time.

In conclusion, the difference between V1 and V2 is that in V1, there is more
Glitches than V2, and in V2, there are less, and specific ones.

If you don't understand at all, go to

If you have V1, Merry Glitching!

Added 4 Jul 2007, ID #3665, by Mario Bros Revived

Koopa the quick easy

To deffeat Koopa the quick run up the bridge that you see at first. Then stand in the flower patch to get teleported. Next run up the mountain with the red coin on it. Turn and run to a hole in the mountain. It will take you close to the top. Finally do a backflip and touch the flag.

PS You don't have to be at the top of the mountain when Koopa arrives.

Added 4 Jun 2007, ID #2992, by mariosotherbrother

Hats for Wario and Luigi

I have the hat for mario where do I find the hats for Wario and Luigi?

Added 20 Apr 2007, ID #2469, by bigbud49616

Easy power stars

Collect 100 coins in a level and you will unlock a power star and the game will ask you if you want to save or not select yes and leave with your extra star

Added 24 Mar 2007, ID #2317, by Sasuke X

You have to super mario sunshine and super mario 64 DS to see the resemblence. Go to the place wher you could play mini games from adventure mode. Then in that room your giong to see a picture of an island. Jump in it. The course music your going to hear is going to be the cours music you hear in super mario sunshines isle delfino.

Added 11 Dec 2006, ID #1717, by mrsolo3000

How to get Mario Luigi and Wario

Mario: collect 8 stars and go to the room where there being kept head through the straight door and go to the 8 power star door go to marios portrait and youll have to fightthe goomba king eat one of his goombas then use the crouch button and throw an egg at his back he will double in size and get alot faster just hit him in the back with an egg twice more and he will be dead.

Luigi: You must have unlocked the red box for this and mario is needed also first go to boos mansion complete the first level then go to the second stage and head up stairs to the far right and youll see a red box hit it and use mario to float to the top of the ceiling head through the door and youll see lugis portrait you have to get through 4 doors first the combination is right left right left then you have to fight king boo when his shadow appearsback flips towards it and use ground pound do this three times and boo will give you the key.

Wario: You must have beaten bowser twice in order to unlock him and also luigi is required head to the top floor and go through a star door youll see 2 power flowers become invisible and go through the mirror youll see warios portrait to the right you have to beat the ice bully just punch him into the water after 3 times he will give you the key.

Added 29 Sep 2006, ID #1365, by SS4 Joshua


On the snow level (I forgot it's name), on the same floor as the crying mother penguin, if you continue on, you will see a broken bridge with an arrow. It is a little more like a cave, right behind all of the mushroom monsters. Stand near the edge and you will teleport. Use the same spot you teleported from to teleport there.

Hope this helps!

Added 2 Sep 2006, ID #1259, by koolstr

Tall Tall Mountain Underwater Glitch- MUST READ

When your in Tall, Tall Mountain, go in as Mario, go to the top, get the wings, fly down to the botom and to that gap where the cannon is. Walk to it, walk back, and go to the spot at the emd, which is square-like, you'll be teleported to another space, AND YOU WILL BE UNDERWATER. I'm not lying, you will be underwater.
Though if you swim up, the glitch will end and you'll be falling. I'm telling you this is an awesome glitch

Added 2 Sep 2006, ID #1258, by Mario Cheater

Easy star

On the mission "blast to the stone pillar" on jolly roger bay, enter the painting as mario. Then, go left, and get the power flower. Use it, keep tapping B, and float to the star.

Note: this only works if you have turned on the ? Blocks.

Added 8 Aug 2006, ID #1161, by .hack
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