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Endless walk in the air

(To do this glitch you need a action replay with the moon jump code)
Go to any level (this dosen't work in the castle grounds) then you must start running the jump then when in the air press L left or right then they will be stuck in a walking are running position floating around , or not moving your legs floating around, that makes you invincable. You then can go almost anywhere like up slopes. BYE!

Added 14 Aug 2009, ID #12273, by Luke .s and get

stuck in ice???

Go to snowman's land and go to the ice pit close to the hill that leads to the
Freezing pond.double jump or triple jump into it from the ledge where the red box is and you will get stuck in it like getting stuck in the snow!

Added 9 Aug 2009, ID #12233, by mkruler12

How to gain extra stars hidden in the castle.

Door1. Go into the painting, collect 100 coins and a star will appear.
Or collect all eight red coins.

door 1. Go through the door and you will see 5 different doors walk to the right to a princess painting, then go into it. To the right is a box wile on top of it jump and slam. Then hurry collecting coins to the bottom of the slide.

Door3. Snow. Collect eight red coins, or go down the chimeny no cheating.
Collect 100 coins.

Door 3. Water. On the left of the room is a passage hop into it and collect 8 reds coins.
If you see a light beaming on the sun mat in the castle go in the middle and look up. Make sure you are mario. Fly onto the surface were you see a red botton step onto it see what happens.?

Added 7 Aug 2009, ID #12221, by some12love4u

Two Big Bully battles at a time

Go to lethal lava land as anyone and go to the platform where there are three Bullies. Kill them and you'll battle a Big Bully. Kill him too and jump on the moving platform what will take you to a platform where another Big Bully is. Kill him, and take either star you like. You can call yourself a Big Bully Killer after that. ;)

Added 25 Jul 2009, ID #12080, by Doctor Dominic

Jumpy food for Yoshi

Go to Shifting sand land as Yoshi (or tall tall mountain) and eat the box, that jumps up and down. You will keep jumping until the box inside you smashes and releases the coins.

Happy jumping!

Added 25 Jul 2009, ID #12079, by Doctor Dominic

Shortcut at dark world

Go into the "Bowser in the Dark world" -world as Mario. Get a power flower from the red box with a question mark (must've pressed the switch with a question mark as Mario) and you will become a balloon. Keep jamming B, and you will soon float onto a green scaly path. Land on it, and you have just skipped almost .

Have fun with the shortcut!

Added 25 Jul 2009, ID #12078, by Doctor Dominic

Cube egg

Use Yoshi. Go to a world where there are these small brown boxes that can be carried around (for example, Shifting sand land, but I recognized it at snowmans land). Get to a brown box and swallow it. Don't spit it out. Lay an egg by pressing R and hey presto, a cube-shaped egg. Have fun time! By: Doctor Dominic

Added 25 Jul 2009, ID #12077, by Doctor Dominic

Angry penguin

To do the cheat, go to cool cool mountain and get to that place where the baby penguin is (jump on the hut in the beginning and climb a ledge after that) then take the baby and deliver it to the mother penguin. She should give you a star but don't take it. Take the bany penguin after the delivery and the mother penguin should look angry and walk towards you.

Have fun!

Added 25 Jul 2009, ID #12076, by Doctor Dominic

VERY EASY extra lives

Take any character and go to Tall tall mountain. Go ahead the path, where there are some goombas. Go past them and jump a few gaps. There will be some big mushrooms. Find the one, which has a yellow box with an exclamation mark on it. Break it and take the 1-up green mushroom. Then jump off the big mushrooms and go past the black boxes. Then you should see some holes on the ground, where the moles come up. Ignore them and go left, Where there are some ledges. Jump up, up and up till you reach the top and go left, where there should be a path and one ledge, and a 1-up on it. Take it and move along the path, where there should be some Bob-ombs. Ignore them and keep going. Keep going till you see another path where big metallic balls come down. Avoid them for now. In the end of the path there should be a wooden pole. Ground-pound it 3 times and get the red mushroom, then run for the metallic balls to get extra lives. Commit a suicide then repeat. You should have 99 lives in no time. Enjoy!

By: Doctor Dominic

Added 21 Jul 2009, ID #12045, by Doctor Dominic


If you hav the moon jump cheat,press up+B to go up really fast!

Added 30 Jun 2009, ID #11831, by creatordude996


On Cold, Cold Mountain go in the cabin and do the slide. When there is a ice wall next to you there should be a few coins, follow them and you'll end up in a shortcut.

Cautions: Do not use this cheat while racing the penguin. He'll say you cheated.
Cheat is 100% safe.

Added 16 Jun 2009, ID #11622, by anggy12002

Mario without his hat at Princess's Peach castle!!!!!

To do this glitch go to a level where Mario can lose his hat. Then when you get him to lose his hat pause and press exit course and boom, Mario without his hat.

To get his hat back to go into his change room and turn into yoshi and turn back into Mario.

NOTE:I think you can do this with wario and luigi too.

Added 22 May 2009, ID #11379, by sundalo90

Snowmans Land Time Glitch

No AR needed!
Here is how to "Slow down time" in Snowmans land.
Well, it just takes up RAM and ROM...
1. Go to snowmans land.
2. Once you are there go up to the huge snowman(Mario's version of the Big Goron)
3. Let him blow off you hat.
4. Once you have been flung down go and get the small wooden crate.
5. Walk back to the canon area. DON'T GO IN THE CANNON!
6. Walk to your hat.
7. A snowman will pop up.
8. Mug him with your crate that you are stll caring.
9. Pick up ONE hat.
10. Repeat Steps #1 through #9
11. Eventually he will drop more and more hats.
12. So, as a side effect. When you enter his "region" time will slow down.

Added 10 Dec 2008, ID #9780, by Neo Yomashi

Freezing Mario/Yoshi on main menu

Press the B Button when in the Super Mario 64 DS menu when you want Mario/Yoshi to freeze and go into drawing mode! However, it won't draw an outline of them.

Added 6 Dec 2008, ID #9741, by LuigiMan99

The Hat Store

First, go to Snowman's Land. Then go to where the snowman blows. Let him blow off your hat, then pick up the nearby box and follow the map to the hat. Throw the box at the hat snowman and pick up the hat. Each time you get more hats. Enjoy!

Added 13 Nov 2008, ID #9543, by The Mario Bros. Team

Have 100 lives

I've recently discovered a cheat to get 100 lives.

You have to go to the Hazy maze cave as Luigi (easier) and go to the toxic maze. Break the red ! Box to become invisible (and become immune to the toxic maxe). Find a place with two moles one beside each others.

Look around and find a brick box on a corner. Break it. You will get a Red Mushroom, take it and you will become very big.

Go back to the two moles and keep walking on them, and you should earn around 20-25 lives this way.

Added 18 Aug 2008, ID #8857, by Pingouin7bis

Boxing Yoshi

Be Yoshi go to the 4th star on Bob-omb battlefield. Suck up a black Bob-omb, spit it at one of the boxes after the leaning bridge. A mega mushroom will likely come out of the box. Make Yoshi get the mega mushroom he will become giant and will be able to punch and kick.

Added 23 Jul 2008, ID #8501, by Orin

Unknown star on Princess's secret slide.

Go down the slide in 20 seconds or less. A star should appear at the checkered line.

Added 23 Jul 2008, ID #8500, by Orin

Glitch on Princess's secret slide

Make sure you are Luigi. Go down slide, go to where course is flat. And then do a backwards summersault float to where star is and you will be on top of the building.

Added 23 Jul 2008, ID #8498, by Orin

Healing Water!

Running low on power? Dive underwater and come up and you'll heal!

Added 29 Jun 2008, ID #8140, by digifreek
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