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1-Up Butterflies

Punch the butterflies in either Whomp's Fortress, Tiny-Huge Island, or Bomb-Omb Battlefield. Sometimes though they turn into enemies but overall it's worth taking the chance.

Added 18 Jun 2012, ID #17050, by Sanzano and get

Lots of Free Lives:

As anyone except Yoshi go into the hazy maze on level 6 and proceed through it until you see a red block. Hit it, grab the mushroom, and turn the corner. Then keep running in circles right over the holes the moles pop out of and keep killing them until you have the desired amount of lives.

Added 18 Jun 2012, ID #17049, by Sanzano

Unlock Mini-Games in the Rec Room

What you basically have to do is catch the indicated number of rabbits with the character whose mini-game you want to unlock.


Sort Or 'Splode: 1 rabbit.

Trampoline Time: 2 rabbits.

Shuffle Shell: 3 rabbits.

Bounce and Trounce: 4 rabbits.

Connect the Characters: 5 rabbits.

Shell Smash: 6 rabbits.

Trampoline Terror: 7 rabbits.


Coincentration: 1 rabbit.

Bingo Ball: 2 rabbits.

Psyche Out!: 3 rabbits.

Slots Shot: 4 rabbits.

Lakitu Launch: 5 rabbits.

Intense Coincentration: 6 rabbits.

Giant Snowball Slalom: 7 rabbits.


Hide And Boo Seek: 1 rabbit.

Puzzle Panel: 2 rabbits.

Boom Box: 3 rabbits.

Tox Box Shuffle: 4 rabbits.

Which Wiggler?: 5 rabbits.

Added 28 Sep 2007, ID #4995, by Sanzano

Super Mario 64 Cheats

Unlock Mario Key:
Defeat Goomboss behind 8-Star Door in the Rec-Room

Unlock Luigi Key:
Defeat King Boo in Luigi's Painting on the 3rd Floor of Big Boo's Haunt

Unlock Wario Key:
With Luigi in Mirror Room, hop into Wario's Painting and Defeat the Giant Ice Bully

Unlock White Room Key:
Catch all the Shinning Rabbits

Unlock Cannon:
To access the cannon outside the castle, get 150 stars. There are three 1-ups, a cap and Luigi's rabbit.

Added 25 Feb 2005, ID #69, by Sanzano

How to do a moon jump

Press and hold L then let go to drop to the ground but ground-pound the ground

Added 29 Oct 2014, ID #18165, by Guest


I didn't know what to name the title so I named it glith ok I didn't do this it takes a lot of trys to do ok it is easy to do Mario. Go to the change room and turn left at the wall keep long jumping into it for about a minute. You will be sent in the air and you will see a weird graphic? And if this works for you tell me what It is cause I just can't do it!


Underground pool

Ok first go outside of the castle (this is a glith it is easyier with Mario) go to the tree next to the cannon and start sliding on the tree (it will take a while to do) and your body will be in the ground you slide down and BOOM tada you are under the castle! If you go to far you will die!


Infinitie hats

Go to snow mans land and go all the way to the snowman and get blown off. The get the tiny crate and through it at the snowman with your hat. Repeat until the game freezes

Added 27 Mar 2013, ID #17904, by Guest

Into the castle's tower (ar required)

Follow these simple steps
1. Activate moon jump
2. Enter the castle
3. While entering the castle hold down B
4. You will end up on top of the castle, but it will be flat because you're in the tower!

Please comment if you like this

Added 10 Mar 2013, ID #17885, by Guest

Wing control

Having trouble with Mario's wings? Try this! If you hold down B while flying, you are garunteed complete control over the wings! The directions are the same as aiming a cannon - up and down are reversed, and left and right are normal.
Have fun flying!
P.S. A great place to practice this is with the ? Block on the castle, of course as Mario.

Added 9 Mar 2013, ID #17881, by Guest

Get in the cannon w/o 150 stars (ar required)

Enable moon jump and slow falls. Then, walk in the castle while holding down Y. You will fall into the water. Swim under the cannon and hold B until you're in the cannon.

Added 8 Mar 2013, ID #17878, by Guest

Sm64ds Nasa glitch

Go to bobomb battlefield as anybody. Go to the cannon nearest to the chained dog. Jump in and aim at about the bottom of the high platform. Once you've shot you should land on the ground and slide of a hill type thing. Then you should be falling out of the sky. Good luck.

Added 3 Mar 2013, ID #17860, by Kalieb

Dealdy slide

Go to to tall tall mountain and keep going 'till you see a cloud. Try either to avoid it, or kill it. (Avoiding it is easier). Be careful this cloud will blow of your cap. Run till you to the wall. Look to the tiny wall to the side. Jump in. You will be at a very hard slide. It's hard to get past. If you die and try again you will be in it again. Good luck, you'll need it

Added 15 Feb 2013, ID #17835, by Guest

High in the sky ( borrow wings )

I am going to tell you how to fly witout ? Blocks. First play as anybody but wario and first beat the first levels the first snow world ( I don't remeber what it's called), and whomps fortress. In the snow go to the cannon but don't go in. There is a tree, climb up. There is
A owl. Jump on but make sure that you hold o to B. In whomp fortress go to the first tree and there he is again.

Added 7 Feb 2013, ID #17831, by kkcombs

How to not get blown away by the annoying tornado in front of th

You know that really annoying tornado in front of the pyramid in Shifting Sand Land that blows you away a lot? Now it won't with this strategy. Pass the pokee thing and that's when the tornado should start. Head toward the cage wall for about 2 or 3 seconds, then turn towards the pyramid and start running. The tornado now dies down before it catches up with you. Easy as pie!
P.S. I hope this helps you not get frustrated if you have anger problems like me

Added 7 Feb 2013, ID #17830, by Guest

Easy win against Koopa the Quick & Top of the fortress short

Easy win against Koopa the Quick - First of all, I think his name should be Koopa the Slow. Anyway... Start the race and then go up the wooden ramp. Turn right and stand in the flowers. Wait until you teleport, then go over the rock and through the gate. Walk up the ramp and dodge the rolling balls while going towards the thing that the balls are coming out of. Go in there and you'll teleport again, then backflip to the summit and stop your time.

Top of the Fortress short - There are 2 ways to do this (#2 is easier). One, you can triple jump to the ramp in front of the thwomps, then run down the step and go into the corner that overlooks the bullet bill shooter. You should be teleported. Go around to the platforms and go up to the tower. Climb up the steps and get the star. Two, Click on star 5 so you can get Hoot (in the tree behind you) and fly there. See why way #2 is easier?

Please comment

Added 7 Feb 2013, ID #17828, by Guest

An easy way to scale the mountain

Go to tall, tall mountain as anyone (Luigi is the easiest) and go to the monty moles. Jump up the stones sticking out of the mountainside until you can't anymore. Then, slide down the ramp and keep walking until you get to the waterfall. Jump (or backflip) onto the ledge near the black box and then walk up until it's flat. I think you can take it from here.

Added 6 Feb 2013, ID #17827, by Guest

Easy power revival & flippin' out

Easy power revival - Did you exit course with low power? If you did, Switch characters and your power will be revived.

Flippin' out - get any character EXCEPT FOR MARIO and go in the rainbow tower. On the way down, you will get 3 coins.

These are some cool things to do

Added 6 Feb 2013, ID #17826, by Guest

Beating blast away the wall

Go to Whomps fortress and and choose a level. If your luigi it is very easy. Now go to the cannon (if you don't have the cannon talk to the bomb guy).
Now jump in the cannon and aim at the nearest wall around you and aim a little over it now blast it. If you aimed right the corner should break. Repeat the step at the other wall and it should make a sound and a star should pop out. Get the star.Good luck

Added 5 Feb 2013, ID #17823, by kkcombs

Waluigi black box glitch Fake!

The waluigi box is not a box it's a space! To go to it turn to luigi and go to the place with the ghost and once you walk through the door put R then B and you should be in a little space, and that's the ''box'''. There is a bunny

Added 3 Feb 2013, ID #17819, by kkcombs
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