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Your Guide to the Awesomest Guns Ever cheat for Super Scribblenauts


Your Guide to the Awesomest Guns Ever

-Electrifying/Electrified (Submit Gun)
Spawns a gun flashing yellow. Shoot it and it's target is electrocuted
-Burning (Submit Gun)
Spawns a gun on fire that doesn't burn away. Shoot it and it burns it's target.

Added by: Guest Mar 6th 2011, ID#15345 and get
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I have a really good idea you can torture a guy that is invincible which makes it have unlimited time to torture him I used a really cool gun called a obl and I also used a battle axe and then a deadly sword and a poisonous axe and I used a musket to and a dart gun a I sicked a invincible mean pit bull on him and he did not like that he came strait to me on the pit bull some how it was crazy and then you sick a medusa on him he does not turn to stone cool he kills her and then if put down a zambato it is actualy pretty cool and then I put down a time machine and I kept going thrugh time it was really cool but a guy almost killed me and I do not remember spawning him it was cool and crazy at the same time

Added 13th Jul 2014, ID #417990

type in tamed fast Manticore

Added 30th Nov 2013, ID #323652

this gun is not so cool but an super strong ray gun and i know this has nothing to do with monsters but some cool monsters golem titan cthulhu wait another cool gun flamethrower realy cool

Added 22nd Nov 2013, ID #321058

atomic sharp deadley thundery minigun

Added 25th May 2013, ID #285282


Added 25th Apr 2013, ID #277528

I'm not that one guy above me but I know a few cool ones.....1. automatic grey deadly volley gun-a fast shooting gun the cant be carried but put on the ground(tap to shoot)-
2. Explosive automatic ridable burning minigun-Ride the minigun and tap anywhere to shoot, it shoots faster and the automatic adj. makes the minigun be able to shoot 9 bullets at a time instead on 3 plus the bullets explode-
3. Sticky explosive bomb-explosive adj. makes the bomb explode 2x just take one piece of glue off of it and stick it to anything like a car and just tap the bomb and run-
4. Super gun -just a cannon like thing-
5. Frostbreathing explosive stungun-when shot the target freezes and explodes, if he survives he will be frozen so you can easy kill it....very useful-
Well that's it for now btw my name is Nicholas Nine.

Added 6th Apr 2013, ID #271099

i need more weapon combos

Added 15th Oct 2012, ID #196861


super spring shoes-makes you jump high

super flying shoes-makes you fly

Added 19th Jun 2012, ID #154511

Exploding Gun - A normal gun with bullets that explode when it hits a targed.

Added 31st Mar 2012, ID #127889

deadly boomerang: kills things one shot and returns to you (it doesn't kill you when it returns) ar, zanbato, rail gun this isnt a gun or weapong but its pretty cool, arcade/arcade machine

Added 7th Oct 2011, ID #78840


Added 25th Jun 2011, ID #52162

Other gun effects

(Harmless Maddening- must go with gun)
Harmless Saddening- Makes it's target sad

Added 17th Mar 2011, ID #32966

These effects must go with the cannon ball.

Hypnotizing(Solved)- Hypnotizes thing arpund it.
Maddening- Maddens the things around it.

Added 17th Mar 2011, ID #32938

I am the same guy who entered those guns, so i'm going to add to it.

Freezing/Frozen Gun- freezes it's target
Harmless Chloroform gun- doesn't kill it's target but put's it to sleep.
Hypnotizing gun (Beta)- might hypnotize it's target. I don't know. It's a beta. I haven't tried it yet.

Added 16th Mar 2011, ID #32864


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