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SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis

SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis Cheats for Nintendo DS

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Any character almost anywhere glitchAdded 27 Sep 2012, ID #17587
First go to the mu continent and choose character (make sure your game is saved at the point you wish to use the character) , then return to the title screen. Enter the main game without doing anything else. This can get certain characters into places they couldnt normally reach. For example: you can take squidward and krabs to the final boss, or make sandy face herself! This is just one of the many glitches/cool tips I've found.

How to beat giant jelly fishAdded 30 Sep 2011, ID #16246
When the barrels fall from the sky throw them at the jelly jish. When king jelly fish has thunder bolts coming out of it's anus dodge it and throw the barrels. Next he does this jumping thing so he jumps all around the place so dodge. Last this is his ultimate move he has eletric shocks and he moves all on the ground which destroys the barrels so dodge the move
waterproof forcefieldAdded 11 Dec 2010, ID #14945
press Rt,R2,Lt,L2,b,a,y,x
Activate laser beamAdded 13 Sep 2009, ID #12445
How do you activate the lazer beam in Atlantis that is needed to defeat the giant punching Atlantis warrior?
UnlockablesAdded 18 Aug 2008, ID #8853
When you manage to beat the game once the following features will become available options.

Unlock Area Select:
When you beat the game once you'll be able to use the bus to reach the area you desire.

Unlock Difficulty Select
Beat the game once.

Unlock Squidward Tentecles:
Beat the game once.

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