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Tree Trick

To perform the following trick in Playground mode make a Drago (type of tree) in the ice area and drop it so it falls on it's side then bring it up to the top of the screen and let go and it will fall right through the floor.

Added 21 Jun 2012, ID #17065, by Sanzano and get


The following magic will have the indicated effect when summoned. Most magic objects will not have any effect when used in water and will disappear.

Green Magic:
Turns any living object to a frog (a 'Wand' will do the same thing).

Blue Magic:
Use it on almost any object to freeze it (it will melt over time).

Red Magic:
When you use it on something it will explode upon contact (useful to detonate TNT or explosive compounds).

Dark Magic/Black Magic:
Will turn any living object into a Skeleton Warrior (these are naturally offensive).

Added 13 Oct 2009, ID #12585, by Sanzano

Killing Vampires

If you create a 'Sun' any vampire that comes into contact with it's rays will be reduced to dust. Alternately, you can use 'Garlic', 'Cross' or 'Stake'. Creating a 'Sun' is also effective against werewolves as they revert to their human form when touched by rays of sunlight.

Added 13 Oct 2009, ID #12584, by Sanzano

Time Machine

Spawn a time machine by typing 'Time Machine' (without the quotes) and when you then ride in it you will be taken randomly to places like a space shuttle, the Prehistoric times and the Medieval times.

Added 2 Oct 2009, ID #12533, by Sanzano

Special Features

Type one of the following words (Without the quotes) to enable the corresponding effect in the game.

Small Black Hole that swallows any Enemy or Object and then disappears:
Type'Black Hole'

Temporarily Freeze Enemies in an Ice Cube:
Type 'Freeze Ray'

Flying Chinese Dragon you can Ride:
Type 'Chi'

Cannot be seen by Enemy Creatures:
Type 'Invisibility Cloak'

Cancel Gravity:
Type 'Lunar Rover' or 'Lunar Lander'

Become Immune to Damage:
Type 'Invincibility Cloak'

Shrink Enemy Creatures:
Type 'Shrink Ray'

Useful Weapon:
Type 'Pocket Knife'

Added 2 Oct 2009, ID #12532, by Sanzano

Gold Star Rank

When you complete a puzzle you will be rewarded with a Silver Star at the 'Puzzle' selection screen to indicate your achievement. If you then replay a puzzle which is marked with a Silver Star you will be able to play that puzzle in Advance mode. In Advance mode you have to complete the same level three consecutive time using different objects in each attempt. If you complete the puzzle in Advance mode it will become marked with a Gold Star at the 'Puzzle' selection screen.

Added 2 Oct 2009, ID #12531, by Sanzano


Earn the following Merits by completing the corresponding task. You will receive the Merit when the level has been completed.

5th Cell Merit:
Spawn a 5th Cell employee.

All New Merit:
Complete a level with objects you have never used before.

Architect Merit:
Write two buildings.

Arrrrrr Merit:
Attach the Jolly Roger to a flagpole.

Audiophile Merit:
Write two or more instruments or audio objects.

Bioterrorist Merit:
Introduce the plague and infect two or more people.

Botanist Merit:
Write two or more plants.

Chauffeur Merit:
Drive a vehicle with more than one passenger.

Chef Merit:
Write two or more foods.

Closet Merit:
Write two or more clothes.

Combo Merit:
Combine any two objects together.

Cupid Merit:
Shoot a humanoid with Cupid's arrow.

Decorator Merit:
Write two furniture objects.

Electrolysis Merit:
Shock someone with electricity.

Elemental Merit:
Write more than one element.

Entertainer Merit:
Write two or more entertainment objects.

Entomologist Merit:
Spawn two or more insects.

Environmentalist Merit:
Write two or more environmental objects.

Explosive Merit:
Spawn two or more objects that explode.

Exterminator Merit:
Two or more humanoids or animals start a level, and are destroyed.

Fantasynovel Merit:
Write two fantasy objects.

Fashion Designer Merit:
Cloth Maxwell's head, body, legs, feet, and give him an accessory.

Firefighter Merit:
Put out at least two fires.

Genius Merit:
Complete a level twice in a row.

Glutton Merit:
Feed someone or something three times in a row.

Gold Digger Merit:
Spawn three or more precious stones.

Grab and Go Merit:
Write two or more grabbing tool objects.

Haxxor Merit:
Write five or more developers.

Healer Merit:
Spawn two or more medical objects.

Herpetologist Merit:
Write two or more reptiles.

Humanitarian Merit:
Write two or more humans.

Infected Merit:
Spawn a zombie and make it infect at least two humanoids.

Janitor Merit:
Spawn two or more cleaning objects.

Jockey Merit:
Use an animal as a vehicle.

Joust Merit:
Defeat a knight while Maxwell is mounted.

Knight School Merit:
Using a melee weapon kill a dragon.

Leet Merit:
Earn exactly 1337 Ollars.

Luddite Merit:
Short out three or more objects.

Lumberjack Merit:
Cut down three or more trees.

Mad Hatter Merit:
Place a hat on four or more humanoids or animals.

Magician Merit:
Use the magic wand to turn something into a toad.

Marine Biologist Merit:
Write two or more fish.

Mechanic Merit:
Jump start a vehicle.

Messiah Merit:
Turn a humanoid into a deity.

Militant Merit:
Use two weapons and one weaponized vehicle.

Miner 49er Merit:
Dig a massive hole.

Miser Merit:
Obtain a total of 300,000 or more Ollars.

New Object Merit:
Write a completely new item.

No Weapons Merit:
Do not write a weapon to complete a level.

Novice Angler Merit:
Catch a fish with a fishing pole.

Old School Merit:
Write two or more classic videogame objects.

Organ Donor Merit:
Spawn two or more organs.

Ornithologist Merit:
Write two or more birds.

Paleontologist Merit:
Spawn two or more dinosaurs.

Pariah Merit:
Make three humanoids or animals flee.

Pi Merit:
Earn exactly 314 Ollars in a level.

Picasso Merit:
Write two or more drawing object tools.

Pilot Merit:
Spawn two or more aircraft.

Prodigy Merit:
Complete a level three times in a row.

Pyromaniac Merit:
Set at least four objects on fire in a level.

Reanimator Merit:
Bring a corpse back to life.

Roped In Merit:
Write two or more rope objects.

Russian Doll Merit:
Place an object inside another object, and then place that object into a third object.

Savior Merit:
Have two or more humanoids or animals start and finish a level alive.

Sea Two Merit:
Write two or more sea vehicles.

Series of Tubes Merit:
Spawn 'tube' five times.

Shoveler Merit:
Spawn two or more digging objects.

Smasher Merit:
Write two or more melee weapons.

Smuggler Merit:
Hide an item in a container.

Split Personality Merit:
Write two or more cutting or splitting tool objects.

Stealth Merit:
Destroy a security camera.

Sweet Tooth Merit:
Write two or more junk foods.

Tooling Around Merit:
Write two or more tool objects.

Washington Merit:
Chop down a Cherry tree.

Water Jockey Merit:
Use a sea animal as a vehicle.

Whisperer Merit:
Ride a hostile animal.

Zookeeper Merit:
Write two or more animals.

Added 2 Oct 2009, ID #12530, by Sanzano

Alternate Title Screen Backgrounds

Type one of the following words (without the quotes) at the 'Title' screen to change the background.

Unlock Background 02:
Type 'cat'

Unlock Background 03:
Type 'car'

Unlock Background 04:
Type 'bee'

Unlock Background 05:
Type 'tree'

Unlock Background 06:
Type 'woman'

Unlock Background 07:
Type 'coffin'

Unlock Background 08:
Type 'vibes'

Unlock Background 09:
Type 'coin'

Unlock Background 10:
Type 'chair'

Unlock Background 11:
Type 'zombie'

Unlock Background 13:
Type 'rain' and select 'rain(water)'.

Unlock Background 14:
Type 'it'

Unlock Background 15:
Type 'pc'

Added 2 Oct 2009, ID #12529, by Sanzano

Unlock Original Scribblenaut Costume

When you have completed ALL the 'Puzzle' and 'Action' challenge levels the original Scribblenauts costume, which is the original design for the main character before he was changed to Maxwell will become an available option.

Added 18 Sep 2009, ID #12468, by Sanzano

Hidden Space Level

At the 'Title' screen spawn a teleporter and then use it and you will be taken to a secret moon level with aliens and a shuttle.

Added 18 Sep 2009, ID #12467, by Sanzano

Infanate ollers

First when you go on level 2 on level 4 type in ftw then a starmie will come up then type in roboy nothing will happen then put a diffrent skin on then type in ftw again this time your money will show as somthing awesome like mine here


Added 15 May 2013, ID #17927, by Guest

Genie magic

If you type in genie, tap the genie and it will start adding cool stuff. For example, I tapped the genie and it made it rain starites and also bombs!!!

I found it awesome

Added 20 Dec 2012, ID #17768, by Tricia_corrine_reyes

Easy to win

You use a basket and hand cuffs atach the hand cuffs to the star and put the basket by the star and drag the free side of the hand cuffs to the basket and click fill the star will be in the basket then drag the basket to maxwell and click emty and you win (works for almos all levels)

Added 13 Nov 2011, ID #16398, by darth202

Ultimint cheats!

OK so if you type in virus and drop it over something evil it will turn friendly. Also type in mind control device, well, I wont spoil it for you. Extra: behemoth, chulu ,and chi.

Added 6 Sep 2011, ID #16185, by fossil master 123

Make anything friendly. +bonuses

Write down 'dart gun'. One shot makes anything except hippogriff friendly. Also use a 'pegasus' or 'roc' to fly higher than with wings. Bonus: 'medusa' and 'mirror', does cool things. Write down 'goth'. Nice. Just for giggles try this in sandbox mode: write down 'bear' twice. Make both friendly. Lift one up and hover it above the other. The bear can now ride the other bear. You can do this as many times as it will allow. Looks creepy.

Added 11 Mar 2011, ID #15413, by WolfDogPupz

Make anything except a Gryphon friendly with one item.

Try it in sandbox mode. Make a hydra, dragon, liger, giant squid or whatever you like that is mean. Type in one of two things: look cool by typing in 'tranquilizer gun' without the quotes or just put in 'dart gun'. Shoot whatever you need. Works like a charm.

Added 11 Mar 2011, ID #15412, by WolfDogPupz

Fish Freeze Glitch

My brother found this out and has worked on multiple game cards. Anyway, first, before you start a profile, go to the beach location. Then, type in 'blue gill' and put it in the water. Then type in 'Tuna' and put in with the blue gill. When the tuna attacks the blue gill, the game will freeze.

Added 2 Sep 2010, ID #14596, by JakandDaxter3

how to train your evil-ness

ever wanted to ride things like hydrahs and dragons??
well todays your lucky day!easy in just 4 steps!

1.create a dragon/hydra/etc.
2.stand far t other end of game so not eaten,
3.drag 3 pieces of MEAT at it and itl fall asleep
4.stroke it awayke and keep doing that until it comes to the screen where you can ride,or interact!

Added 25 Aug 2010, ID #14561, by The Cheat Teller28230


to be safe from a were wolf use sun and it will turn to a man to kill a vampire use garlic or sun to kill a ghost use a edy to eat it to kill a witch easyily pour water on it to kill a zombie easyily burn it or use a zombie repellent and attack him on the floor.

Added 19 Jul 2010, ID #14287, by Guest


During gameplay, type 'clone' to make an evil Maxwell. He [the clone] will steal anything any other person (including the real Maxwell) has in their hands at that moment.

Added 13 Jul 2010, ID #14255, by Guest
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