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Question for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

dance_girl asks: Added Jun 19th 2007, ID #88783

Question for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

My friend sent me this and she can't speak that well. Can anyone of you super Pokemon expertshelp me understand this better?? Or put it in simpler words??

Lugia: Floor 99 of Silver Trench Lv 30; 99.9% of the time he can be recruited they wouldn't want you to go 99 floors a bunch of times to get 1 Pokemon Deep Sea
Current is his Friend Area and you get it when you recruit him, for free!

Ho-oh: Floor 40 of Mt.
Faraway Lv 50; 99.9% recruit chance(note you have to beat once before that 99.9% comes in)Rainbow peak is this one's friend area(you have to buy it)

Purity forest dungeon floor 99 at Lv45 You get him and his friend area after you beat him; WARNING! Your level reduced to 1 at the beginning of this dungeon but all the other Pokemon weak, too. Groudon: Get
Him 10.0% of the time also gets his friend area with him

Kyogre: Get him 50.0% of the time friend area included with Package!

Rayquaza: Get him 10.0% of
The time also Friend area included

Jirachi: Lv 40
Floor 99 Wish cave. Friend area Mt. Moonview with a
99.9% cruit chance but a regression of one level.

Deoxos: Floor 20 of meteor cave Lv 35 10.0% recruit chance in all forms Friend Area cluded!

Murky Cave dungeons
When: After beating Rayquaza.
How say? Clear Stormy Sea, and rescue Medicham. Talk to Ekans and Medicham after saving Medicham

Unlock WishCavedungeons
When: After beating Rayquaza.
How say?Clear Pitfall Valley and have the friend area Blue Sky Meadow. Eventually Medicham and Ekans will show up.
Talk to them. Later, only Ekans will show Keep all
Your items and money if you get defeated in a dungeon.
When: Before entering any dungeon in the
How say? Before entering any dungeon, save your
Game. If get defeated in any way, turn off the
Power before it can send you back to base. When you
Resume play, it will be like it never happened.
Relic Beat Stormy Sea. Later you will receive mail
Talking about ruins being uncovered. Talk Lombre
To Shiftry.
Darknight Relic Purchase Secretive
Forest friend area.
Desert Region Have friend area
Furnace Desert.
Far-Off Sea Purchase Calm Sea friend
Fiery Field Give Xatu Spinda's Clear Wing
Sea Purchase Calm Sea friend area.
Joyous Tower Clear
Pitfall Valley. Must hap Sky Blue Plains friend
Lightning Field Clear Fiery Field
Cave Befriend Lugia
Mt.Faraway Clear Northwind a
Northern Range Purchase friend are Southern
Island, get Surf, and sleep for the next
Northwind Field Clear Lightning Field
Valley Clear Northern Range.
Purity Forest Clear
Pitfall Valley. Must have Sky Blue Plains friend
Silver Trench Clear Stormy Sea and Pitfall
Valley. Befriend Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Talk to
Alakazam, and then go to the Birds' are and you'll
The Whirls
Southern Cavern Obtain friend areRock Cave.

Unown Relic Purchase friend areas Ancient
Chamber AN and Ancient Chamber O?
Cave Befriend Ho-Oh
Wish Cave Clear Pitfall Valley and have the friend area Sky Blue Plains. Eventually
Medicham and Ekans will show up. Talk to them. Later,only Ekans will show.

H ? 0 8 [? 9 S ?] ? Q 6 4 ? P ? ! [8 4 S 0] + F ?
! Complete mission to unlock Dragon Cave

Complete mission for friend area Sky Blue
Plains. 5?2Y QW0? ?T0Q JC?[Male] FH16 WR?W
Complete mission for friend area 6?2y 5!+? 45n7 -!?f k4f5

Mission to unlock Porygon2 F ? 5 N - Q F ? ? + 6
! ? H ? ? F ?6 R 6 9 ? W

Complete mission for 100 Poke
And Roselia appears in the game. F?4N +WT? ?+6N FR?J
F?66 85?W

Mission to unlock Lapras F?J? 690? 4Q6C C!??
8?66 8Q?(f)

Mission to unlock Minum F?RP[F?(...)?]4+7?

Complete mission to unlock Dragon
Cave H ? 0 8 [? 9 S ?] ? Q 6 4 ? P ? ! [8 4 S 0] + F ?!

Unlock Mission to find Wigglytuff and earn 200 Poke
And TM31 (BrickBreak) Line1: ??-F[H?F?]?3P? Line2:

Unlock Mission to find Plusle and earn
400 Poke and a Heal Ribbon Line1: F?RP[F?...?]4+7?
Line2: ...R?H[64?0]R???

Complete mission to unlock
Boulder Cave P ? 2 Y [J 1 T ?] 4 H P C K 1 ? + [0 ? 5
6] 6 4 ? W

Complete mission for 400 Poke. X??S ??X?
468? *+?? 9756 SY??

Mission to unlock
Magicarp X??S??X?468? (f)+??9756SY??

Special Missions
Before you load your game enter these passwords in "Wonder Mail." (F) stands for the Female sign, and (M) for the male sign.

5?2YQW0??T0QJC?(M)FH16WR?W - Unlocks Friend Area
Sky Blue Plains. X?7P(F)?+??XP6RJ?QFJC5?W?? - Feebas
Becomes a wild Pokemon
The lunar ribbon is in
Northwind Field, floor 20. You will need the associated
Key to this dungeon to access the item. The sun
Ribbon is in Wavern Hill. You will need an associated key for this item.

Hint - Improving Rescue and Recruitment Chances
As you increase in level, your chance of recruiting will increase to a maximum of 24 percent at level 100. +5 percent at L30-39
+7 percent at L40-49
+10 percent at L50-59
+10 percent at L50-59
+12 percent at L60-69
+15 percent at L70-79
+17 percent at L80-89
+24 percent at L90-100

Bonuses are important since some Pokemon have recruitment penalties. Rayquaza, Deoxos, Groudon have a base minus 10 percent to join. Kygore has a base 50
Percent. All Regi-mon and Legendary dogs have a base 0.1 percent. Kecleon has a base minus 34 percent as do all the teams at the Makuhita Dojo. Mew has a 1 percent chance and you need to have the music box. Articuno
- Location is the Frosty Grotto 5F and it's Friend Area is the Legendary Island. Zapdos - Location is the
Mt. Thunder Peak 3F and it's Friend Area is the Legendary Island. Moltres - Location is the Mt.
Blaze Peak 3F and it's Friend Area is the Legendary Island. Mewtwo - Location is the Western Cave 99F and it's Friend Area is the Cryptic Cave. Mew -
Location is the Buried Relic 36-98F (you need the Music Box) and it's Friend Area is the Final Island. Unown
- Location is the Unown Relic and it's Friend Area is the Aged Chamber. Raikou - Location is the
Lightning field 30F and it's Friend Area is the Sacred Field. Entei - Location is the Fiery field 30F and it's Friend Area is the Sacred Field. Suicune -
Location is the Northwind field 30F and it's Friend Area
Is the Sacred Field.
"Free" pokemon
The following Pokemon will join you without a fight. 1. Magnemite
2. Absol
3. Smeargle
4. Latios & Latias
5. Gardevoir
6. Celebi Evolution Stone Locations
Here are the locations of the various Evolution Stones:

Deepseascale - Grand Sea 15F or Far-Off Sea

Deepseatooth - Grand Sea 15F or Far-Off Sea
Dragon Scale - Wyvern Hill 29F - 30F
Beauty Scarf - Western
Cave 59F - Need key
Fire Stone - Fiery Field 29F
King's Rock - Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave
Leaf Stone - Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave
Link Cable - Solar Cave
10F - Need key
Lunar Ribbon - Northwind Field 20F -
Need Key
Metal Coat - Southern Cave 49F - 50F
Moon Stone - Solar Cave or Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave
Sun Ribbon - Wyvern Hill 20F - Need key
Sun Stone - Solar Cave
Thunderstone - Lightning Field 29F
Upgrade - Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave
Water Stone - Northwind
Field 29F - Need key

Help with Recruiting
Here are the locations of the legendaries
And the percentage of getting them:

Name /Get rate/

Articuno / 30% / Frosty Forest Mid 3F
Moltres / 30%
/ Mt. Blaze Mid 3F
Zapdos / 30% / Mt. Thunder Mid 3F

Mewtwo / 99.9% / Western Cave 99F
Mew / 0.9% /
Buried Relic 36-99F
Raikou / 30% / Lightning Field
Entei / 30% / Fiery Field 30F
Suicune / 30% /
NorthWind Field 30F
Lugia / 99.9% / Silver Trench 99F

Ho-Oh / 99.9% / Mt. Faraway 40F
Celebi / 99.9% /
Pure Forest 99F
Regirock / 0.1% / Buried Relic 15F

Regice / 0.1% / Buried Relic 25F
Registeel / 0.1% /
Buried Relic 35F
Kyogre / 50% / Stormy Sea 40F

Groudon / 10% / Magma Cavern Mid 3F
Rayquaza / 10%
/ Sky Tower Mid 9F
Jirachi / 99.9% / Wish Cave 99F

Deoxys / 10% / Meteor Cave 20F
Latias / 0.1% /
Pitfall Valley 25F
Latios / 0.1% / Northern Range 20F

For the areas that have the word Mid, you are asked to save before the legendary, which is helpful. If you have defeated a legendary and it didn't join your team you can just shut off the game if you saved at the save point. (Beware! If you saved after the defeating the
Legendary you will not be able to see it again. And if you didn't save before battling the legendary, you will have to beat the dungeon again!)

Always room in party, unless you do not want a legendary. Sometimes you need to buy friend areas, like the friend area "Final Island" Mew friend area. Buy them from Wigglytuff. Some items improve the chances of a legendary joining your team.
Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos can be battled twice.
Celebi will not battle you, instead it just joins your team. Lugia, Mewtwo, Jirachi, and Ho-Oh always join your team if you defeat them. and get
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palkiamaster answered: Added 12th Aug 2007, ID #204363
It tells you u everything you need to now the percent of the legendaries that you get what deongens thats all it means

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