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Get the Macho Brace

Go to the Route 16 Gate and speak to the guy west of the electronic board. He'll give you a Macho Brace, which doubles EV's recieved, but lowers speed.

Added 22 Mar 2011, ID #15509, by Glaceon
Ask.com and get

Get free itmes (such as PP Ups or Ethers, etc.)

Visit Big Stadium and Small Court frequently to get free items from some of the trainers you defeat.

Added 22 Mar 2011, ID #15508, by Glaceon

Get Cover or Plume Fossil

On the west side of the 1st floor in Relic Castle, speak to the backpacker and she'll give you either the Cover or Plume Fossil. Restore them in Nacrene City.

Added 22 Mar 2011, ID #15507, by Glaceon

Getting TM 70 Flash

In Narrow Street at Castelia City, there's a man hiding behind a dumpster that will give you TM 70 once you walk past him.

Added 22 Mar 2011, ID #15506, by Glaceon

Get free Star Pieces (Once a Day)

Smash Challenge rock in Pinwheel forest with a Fighting Type Pokemon once a day to get a Star Piece, which you can sell for alot of money.

Added 22 Mar 2011, ID #15505, by Glaceon

Getting Berries

The only way to get berries in this game (because you can't plant them) is to battle Pokemon Rangers. They always give you a berry when you defeat them.

Added 22 Mar 2011, ID #15504, by Glaceon

Like Rotation battles?

There's a building in Opelucid City that houses trainers itching to do Rotation battles with you. This is the best place to do Rotation battles.

Added 22 Mar 2011, ID #15503, by Glaceon

Catching Tip

Here are a list of pokeballs that do better ( from greatest to least);

Quick Ball*
Great Ball
Dusk Ball*
Heal Ball
Ultra Ball
Timer Ball*
Poké Ball
Dive Ball*
Repeat Ball*

(* = Depends on situation)


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Added 21 Mar 2011, ID #15490, by SethTheBlue

TM No. 15. Hyper beam.

Its easy to get it, but it costs much money. If you want the TM hyper beam, you will need 90.000 cash, go to opelucid city and head to route 9. In the middle of the small route (before you enter that big building) is a shop within you can buy anything. Go to right and go upstairs and talk to the man that is selling TM's(he actually sells just 2 things...)now you see hyper beam and giga impact. Buy hyper beam for 90.000 cash, and here you go! You got your hyper beam. If you have victini he can learn it.

Added 20 Mar 2011, ID #15486, by Guest


To get some legends you have to trade. For most legendarys, you have to trade/trade negotiate. Others you can catch. If you want rotom(some say it is a legend) go to the caravan on route 12/13, with a ditto( on your team) and talk to the lady. Then you can trade and get a rotom named Eeks. And that is how to get rotom.

Added 20 Mar 2011, ID #15485, by Guest

Cathing Zekrom

Be sure to have a level 52 in your party and it knows HM surf. Zekrom is easy to catch in an Ultra Ball if it's HP is in red.

Added 19 Mar 2011, ID #15484, by Guest

Trainer levels

Once you beat the elite four and N, the easter cities will be unlocked. But be careful, all of their Pokemon are in the 60s. The Pokemon you used in the elite four should be fine, and I went in with low 50s! All your stats should be higher, but don't expect a 1-hit-KO right away.

Added 19 Mar 2011, ID #15479, by Venasaur25

Getting & Restoring Fossils

There are actually two places where you can get a Fossil, one place is within Relic Castle which is in Desert Resort just off of Route 4, enter in the Right entrance and visit a man on that floor and he will let you choose either a Cover Fossil or a Plume Fossil.

Cover Fossil Restores Tirtouga
Plume Fossil Restores Archen

The second place where you will be able to get fossils is from a worker who works on the first floor in Twist Mountain, come visit him each day and each day he will give you a fossil. This is how you can collect the rest of the fossils and add them to you Pokedex.

Armor Fossil Restores Sheidon
Claw Fossil Restores Anorith
Dome Fossil Restores Kabouto
Helix Fossil Restores Omanyte
Old Amber Restores Aerodactyl
Root Fossil Restores Lileep
Skull Fossil Restores Cranidos

Now to restore the fossils that you get, you can go to the Pokemon Museum, that is in Nacrene City and talk to the lady who is standing just right of the Reception area, she will restore the Pokemon from the fossil just make sure that you have room in your party for the restored Pokemon.

Added 18 Mar 2011, ID #15475, by kimmy456

Getting Shinies

Alright, There might be some confusion over the getting a shiny thing, but I'm here to clear it up;
Shinies are found by random chance. After I beat the Elite four the first time, the first 2 Pokemon I found were shiny. Yep. A Drifbloom and a Petitil. I also found a couple more. Somehow, when I stay in grass a long time, and I walk around without getting jumped, the chance increases.

This is just a theory. No flames.

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Added 18 Mar 2011, ID #15474, by SethTheBlue

Easiest Way to Get Victini

Most people have troubles catching this guy. This is what I did, First I battled it and defeated it to see it's moves and what it does, I walked out and back in because he respawns till you get him. I noticed that he always uses endure first so try to use a move that will kill it but it wont. This will leave it will 1HP throw a pokeball at it and it should be caught. (yes, I indeed did catch it will 1 POKEBALL)

Added 13 Mar 2011, ID #15424, by shaymin1995

Getting Zorua and Zoroark

This can be easy or hard. 1st you must have a friend with a DS or 2 DS's. Go to castelia city and head toward route 4(take any path to get to the path). When you get on the road that leads to route 4 look the last left hand building. Go in and go to the top floor. Look for a man next to a PC talk to him and say "EVERYONE HAPPY" then he will ask for more then say "SIMPLE CONNECTION". This will unlock the relocator. Save and turn off. Find the person with the DS(or another DS). Take one DS turn it on with Pokemon white or black in, scroll down at the menu and click the relocator. Take the other DS and go to DS download play and let them sync. Once synced it will show up to 4 Pokemon and an item( no one should have this in the English version without hack). The Pokemon are the 3 event legendary beasts and Celebi. Once transfered play Pokemon again. Take celebi out of your poke storage, then go to castelia street in castelia city. Look for the GAMEFREAK building go in and talk to the girl reading the book to the little boy. The boy is actually a zorua and will asked to be caught(must have at least one pokeball with you in order to get him/her). Next get the 3 legendary beasts out of your storage and head to route 16 east of Nimbasa city then head north form the route to lostlorn forest. (save your game)Go to the top of lostlorn forest and into the camper talk to the lady and she will turn into a Pokemon of yours(this Pokemon is actually Zoroark), Attack once if possible without defeating it, then attempt to capture him/her. And there ya go thats how you get them!

Added 13 Mar 2011, ID #15423, by shaymin1995

Capture Virizion, Cobalion, Terrakion

To get these Pokemon:

Cobalion - Surf over the water on Route 6, where you will be able to reach Mistralton Cave, once in that cave you might need Flash to light the area. Just look around the cave and collect items. Once you listen to the old man in the Guidance Chamber keep walking and you will Soon find the legendary Pokemon Cobalion

Ability - Justified
Moves - Helping Hand, retaliate, Iron Head, Sacred Sword

Virizon - After you catch Cobalion, you can head to Pinwheel forest, to capture the Legendary Pokemon Virizon.

Ability - Justified
Moves - Helping Hand, Retaliate, Giga Drain, Sacred Sword

Terrakion - Once you enter the Pokemon League head to the 6th floor and you will find the Trial Chamber where the Legendary Pokemon Terrakion

Ability - Justified
Moves - Helping Hand, Retaliate, Rock Slide, Sacred Sword

You can't catch Virizon or Terrakion until you have captured Cobalion

Added 12 Mar 2011, ID #15414, by kimmy456


The guy who stands at the front of the gyms gives you more then advice in Pokemon Black and White. His name is Clyde and when you talk to him he'll give you a Fresh Water and tips on what Pokemon to use. The Fresh Water might just come in handy as you battle the gym trainers and leader, and it's a lot better then going out and buying one.

Added 11 Mar 2011, ID #15410, by Ninetailed Fox

Get Field Moves

HM 01(Cut) - Given to you by Fennel in Striaton City
HM 02(Fly) - Given to you by Bianca in Driftveil City
HM 03(Surf) - Given to you by Alder at Twisted Mountain
HM 04(Strength) - Given to you by a boy in a house in Nimbasa City
HM 05(Waterfall) - Found on Route 18
HM 06(Dive) - Given to you by a girl in front of a house in Undella Town.

Added 11 Mar 2011, ID #15406, by kimmy456

Daily Events

Daily Events that could happen:

Pinwheel Forest Entrance - Smash Rock Challenge, get Star Piece
Castelia City Studio - Bring Pokemon Asked for get Aspear, Cheri, Chesto, Pecha or Rawst Berry
Nimbasa City, in front of Ferris Wheel - Defeat trainer to ride it
House in Driftveil - Show the person a Pokemon with the move they want and get a heart scale
Route 8 - Damp Rock in the morning, Heart Rock in the afternoon, Smooth rock in the evening, and Icy Rock at night
House in Opelucid - Can get a prop from a man until you have all four of them
Opelucid City Battle House - Battle a Rotation battle
GAME FREAK - Battle Morimoto on 22 floor
Twisted Mountain - Get a Pokemon Fossil
Victory Road - Another battle
White Forest - Show the Pokemon that the Mayor wants get Leppa, Pecha, Bluk, Lum, or/and Chesto
Undella Town - Battle Cynthia
Undella Town - Battle the family
Route 13 - Can be given 27 different items
Village Bridge Restaurant - Battle Chris, take up jobs and get a Lum Berry.

Added 10 Mar 2011, ID #15393, by kimmy456
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