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So morimoto is in castelia cities gamefreak building every day and he is one fo the three "strongest trainers"
He is not that hard, because you can easily get good match ups. Unlike cynthia and alder, for some reason, he is just easier. So he is very good exp.

Added 27 Aug 2011, ID #16136, by fifafan99999
Ask.com and get

Filling up unova dex

So I caught all unova Pokemon, and I'm like YES! Now juniper will give something sweet. Well she doesnt she just says congrats keep up good work. So my hint is you don't really have to waste your time, although I am pretty proud

Added 27 Aug 2011, ID #16135, by fifafan99999

Second master ball

After trading with 50 DIFFERENT people, you talk to guy upstairs in castelia city Pokemon center.

Added 27 Aug 2011, ID #16134, by fifafan99999

Good exp, faster lv.100

So this does take a long time, and you need a very strong team. The second round of Pokemon league, give your first Pokemon exp. Share and then battle all Pokemon with it. If you want you can sub it out but it takes even longer. I started doing this with my emboar lv.71 now it's lv.100 after like a week. So yes it takes a while, but totally worth it if you really love pokemon

Added 27 Aug 2011, ID #16133, by fifafan99999

How to get second exp.share

So I am not too too sure on how this works. But in iccirus city, there is a building to the left of the Pokemon center. Go inside, talk to the man and have your starter first. Make sure it is strong, lv.75-100. Then I believe since you've trained it so much, he will give you an exp.share

Added 27 Aug 2011, ID #16132, by fifafan99999

How to get amulet coin

In castelia city, in the north fountain, there is a dancer. Talk to him, then find his buddies, one at one of the piers the other in the narrow road, and then they will give you amulet coin. Really helpful in Pokemon league you get I think 100,000 dollars a league, after you defeat N.

Added 27 Aug 2011, ID #16131, by fifafan99999

Better chance at getting shinies

Everyone should know that getting a shiny Pokemon is incredibly hard. This method makes it easier, but it is still a huge longshot. I have a garchomp from japan, and caught a ditto. Since the two are from different natuions, when they breed there will be a bigger chance I having a shiny. It is like 1/200-2500 or around there, which is a big improvement from the norm.

Added 27 Aug 2011, ID #16130, by fifafan99999

Best team in my opinion

Samurott with hydro pump and ice beam
Zekrom or reshiram they have incredibly stats
Darmatitan with flare blitz
Golerk with earquake and ghost attacks
Braviary of course
Mienfaoo with fight attacks

Added 19 Aug 2011, ID #16089, by tycoon367

Simple gym battles

Ok so if you do this right then you should never lose a gym battle.now the 1st gym you need a level 20 and then for each gym raise it 10 levels and you'll never lose but it is very time consuming but it works. Now once you raise it to level 50 raise it up 5 levels for each gym and then depending on your moves you will never lose. I did this and after the last gym I was at level 70. You don't have to do any extra raising after that because the highest level is like 59.....I think anyways if you lose a battle give me a thumbs down but other than that you should give me a thumbs up.

Added 17 Aug 2011, ID #16085, by pokeman456

Good way to beat Pokemon leauge FIRST TIME

This is for before you have ever challenged Pokemon league, go to victory road, get to the floor with the doctor and then train all Pokemon to level fifty there. You can heal whenever you want cause of doctor. It gets REALLY easy to beat Pokemon especially if you get good type matchups. Because their Pokemon are all less than 50 except for one.

Added 6 Aug 2011, ID #16044, by fifafan99999

Catching lvl. 5 mareep, rhyhorn, slakoth, and togepi

After you beat the game there is a forest called white forest.
To get there you will have to go to Nimbassa City and once you get there go to the upper right corner of the town and go through the green and white tunnel and you will see the policeman on the road

Follow the road until you go into the building

Go inside and cross the bridge then once you walk across the bridge just keep following the road and you will end up at white forest I hope I helped and In white forest that is where you get all lvl. Five

Added 22 Jul 2011, ID #15988, by Chocol4teChip99


Audino is most likley in the shaking grass and it will give you alot of exp. If you give your first Pokemon the lucky egg. It might even give you 10,000 exp.

Hope it helps

Added 13 Jul 2011, ID #15951, by zekrom8

Fast Darmanitan

Ok , instead of waiting to get the rage candy bar when you're at route 4 catch a Darumaka and raise it to level 36 or 37and it will evolve into Darmanitan. Also, if you give it stat boosters it will be VERY good!!!!!! So rate this and give it a thumbs up. If you have a question then comment here or send me a message!!!!!!!

Added 28 Jun 2011, ID #15874, by pokeman456

How to change Deoxys forms

Ok take your Deoxys to the museum in Nacrene City and go to the meteorite and press A that should change it's forms keep pressing A to cycle through forms.Hope this helped!

Added 22 Jun 2011, ID #15859, by quilavaisawsome237

Quick claws or others

Give your first Pokemon a quick claw to hold,an oran berry, or whatever strengthens it.

Added 21 Jun 2011, ID #15852, by Guest

How to evolve Magneton and Nosepass

Ok take Magneton or Nosepass to Chargestone Cave and train them up to evolve them. Hope this helped!

Added 8 Jun 2011, ID #15818, by quilavaisawsome237

Newly hatched Pokemon gets to level twelve in two minutes

Ok I noticed this with my newly hatched munna if you put the new born Pokemon in a double fight and then swap it for a stronger Pokemon and win the new bourne will get loads of points but make sure it's a double in the one just before the drawbridge or after it cause you get more points for that one p.s you don't have to do this if the Pokemon has an exp share but it helps alot

Added 3 Jun 2011, ID #15800, by glitchyjames

White Forest

White Forest (The Pokemon White equivelent to Black City from Pokemon Black) varies in size and population depending on the amount of time it takes you to get to it, so if you like to take your time throuh the main story you may not have much to do in White Forest

Added 30 May 2011, ID #15789, by Mewthree56

Alder's Pokemon

Accelgor, lv. 75, Bug
Ability - Hydration
Energy Ball, Me First, Focus Blast, Bug Buzz

Bouffalant, lv. 75, Normal
Ability - Sap Sipper
Head Charge, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Megahorn

Escavalier, lv. 75, Bug/Steel
Ability - Swarm
X-Scissor, Aerial Ace, Giga Impact, Iron Head

Druddigon, lv. 75, Dragon
Ability - Rough Skin
Outrage, Night Slash, Payback, Superpower

Vanilluxe, lv. 75, Ice
Ability - Ice Body
Light Screen, Flash Cannon, Blizzard, Acid Armor

Volcarona, lv. 77, Bug/Fire
Ability - Flame Body
Bug Buzz, Hyper Beam, Quiver Dance, Overheat

Use Fire-types for Escavalier, Accelgor and Vanilluxe, Fighting for Vanilluxe and Bouffalant, Ice for Druddigon and Rock for Vanilluxe or Volcarona.

Added 30 May 2011, ID #15786, by Pokeman829

Starter Movesets

Serperior - Tackle, Leer, Vine Whip, Wrap, Growth, Leaf Tornado, Leech Seed, Mega Drain, Slam, Leaf Blade, Coil, Giga Drain, Wring Out, Gastro Acid, Leaf Storm. Leaf Storm, Leaf Blade, Slam and Giga Drain are best.
Emboar - Hammer Arm, Tackle, Tail Whip, Ember, Odor Sleuth, Defense Curl, Flame Charge, Arm Thrust, Smog, Rollout, Take Down, Heat Crash, Assurance, Flamethrower, Head Smash, Roar, Flare Blitz. Head Smash, Flare Blitz, Hammer Arm and Flamthrower are best.
Samurott - Megahorn, Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Water Sport, Focus Energy, Razor Shell, Fury Cutter, Water Gun, Revenge, Aqua Jet, Slash, Encore, Aqua Tail, Retaliate, Swords Dance, Hydro Pump. Hydro Pump, Megahorn, Aqua Tail and Razor Shell are best.

Added 30 May 2011, ID #15785, by Pokeman829
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