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Challenge Rock

You need a fighting type Pokemon.
On the left of Nacrene City is Pinwheel Forest. Just before you enter the actual "forest" part with Bug types, go downward and pass Preschoolers in Yellow hats. Then turn to the right and you should see some stairs. Go up and you'll find a ton of rocks and one big rock in the middle. There's a Karate man Trainer and a girl trainer. Go to the big rock and press A. It'll say "It's a challenge rock. Would you like -Pokemon- to smash it?" select Yes. You'll get a Star Piece. You can do this once a day. You can get rich easily off this!

Added 28 Dec 2011, ID #16553, by XFeralTSDX
Ask.com and get

Lord n and geneiesct location

N is in a cave in undella next to geneiesct his talking to geneiesct about to get to this cave you need to know the move dive which you can get from some girl staring at the when you get the hm make sure you have a water Pokemon that is strong geneisiect level is level 75 but first you need to battle n n is realy his Pokemon are zourak elektross rhyperior mushranura weavile and amassive frog Pokemon and his legandery reshiram or zek rom and if you want to trade a keldeo and zourak for meleota you can my name is ash I will tell you my freind code later bye

Added 11 Dec 2011, ID #16513, by abs1419

The Best Way To Catch Any Legendary Pokemon

1. Lower the Legendary Pokemon's HP. The lesser amount of HP it has, the easier it is to catch

2. Make the Legendary Pokemon Fall Asleep. This mkaes catching it easier.

3. Throw Ultra Balls at the Legendary Pokemon.

If the Legendary Pokemon should wake up, make it fall back asleep and continue to through Ultra Balls.

Added 17 Nov 2011, ID #16427, by Warrior13

Flaws in pokemon

Every Pokemon has a flaw, even wonder guarded spiritombs and sableyes. Simple reason for the dark ghost type: use foresight or odor sleuth and fighting types can seriously hurt them. Nothing is ever considered "invincible" unless certain moves are used to boost the capabilities. For example: if a drapion somehow learns magnet rise, it has no weaknesses for a short time, and when wonder guard is on it nothing but status moves can hurt it. Also to keep shedinja alive for an extra turn give it a focus sash to prevent one kill move, allowing you to use a move. All this stuff is true because I have experimented with practically everything in the game. Instead of wonder guard, try using magic guard to prevent status damage. It works better for when you are battling and then get poisoned or burned. If there are any other questions, feel free to ask me.

Added 13 Nov 2011, ID #16397, by videogmaster31

Anville Town

If you visit Anville Town on the Weekend, there will be many more people there than on the Weekdays. Most of these people will be looking to exchange items with you. The items they will trade you include PP Ups, Full Restores, and Rare Candies.

Added 12 Nov 2011, ID #16386, by Warrior13

Not so Bad

After you have defeated N and Ghetsis in N's Castle, a Team Plasma Member can be found in the Driftveil City Market. They are now a sales person. You can buy Incenses from them.

Added 12 Nov 2011, ID #16385, by Warrior13

Royal Unova

After you have beaten the game, you can ride the Royal Unova. It costs 1,000 dollars to ride it. The times your are allow to ride the Royal Unova depends on the season.

Spring - 5PM-8PM
Winter - 4PM-7PM
Autumn - 5PM-8PM
Summer - 7PM-9PM

On the Royal Unova, you can battle trainers. Each day there is a specific number of people you need to defeat. If you do this, you will get a prize.

Added 12 Nov 2011, ID #16384, by Warrior13


A feature of Pokemon White is Seasonal change. The seasons are not what they are in real life; being a different season every month.

December - Winter
November - Autumn
October - Summer
September - Spring
August - Winter
July - Autumn
June - Summer
May - Spring
April - Winter
March - Autumn
February - Summer
January - Spring

You are able to do certain things during certain seasons, since the wheather is different. Some Pokemon change their form from season to season (i.e. Deerling and Sawsbuck).

Added 12 Nov 2011, ID #16383, by Warrior13

Register Multiple Key Items

If you go into the Key Items section of your Bag, you can register multiple key items. All you must do is click on any key item that has a box next to it, and then click on register. This is an upgrade from Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, and Pokemon Platinum that only allowed you to register one key item. Your also able to register the front or back of your Trainer Card. You couldn't do that in Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, or Pokemon Platinum either.

During Gameplay, click the Y Button to see your registered Key Items. You can click the A Button or the Y Button to use any of these items.

Added 10 Nov 2011, ID #16358, by Warrior13


On marvallous bridge when your on it go to the right enterance but don't enter near there there is a lady near a man tooking down speak to her and she should dissapear then try the tubeline bridge

Added 7 Nov 2011, ID #16353, by cheatlord99

Teaching Pokemon moves that don't match and raising traded Pokem

First off you can teach articuno water pulse to protect it from fire types(this is the only water type move that it can learn),you can also teach victini energy ball to protect it from water,ground and rock types(this is the only grass type move that it can learn),you can teach scald to tepig to protect him/her from rock and ground types(this is the only water type move that he/she can learn),and you can make staraptor learn or teach him/her heat wave to protect him/her from ice types(again this is the only fire type move that he/she can learn)you can teach groudon thunder and solarbeam to protect it from water types(these are the only electric/grass type moves that it can learn)and finally you can teach raquaza ice beam or blizzard to protect it from dragon types.
Now for the second hint.when you trade/transfer Pokemon to black/white give taded Pokemon lucky egg,this allows it to get exp not only from being traded but also get extra from the lucky egg.this will ensure that your pokemons level will go up by at least 30-40 in about 6-7 hours,this is especially useful for raising low level traded Pokemon.you also get even more exp when battling an audino,if audino is at level 40-50 you can get as much as 24000-30000exp from on battle.

Hope this helps:-).

Added 18 Oct 2011, ID #16300, by Guest


Just to let you know if you want to catch landuros you need a Tornados & Thunderus but one of them needs to be your own. Landuros is at the Abundent shrine at level 70.

Added 25 Sep 2011, ID #16225, by Guest

Hate Elite4??

Are you tiered of having to start over and over again on elite 4?? Well no longer!! Every time befor you face an elite 4 go in their arena and save the game then battle. If you loose turn off your DS and turn it back on and if you done this corectly you'll start back at that elite 4 arena! Now you don't have to start all over again!!!!!! P.S hope you enjoy

Added 17 Sep 2011, ID #16207, by Guest

Get Kyruem.

Go to the Giant Chasm and go to the middle. There will be a little lake. Go right up to it and you will a Pokemon roar. The screen will white out for a second or two and when it returns to normal, everything will be covered in snow. Go to the cave that is normally unaccesable because of the trees. You will be able to walk right up in there and it will be there.

Added 2 Sep 2011, ID #16161, by Guest

How to use Samurott

Samurott is the Water type starter for Unova. He has good Sp. Atk, Attack and HP and reasonable other stats. He learns moves such as Razor Shell, Retaliate and Hydro Pump.
My recommended moveset:
Ice Beam

Added 2 Sep 2011, ID #16160, by richmond1210

How to use Emboar

Tepig is the Fire type starter for Unova. Emboar has a great Attack stat, solid HP and Sp. Atk but bad other stats. He learns moves such as Flare Blitz, Head Smash and Arm Thrust.
My recommended moveset is:
Flare Blitz
Wild Charge
Brick Break

Added 2 Sep 2011, ID #16158, by richmond1210

How to use Serperior

Snivy, Servine and Serperior are the Grass type starters for use. They are defensive Pokemon, posessing impressive Speed but not much offense. Serperior has many Grass moves including Leaf Storm, Giga Drain and Leaf Blade.
My recommended moves:
Giga Drain
Aerial Ace
Leaf Blade

Added 2 Sep 2011, ID #16157, by richmond1210

How to use Zekrom

Zekrom is caught at Level 50 and knows the moves Fusion Bolt, Zen Headbutt, Slash and DragonBreath. He has an outstanding Attack stat and great other stats. He learns some great moves at Outrage, Thunder and his signature move, Bolt Strike.

Here's my recommended moveset:
Bolt Strike/Fusion Bolt
Focus Blast
Dragon Claw

Added 2 Sep 2011, ID #16156, by richmond1210

Ultimate moves

On your way to undella town, go to route before, and when you are on the beach keep going left. You may need surf not sure. Then go to the house and the guy will teach your starter or other starters the ultimate move(s).

Added 27 Aug 2011, ID #16138, by fifafan99999


If you go in one of the buildings with the electric bulletin boards, it will tell whre a thunderstorm is. That is where the two are. Tornadus and thunderus in black and white respectively

Added 27 Aug 2011, ID #16137, by fifafan99999
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