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Lord n and geneiesct location hint for Pokemon White


Lord n and geneiesct location

N is in a cave in undella next to geneiesct his talking to geneiesct about to get to this cave you need to know the move dive which you can get from some girl staring at the when you get the hm make sure you have a water Pokemon that is strong geneisiect level is level 75 but first you need to battle n n is realy his Pokemon are zourak elektross rhyperior mushranura weavile and amassive frog Pokemon and his legandery reshiram or zek rom and if you want to trade a keldeo and zourak for meleota you can my name is ash I will tell you my freind code later bye

Added by: abs1419 Dec 11th 2011, ID#16513 and get
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do you catch gensect

Added 23rd Feb 2013, ID #257735

Dude is it in a ruin, if so plz do a video on youtube or, tell us the cheat for it if it is a cheat I think theres stills ecerts after finding the six sages.

Added 3rd Feb 2013, ID #249905

Why can no one here speak proper English?

Added 18th Jan 2013, ID #243940

the ruins, i think?

Added 4th Aug 2012, ID #171999

If you teach a pokemon surf and dive you get to go to relic castle p.s i have loads of legends like risharam lv100 ,giritena level 74 and level 87 enboar ,and level 86 zekrom

Added 8th Jul 2012, ID #161606

you stupid n and geneisect is in underwater

Added 20th May 2012, ID #143937

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what is your friend code?????[b][i][u][img][img][video][video][list]
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    Added 13th Feb 2012, ID #114623

    I think he is talking about the ruins

    Added 11th Feb 2012, ID #114067

    iwant genesect so bad to bad this doesnt work

    Added 6th Feb 2012, ID #112747

    WHAT CAVE theres no cave dimbo!!!!!!!IF anyone has a vullaby i will trade it happily![/size]

    Added 5th Feb 2012, ID #112351

    so where is N u freak

    Added 2nd Feb 2012, ID #111555

    all try my best but what cave r u talking about.

    Added 26th Jan 2012, ID #109511

    there isn't a cave on undella.... '-'
    so..... you are an hacker '0'

    Added 20th Jan 2012, ID #107651

    cheaters :(

    Added 20th Jan 2012, ID #107544

    There is no cave in Undella Bay.

    Added 19th Jan 2012, ID #107384

    whats left to do after beating pokemon league, catching zekrom and kyurem, also other legendaries availible in pokemon white, also beating N and that creepy guy, he may as well call dad... ..... apart from completing the national pokedex?

    Added 17th Jan 2012, ID #106777

    Some won tell me how to get to another region

    Added 7th Jan 2012, ID #103836

    1st off all, N has disappeared thinking what he should do now that he is alone. Second of all, THERE IS NO CAVE IN UNDELLA BAY. Last, Genesect can't be obtained unless you are hacking into the game.

    Added 28th Dec 2011, ID #99727

    it worked thanks know i have three genesect with some weird glith

    Added 24th Dec 2011, ID #98260

    ye right, i caurght him

    Added 20th Dec 2011, ID #96739

    wheres the move dive

    Added 19th Dec 2011, ID #96506

    WHAT CAVE! there is no cave i n UNDELLAAAAAA!

    Added 17th Dec 2011, ID #95828

    as if!!!!!!!!!!! wot on erth r u on about?
    u cheetin or somein

    Added 17th Dec 2011, ID #95735

    Genesect, Melotta and Keldeo haven't been released yet. Obviously, you're hacking the game.

    Added 17th Dec 2011, ID #95607

    n and genecint isnt at undella town he is not in the cave

    Added 12th Dec 2011, ID #94674


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