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Quick Egg Hatch - Pokemon Soul Silver

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Quick Egg Hatch Action Replay Code for Pokemon Soul Silver


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Jan 15th 2011, ID#6570 Quick Egg Hatch

This really short code will allow your egg to hatch after walking a few steps with it in your party.

Region: US/North America | Class: In-game Cheats

12029318 000020FE

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43 comments, latest first.
Nov 17th 2015 Guest
how to put the code in
ID #626090
Oct 18th 2015 Guest
Thanks it really worked for my egg
ID #617692
Sep 28th 2015 Guest
It doesn't work, even if you press/hold L.
ID #612279
Sep 20th 2015 Guest
Game freeze
ID #610133
Sep 1st 2015 Guest
works perfectly, maybe this only works for an american copy of the game though
ID #604436
Aug 28th 2015 Guest
ok it was either this code or the fast or what ever the label is it made my pokemon in day care have 2 eggs very fast i grabed 1 before enter to pick up / put egg in pc box and talked to her and i had to re-go out to get another egg that was with soul silver
ID #603351
Jun 28th 2015 Guest
It doesn't work at all for me, though this is the first time it doesn't. Doesn't matter which key I use. And it messed up my file: whenever I'm trying to start the game with this code activated I get a blank screen. I first have to deactivate all my cheats before it works properly again.
ID #576681
Aug 3rd 2015 Guest
It no work
ID #593056
May 29th 2015 Aksharsh
Thanks it Realy Worked for my togepi egg
ID #562585
Feb 11th 2015 Guest
Does this work with bad eggs cause I can't seem to get it to
ID #514745
Oct 12th 2014 Guest
This cheat did not work. I am using it to hatch the bad egg i got from the celebi cheat with a magmar, a slugma,a growlithe, and a ho-oh in my party as well as the egg, and im holding L to get it to work. Nothing.
ID #457615
Sep 13th 2014 Guest
thanks it worked
ID #447484
Aug 31st 2014 Guest
I am using manaphy cheat too bra
ID #442838
Aug 21st 2014 RoseofUnova
Thanks, I need this code, I have all the starters in Box 10 as Eggs...Pretty soon, I'll have Togepi's Egg too.
ID #439037
Aug 19th 2014 Guest
This code works really well 👍
ID #438149
Jul 30th 2014 Guest
It was perfect
ID #427879
Jul 16th 2014 Guest
ID #419593
Jul 6th 2014 Guest
it worked thanks
ID #413056
Jun 6th 2014 Guest
it didnt work. im gonna try pressing a bunch of buttons XD
ID #394708
Jan 24th 2014 Guest
ID #347555
Dec 9th 2013 Guest
Have to wait to get one....
ID #327220
Nov 21st 2013 Guest
how u use this
ID #320725
Sep 19th 2013 Guest
THANK YOU SO MUCH! This code worked like a charm! [color=blue][/color]
ID #310290
Sep 14th 2013 Guest
[strike][/strike] Um.. Hold L guys? Playing egglocke and this worked
ID #309563
Jul 17th 2013 Guest
I tried this, but it deleted my game.
ID #298138
Jun 5th 2013 Guest
Guys, use L.
ID #288095
May 5th 2013 Guest
didn't work
ID #280285
Apr 19th 2013 Guest
even if it says bad egg should it still work?
ID #275443
Apr 15th 2013 Guest
ID #274292
Mar 20th 2013 Guest
ID #265588
Mar 12th 2013 Guest
How many eevees did you get from those eggs?? you ask
OVER 9000!
ID #262979
Mar 9th 2013 Guest
Do you need to press any buttons to make it work?

ID #262192
Dec 21st 2012 Guest
How can i make it work?
ID #225591
Nov 14th 2012 Guest
I used this, and have hatched 6 eggs already, and they are all males...
ID #208468
Sep 9th 2012 Guest
Yay! It worked
ID #184683
Sep 9th 2012 Guest
Yay! It worked
ID #184682
Jun 14th 2012 Guest
ID #152755
Jun 11th 2012 Guest
It doesn't work
ID #151613
May 6th 2012 Guest
It didnt work #sadface
ID #140034
Apr 29th 2012 Guest
thanks, thats helpful,dude...or lady
ID #138079
Nov 10th 2011 Guest
It works for me! ;3
ID #86401
Oct 18th 2011 Guest
did not work
ID #81243
Apr 9th 2011 Guest
thanks this really works i used this with a manaphy egg cheat and it hatched perfect in just a few steps
ID #36618

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