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Cyrus and Cynthia's pokemon in box 9(L+R) Action Replay Code for Pokemon Soul Silver


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Nov 12th 2010, ID#6404 Cyrus and Cynthia's pokemon in box 9(L+R)

This is my third code. I noticed my other codes have gotten quite a few thumbs up, so thanks!!! Some of these Pokemon know moves that they normally shouldn't know. Here are the pokemon:
Zapdos lv. 100 OT: Cyrus shiny:yes
Charizard lv. 100 OT: Cyrus shiny:no
Rayquaza lv. 100 OT: Cynthia shiny:yes
Garchomp lv. 100 OT: Cynthia shiny:no
Roserade lv. 100 OT: Cynthia shiny:yes
Porygon-Z lv. 100 OT: Cyrus shiny: no
This is a custom code I made myself, and it works! Here's the code:

Region: US/North America | Class: Teams of Pokemon Codes

94000130 fcff0000
b2111880 00000000
e0017710 00000088
e93e9297 43310000
b85a7c56 7569d3b3
e500df5e bd465956
2a587d00 822efe4a
5d27391b 8f0bd812
4190719a a7aa1758
10743738 5e23b59e
cc8490f0 7c2f4447
1cc3d5cb d059609f
e02591d8 89dcbdf6
cb2523b1 1a86b850
5eb155a9 99e4e658
4bf11fdb 2a4f9966
3793856d 52b10ebe
2fc62833 09ef4ccf
5240b0d7 c7c3ed7c
644c8692 6c14b45e
e0017798 00000088
e8fae8f8 5ea50000
11a334b1 ffd04f90
a7e1a4eb d9ca4d9f
7d2c19e5 9f75c1f4
3ee87569 19924694
c16de07d 5d886b7d
df7c33e2 04514c45
acb26a4a d904d4f4
df730170 bd648f61
c3c1bd04 3dc135c4
b919e415 6691fbb0
5eebc962 d9ade5a5
c6c84c38 e289c813
14456141 271fe685
c34347ba 020dc052
ef41bd5c 3d9976dc
d326fab1 e0a9a86e
e0017820 00000088
7e0a4a96 964a0000
73a5346b cf5d2209
3d442a78 8144ca91
a6c41f4d a7ced4d8
2a1e4ad3 a7a6420d
31f542fa 5351c39f
70248a75 a04dc807
d7be6433 8581730b
b67744c5 578007a5
53b6910d e1906cff
6605af43 99ad735b
e30499ed c37faa58
62ccdf60 95125f3f
cd6271ff d0844101
80f36973 b3cd8145
7441d9ed 920e6d6a
64439434 142917e6
e00178a8 00000088
acfdacfe 8c630000
1bfae3a5 ca9cc778
5027e010 2195dffc
ead815dd 34ec3cfc
9d8aa90b 6cf16e0a
826251b8 8852ba8d
ba894384 ab122c2e
dd4a8ccd 15e320af
36b184b7 2ccd541b
1c55f8f3 22a91292
048ff615 663bbd1d
5709f605 3f790132
78ce4bc2 7210ba22
c2091854 3f40410d
1c1803e8 5dd19915
eff6037a 2d405daa
138988d0 961aed50
e0017930 00000088
db9def02 b1e20000
28f42c76 d068b1d7
450e14aa 502f9211
a39504a3 e44885e6
52909598 9e91cfad
ea46b314 23b577da
741f679d 4c8abde1
2193caf7 b819036c
13397e7e d804a332
99ca96a4 b2c14b9e
52b7dcf0 d5dd4941
7d7c88ff 3dcf60cf
07041e12 be45c477
b49d77e8 0c229c0e
94514041 87b4aa2b
ad8778ec 1460e22c
a7408b9d 20848302
e00179b8 00000088
b10c41b7 84e50000
dc90170e 20cf345d
044c3c87 c2611c23
8bb3c95a ba966146
c350e1a8 4df68a5f
48c45496 77bb523e
c59bf54f ca9267ac
ee842056 98909dc8
47a4d73b 5ff46709
2f1e7e43 c1cb65d5
7ccda6ba 6f9eb4c8
f6eab970 b023464a
4b637a0b 01d7df68
211d8844 e609908c
4b2be68d 84776eb9
ce566b2b 9f518e75
c6e38610 7f075a22
d2000000 00000000 and get
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