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Jirachi Event Code Action Replay Code for Pokemon Soul Silver

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May 30th 2010, ID#4456 Jirachi Event Code

Press L+R to activate and then go into a Poke mart to collect it from the man in the green suit.

Region: US/North America | Class: Event Items Codes

94000130 FCFF0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
E0009E4C 00000104
00020001 00000001
00000001 53F10000
DC68369C B5610420
C5C1AB1F 05123687
3B88197C DB96892A
FEB748E0 6A909AEB
DDD83396 DC2C7736
30BBB73A 3626B9D8
83D61AA5 C6CE099F
9402641E 1430E3DE
25261D00 E7BC7784
5FE66955 1DA56A1F
985DDD33 AB896096
0EB70954 F22F0D62
DB75E0B5 C22F799F
67A2B8A0 F2F3CE22
B6B879FA 37B64AF7
DE460C22 92F95736
22317837 D4E459C1
82413E98 FF91B194
3CD5D027 02E7D2AB
9924107D D7934469
742B3167 A857A728
138B2BCE 26D8ABF6
975673D6 C1B333EB
D8372D49 062303D5
474E9945 00000000
00004000 00000000
D2000000 00000000 and get
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35 comments, latest first.
THANKS!! Now I have a Jirachi!!

Added 21st Jul 2015, ID #587286

Awesome Thanks!

Added 13th Jul 2015, ID #583921

Your cheat is kinda long not to blame you or bother you but what if and it's a if your mom won't buy you a action replay and boughtIV some thing lame like a beginner action replay?

Added 23rd Jan 2015, ID #506030

If it has the ability to enter code line then ues

Added 11th Oct 2015, ID #615633

You can always copy and paste it

Added 3rd Jan 2015, ID #495070

You have to put all that in?

Added 24th Dec 2014, ID #489530


Added 25th Nov 2014, ID #476110

It works and it's good for Heart Gold too. AND I put it in manually, so suck it up and just check the code over. I have a whole box of Jirachis to trade with now!

Added 11th Aug 2014, ID #435075

Doesnt work at all gives a bad egg

Added 17th Jul 2014, ID #420469

Guys it's really not that short I have done some really long ones for other games.. And it does work and when I do get a bad egg i just put it in my PC. Thanks for the code 👍

Added 22nd Jun 2014, ID #404475

It worked fine the dude

Added 8th May 2014, ID #382437

It works I really wanted a jirachi ad I got one

Added 2nd Aug 2013, ID #301989

haha bad egg code

Added 6th Apr 2013, ID #270924

Some r highlighted red so do we leave it out or not

Added 27th Mar 2013, ID #267886

Thank you for the code I was wondering when the heck I was getting that Pokémon!

Added 13th Jan 2013, ID #242439

Does it work? And what do 'Bad Eggs' do to your game?

Added 10th Oct 2012, ID #194609

I keep getting a bad egg and i already say it so its stuck in party help me

Added 4th Sep 2012, ID #183396

I got a bad egg so wat does that mean help please

Added 4th Sep 2012, ID #183390

Keep getting a bad egg holding a liechi berry, does anyone know how to change this so I recieve Jirachi instead?

Added 12th Aug 2012, ID #175129

everyone who is complaining to make it shorter. stop. Just download the action replay software onto your PC. Its not that hard. I did it on this old 2005 Laptop. Trust me, I been down the road of spending hours on typing cheats with my hand on my DS but now it takes literally less than a minute.

Added 17th Jul 2012, ID #165507

The only problem is the OT, it's not like in Wifi event, could you change it please???

Added 3rd Jun 2012, ID #148407

i haven't tried it yet but will probably when i have a LOT of spare time :D otherwise i will be here for about 10 minutes, good code though!

Added 28th Mar 2012, ID #127077

does it really work?

Added 6th Feb 2012, ID #112822


Added 21st Jan 2012, ID #107995

i got a bad egg

Added 25th May 2011, ID #44964

the game

Added 13th May 2011, ID #42720

Aren't bad eggs not good for Ur ds or the game

Added 29th Mar 2011, ID #34718

the cod is short compared to the crown beast ones

Added 13th Mar 2011, ID #32507

up to down or side to side

Added 1st Mar 2011, ID #30979

up to down or side to side

Added 1st Mar 2011, ID #30978

alright i have the code and i am wondering where u put the code? do u put it in your action replay, where and how?

Added 27th Jan 2011, ID #27031

when u get it cuz i done it a it does create a bad egg an it is holding something and it is poisind and u can not take it out of ur party after a while it will not be poisind and then u hatch it gut mine has noy hatch yet ur welcome poeple i did the night sky jirachi code an that is what happens

Added 27th Dec 2010, ID #22634

Dude how jerachi in Dere it bad pls expan

Added 26th Dec 2010, ID #22553

it works

Added 2nd Oct 2010, ID #14190

yeaa.... could you make it shorter please?

Added 20th Aug 2010, ID #9704


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