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All Starters From Every Region! Action Replay Code for Pokemon Soul Silver


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Mar 26th 2010, ID#1767 All Starters From Every Region!

Ok. I have not seen any codes that contain an "all starters" pack, so I decided to make one. The code contains all the starting Pokemon that you can choose from any region. Some of them are shiny. I chose for them to be shiny if they looked cool. They already have some great moves ready to go. Moves that are legit and can be taught in the game. All you need to do is hold L+R after you load your game, and they will appear in box 10 spots 1-12. They are eggs so it can record the data in your pokedex. I will also post an egg fast hatch code as well. Here's the code. Enjoy!

Region: US/North America | Class: Teams of Pokemon Codes

94000130 fcff0000
b2111880 00000000
e0018710 00000088
617cc507 fd560000
fee1158e 9349c015
d1c31ad4 82eb85b8
33dd84eb a298f748
e204bbc3 0185a0e6
a4de6083 03bbb33e
082712ba 89d8d1a0
b63c9a53 1d3166a4
33dc55fc 68e89a4f
1d308547 5239f9ff
79ea3ae8 f913685a
f86b0def 7b68b0de
147b3cdb 9d62f304
069dd1a4 a3cb671d
e9d9365b 43938ad8
b114b526 c64f11bd
8a9cf281 c66e50c2
e0018798 00000088
b701b707 fd7e0000
691f5a22 c549d2ee
ed02ed49 036cc621
576f05d9 e2982907
49bed2d3 ebb96d38
8fcbeeb4 d6dfc1ff
121705b7 81a94029
f2bd4152 424cea36
f339ffa4 281beb4b
a65906f9 d5a2392b
a25eb639 6933c37f
3381eec8 49f5d836
31ccb048 a3ff302f
2fd070dd 42c07701
ae31f12a 05f410a4
e4909d82 f6e50c5c
7904b5f7 367e0bc0
e0018820 00000088
e200e207 fe9e0000
5e9d5b68 8a5060db
44130179 d52d600e
d7840c88 242e5c06
67c4df57 4ecc5f89
5e74f25f 93e15f6e
f33874d2 ad1ff79b
3ff85a18 80aa3721
bb742b94 bbf2cbfd
c09dde47 7e250ee9
9ddf93e9 59ee4c1f
0963a3f5 52b5f37d
bdb22292 06cc4efd
8b07b41f 294d1222
9f80fd75 ed54420e
66d023d8 e656b26d
d7ee9ba2 f6f41ae4
e00188a8 00000088
61016105 fd270000
42840082 e0b0292e
ec4fd838 5b2f04f2
1a1373d4 e13249a0
bb57c70e 7b21a405
43a9183b d89395f9
56f66e33 04226abb
f741437e 1b355a5b
7196caf4 db7294c0
cd719e62 3b336d6b
7556b083 b6aafe44
b26f7d47 9f5002a4
9ef4e86e 48d1918b
2993e3c5 4dba2a05
28344874 33a2768c
1be3bced 992e3b23
30fc0cc1 1c5a61d8
e0018930 00000088
510b510d fcf90000
495f2fea 1b17127f
dab7813d fc4e665c
912c52c3 17ff092f
e257a047 5431d2a7
cfa63581 4d259c81
9647e51c c7853924
8ff62fa8 2447a4dd
4f76dadd d92a846b
063da3d6 a50ba004
6a9a9765 8efa94b9
d827931a e095d565
c9e3fd4b dad07e67
d30393e1 c9faf232
f8041890 bdb0fd05
c9cec887 7bbdf172
7b4d45aa e8483134
e00189b8 00000088
5e0f5e0d fd1c0000
e5b52cbb a5faa3b0
d1d7b84a 6ba31fa6
e04b2393 b9009da7
27954c18 611fc56f
1d77d0a1 05f1eb9c
e11c59f3 306c273f
c4e741c7 c3d071bc
0804866a e0770b47
dfe79511 97951a4b
af45e30b bbb4e5a6
11b755f9 fc5077d2
b9eb624b 609933ec
57281eec 541adf78
e5df1b77 7c77f6c5
36dda034 66418cbd
3b4670b0 0a5634d2
e0018a40 00000088
7b838a09 fbb40000
3036af56 ecd7f2df
e3fb5d7c 1ba15aa9
20309b38 40fc5d65
cd1c1bb9 2548968a
d9f4cdb6 9866653e
865ecd0b 8503f510
5ba19d2f 19c511e2
d54f7d54 27aa3269
ffd30699 0335d126
36238fcf 26a1b9ef
9d123871 715f15ba
150b536e 25180d6b
e75386d7 b7775d23
f9a28ca9 1b5bdeb3
065377df b8f5bd27
75a39198 19c2a1e6
e0018ac8 00000088
69ffc30d fee60000
1c90d9cf 7c858501
da0c46d5 4f97090e
978a8e34 7293e8c5
ef46a277 27909c1d
d29af3e5 432146c9
6b809099 3bfda1f8
1347204a 90418a5b
ad83f690 e0e8c42a
87ac95e5 68078224
1ae50b3c 28d1ee6a
4123d076 dce53a4e
cbadbf26 df8056b0
a00506bf e158fac8
9a347fc6 5a24e861
d89f7a91 ac32dbf2
38a8950f 27129eac
e0018b50 00000088
c802c805 fcd40000
28c7ad8e b4c480b1
3b3c720c 0cc3b545
dfba5e18 f89ad599
47e8f0c6 885a88db
a95cd1ed 54b10279
66ec3c28 a74faa4f
f1987b96 d367c4f7
fa135166 bb81131b
191edeab abd9a562
30a56bff 36e6064c
47308345 85dfceff
670e3a48 87e52c39
4144cda0 9b9ff84b
e91c98c9 c92bc896
8892fe36 a8656339
d48c7744 da38b109
e0018bd8 00000088
33063305 fd0e0000
41ce9577 a0aa9de3
3af6d441 0abfde8f
f3d8fd94 5c326a88
5a83f8a1 28c06452
308a5f4b 5498cb00
8f3df611 ff0465a6
1d122bde f266ec96
a93374fe 43f2a222
55d6ce0e 690883ff
fa34c4c8 7768c410
2de43b3a f1386a0d
f381a04b c4afeb51
ef088092 e9d180e3
ed1ab3ed 010b1ea7
8e5be944 f78c17c6
ba1d06ea 9650ccf9
e0018c60 00000088
180c1809 fe230000
dbf4bfe9 2ea7a4dd
7935cafb f493926e
3a26b9ad 0c6949c1
6a630e02 71d1780c
d8e11ad6 3c72bf8d
fb125009 62e68a1e
6c51722e 64a3b70d
97640486 dccef95c
83e19df8 6f5c0724
2ebdd360 85cf369f
b74a5ec0 56f8fa81
925e8c6e 3f45ac7f
7836ff4d d68fd20a
9a4592de c58aca6e
c225ed87 ff53562b
15115c37 44c2af17
e0018ce8 00000088
85048505 fc920000
fabeb84d 567a5fe9
9d0fb359 5e09f0e7
c596c05f a4989616
00a28215 ec515153
bedd25ae 5f69046e
a4a4b806 18d7412d
a56f64c1 ff075142
d5a0b623 d9a0da47
8e48a2af d4a0baae
91e79434 3f12ac7f
02de9774 d81ef015
3ab7a0d9 1696fa7f
563f2c29 c63c38cf
566e8aa5 b4b04e11
180e31ae ad06127f
042167f8 6e1da2e7
d2000000 00000000 and get
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