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get legendarys easy Action Replay Code for Pokemon Pearl


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Sep 12th 2009, ID#3615 get legendarys easy

94000130 fcff0000
B21c4d28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
10001170 00000***
D2000000 00000000

Region: Unspecified | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes

Place the three numbers beside a Pokemon then fill the***. After you start the game prees l and are, go to oreburge city and talk to the fossil guy he will give you the pokemon.

Mew 097 mewtwo 096
Raikou 0f3 entei 0f4
Suicune 0f5 Lugia 0f9
Ho-oh 0fa shaymon 1ec
Moltres 092 articuno 090
Zapdos 091 latias 17c
Kyoger 17e darkrai 1eb
Celebi 0fb raypuaza 180

Have been tested personally and get
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It didnt work at all

Added 23rd Sep 2014, ID #450896

On my emulator

bountyhuntrz74 2.0
Added 13th Sep 2014, ID #447383

The *** part is 000

bountyhuntrz74 2.0
Added 13th Sep 2014, ID #447382

HEY! It didn't work at all! All my cheat codes are gone now and when I try to just get the game id back then it says "Unknown ID"

Added 4th Feb 2014, ID #351670

I don't get it with "Place the three numbers beside a Pokemon then fill the***." What shall I do?

Added 4th Feb 2014, ID #351665

for mew as example instead of putting the *** you would put 097 (the three numbers beside the name is what you put)

Added 13th Dec 2013, ID #328860

I don't really understand what you mean to put "the three numbers by a pokemon then fill the ***" part. What does it mean and how do you do it?

Added 30th Dec 2012, ID #232623

what is the code for kyogre

Added 2nd Aug 2012, ID #171187

thank u so much it works !!!!!!!!!!

Added 13th Jun 2012, ID #152386

Worked perfectly for me.

Level 20 Dialga.

Simply put the code in (I'm using a ROM and Desmume emulator), replace the *** with the tri-code for the respective pokemon, press L+R simultaneously (Any time works), go to Oreburgh Museum and talk to the guy behind the desk, on the right. Voila!

Added 7th Aug 2011, ID #64931

its not 1 its L

Added 13th Feb 2011, ID #29091

There is no 1 on a DS so how can we press 1 when we dont have it?

Added 8th Feb 2011, ID #28524

is not shaymon is shaymin

Added 7th Feb 2011, ID #28425

what is that whole *** part all about

Added 25th Jan 2011, ID #26831

One for Giratina, Cresselia, Jarachi Mespirit UXie Azelf?

Added 15th Jan 2011, ID #25473

[color=red][/color] pakia and dialga or arceus

Added 12th Jan 2011, ID #25120

do you know what is the code of geratina

Added 12th Jan 2011, ID #25119

Weird... Didn't work for me :C Do you press L and R.. when? Right when you hit the icon to play the game? Right where you click the thing where it says (play, wifi options, new game, or mysterygift) or do you just hold them down right the whole time x.x

Added 2nd Jan 2011, ID #23735

Uhm... No...

Added 11th Dec 2010, ID #20812

dude wut yu tlkin bout when yu say press 1 after yu start tha game???

Added 7th Dec 2010, ID #20466


Added 19th Nov 2010, ID #18667

Latios 17d
Groudon 17f

Added 17th Nov 2010, ID #18450

umm where is the fosil dude? O.o

Added 14th Sep 2010, ID #12619

Do you happen to have the tri-codes to get latios and groudon? If so, please post

Added 20th Aug 2010, ID #9622


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