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8 wondermail codes for golden seed - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time

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8 wondermail codes for golden seed cheat for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time


8 wondermail codes for golden seed

client abra
beach cave floor 1-4
F056 PMSH C923
#MSX 97S4 9CX6
66== FKP@ 8P2R
7C=P ==4= JHJ5
@W2@ @Q7C J6X8
MFQ- 09%1 S5X9
5WJ6 2WKJ 9#0W
&Y2H =2&5 46W9
XR@F F6YJ &C-7
XMF% +M=0 2RXM
P3Q3 RF%8 M66@
97KF 9%4- &8=-
WCNJ @P25 Q5X4
+0SF H29= #N46

Added by: zman13 Jul 9th 2010, ID#14230


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33 comments, latest first.
Jul 30th 2014 Guest
thanks no i can get to dialga
ID #427739
Jun 8th 2014 Guest
Thanks a lot
ID #395906
Dec 21st 2013 Guest

ID #332270
Aug 5th 2013 Guest
only my partner needs them
ID #302747
Mar 31st 2013 Guest
yeah thank's as well i finished the game already last year but i don't know what to do so ill just trash then hhahahah
ID #268977
Jan 13th 2013 Guest
Lv 100 and diamond rank before expidition at the guild.Thanks a lot
PS:6K0X@496M%1JK%XMM6K%3W4P joy ribbon
I'm not sure if this works but thanx anyway
Team Scaythior
Charmander and squirtle
ID #242294
Nov 13th 2012 Guest
What do golden seeds do????
ID #208367
Oct 4th 2012 Guest
You don't need cheats for darkrai. he's easyyyyyyy.
ID #191308
Aug 30th 2012 Guest
thx man im lvl 132 (hacked game)thx lots!!!
ID #181639
Aug 16th 2012 Guest
wooo hoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!100 baby!!!!!!!!!Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #176844
Jul 20th 2012 Guest
ID #166540
Jul 18th 2012 Guest
Thanks to these (And CHeats) I'll finally be able to defeat Darkrai. ~*Spoiler ALert*~
ID #165888
Jul 18th 2012 Guest
i love the codes thanks i got all lvl 100's
ID #165807
Jun 25th 2012 Guest
all my starters are lvl 100 thx to these
ID #156644
Jun 21st 2012 Guest
Thnx I'm trying to beat shoes cave its so annoying! So thnx again
ID #155132
Jun 20th 2012 Ravenours+
You are now saved jimmy123
ID #154713
Jun 19th 2012 Guest
awesome codes they really worked LV 100 INFERNAPE TO DA MAX!!!!!
ID #154472
May 21st 2012 Jimmy 123
I fainted on the 18th floor of miracle sea somone please help!

XYH2&P 94RWP1 T9NW%3
T9X&1@ HP0NCW 3S24MM
F#27R4 8Y0121 C94@=W
ID #144062
Apr 20th 2012 Guest
::Looks at comments
::Feels like cheater
::Looks at game
::Replacement Zigzagoon/Linoone is 7 levels away from goal
::Fells justified
::Reads comments again
::Decides to get only a single one
ID #135126
Apr 14th 2012 Guest
well going to lvl 100 is good i prefer going the olf fashion way im just using 1 golden seed so i can pass my graduation exam.
ID #133176
Apr 7th 2012 Guest
im master rank lvl 200
ID #130509
Mar 30th 2012 Guest
thnx alot
ID #127645
Mar 23rd 2012 Guest
DUUUDe thanx now my meowth is like a chuck norris >=D (i pumped it up with drinks) ill crush Dialga!
ID #125612
Mar 18th 2012 Guest
what is the _ in fl2?
ID #124110
Mar 7th 2012 Guest
does this golden seed lvl up other recruits?? i wnt to lvl them up to 100..
ID #121059
Feb 23rd 2012 Guest
Got my manphy to 90 yea
ID #117729
Jan 21st 2012 Guest
woot me lvl 100 partner lvl 3
ID #107813
Dec 25th 2011 Guest
thanks im lv100 and im in the graduation exam
ID #98401
Dec 14th 2011 Guest
level 100 woohoo thanks a lot
ID #94999
Nov 23rd 2011 Guest
:D I'm level 100, (I used other sites) and now I'm at Waterfall Cave... hahaaaaaaaaa
ID #89501
Nov 9th 2011 Guest
how do you enter thies codes?
ID #86267
Oct 26th 2011 Guest
thanks with these and 12 otheres trom varios sites im 100 and im noy in apple woods
ID #83000
Sep 3rd 2011 Guest
thaks for the codes im level 100 and im on dialga thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #72169