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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness

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Recruting Kyorge Easily cheat for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness


Recruting Kyorge Easily

Ok guys, thank you first for coming to see this cheat! So, are you tired of keep dying at Bottomless sea? Do you just want to recruit Kyogre? Well finally here's a good method for you to use! Ok, these are some wondermail codes to use for recruiting easily!

Free Venusaur

#+T- 0HCW &8Y7

Free Sceptile


Free Torterra

XS67 -2#X K1J=
0&=@ ##W6 %+5Q

Free Electricvire

&CSJ W@X2 1P@%
FN11 -XM2 F8N9

Don't have Bottomless Sea? Here's the code!

R#8H RW9T C&#@

Ok, here comes to recruiting part, you'll need an Aqua Monica and a Friend Bow, Here are the codes!

Aqua Monica

%J-H 29FX =715
X8WX -JHK -4-T

Friend Bow

T7Q1 87&0 1M%&
15=C Y0PW 1+0&

Suggestions: Let the leader hold the friend bow and take the Aqua Monica in inventory, Bring about 1-4 Reviver seeds, some X-Eye seeds and Luminous orbs, Also here is a code for a Chairzard, I know he is a fire type but he can learn heat wave to knock out some Pokemon on the monster houses...

J@#K RN5Q @YM#
Q1&- =%J7 RH9M

All these wondermail codes are very easy to complete, all have been tested and confirmed that they work, some more suggestions:
Bring about 3 Pokemon so Kyogre can fit into the team, also, don't bring a legendary as Kyorge will not fit into the team on recruitment.

Up Next: Golden Seed Galore! (20 golden seed codes will go up)

Thank You

King Kyogre.

Link to Golden Seed Galore!: http://www.supercheats.com/nintendods/pokemon-mystery-dungeon-explorers-of-darkness/16990/Golden-Seed-Galore/
Edited: May 30 2012

Added by: king kyogre May 26th 2012, ID#16989

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